Acne in adolescents and its homoeopathic remedies

Dr Farheen Afshan

Adolescence is a transitional stage where there is a tremendous pace in the growth of an individual. Adolescence is also a liable stage where most self-esteem development occurs.

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the pilo-sebaceous follicle which usually occurs in adolescents of both sexes. It usually appears at puberty and continues for a variable period in various individuals. In few people acne may appear during late adolescence or during adult life.

The lesions are usually situated on cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. But in severe cases shoulders, back and central part of the chest may also be involved.

Acne may not be a permanent condition but the impact this can be life long and hard to deal with.

A detailed case taking is important to extract useful information from the patient.

Given below are the indications of few medicines used in the treatment of acne.


  • Heat in face, chiefly in the cheeks, with itching.
  • Red, burning, suppurating eruptions on face.
  • Eruptions with yellowish scurf.
  • Lumps and blisters on face.
  • Granular eruptions, yellow as honey, on the skin.
  • Pimples on upper lips.


  • Eruption of red pimples on the temples, in the corners of mouth and on chin.
  • Purulent and scabby pimples chiefly on cheeks and nose.
  • Thickening of skin of the face.
  • Pimples, scabs and ulcers with red circular margin, on lips and around the corners of the mouth.
  • Erysipelatous swelling of face.
  • Burning heat of face, sometimes without redness.


  • Blotches and pimples on face
  • Waxy, yellowish white skin.
  • Flashes of heat to cheeks.
  • Pinched expression.
  • Pimples dry, rough, scaly.
  • Eruptions on scalp extending to face and neck.
  • It is an age old remedy to clear the complexion of the face.


  • Pimples on face, with painful sensibility of their circumferences.
  • Acne, simple and indurated.
  • Indurated and painful acne along with comedones.
  • The pimples are painful for some distance around.
  • It is also useful for acne rosacea.
  • Skin cracks about toes, fissures between toes and nightly cramps in soles of feet become important concomitant symptom.


  • Eruptions of face, in appearance as if the skin were raw.
  • Moist pimples on face.
  • Scabby eruptions on chin and around the mouth.
  • Itching pimples.
  • Eruptions oozing out sticky exudation.
  • Feels as if cobweb on face.
  • Erysipelas, burning and stinging.


  • Itching eruptions over whole body.
  • Pimples on face
  • Red pimples on face, neck, shoulders and back, some contain thick fluid.
  • Pimples on nape discharging moisture when scratched.
  • Painful, large blood- boils on the shoulder and in the region of liver.
  • Comedones and acne of the face.
  • Itching eruptions of small red pustules.


  • Pimples and furuncle on forehead.
  • Gnawing itching with burning after scratching.
  • Dryness of skin with want of perspiration.
  • Miliary eruptions.
  • Eruptions with desquamation.
  • Red pimples on forehead and cheeks, stinging when touched.
  • Pimples developing in individual after suppressed discharges or after absence of alcohol.


  • Pimples on face from excessive use of spirituous liquors and cheese.
  • Small, purulent pimples on cheeks and head.
  • Eruptions with burning and itching.
  • Red, blotchy skin.
  • Pimples associated with gastric derangements.


  • Large pimples on face.
  • Pimples and scabs on red part of lips.
  • Pimples on chin.
  • Small pimples collected in clusters and red.
  • Pimples with pain as from excoriation.
  • Acne from onanism.
  • Acne with loss of hair from beard.
  • Acne that gradually turns into small painful boils with stinking pustular discharge.


  • Eruption of pimples on face and forehead.
  • Itching and moist tetters all over the face chiefly above eyes and nose.
  • Pale sickly face with bright red lips with multiple, painful acne.
  • Acne associated with dry, rough, wrinkled, scaly skin.
  • There is burning and itching sensation in acne which is worse at night in bed.
  • Acne alternates with other complaints like asthma.
  • Itching and burning; worse scratching and washing.


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Dr. Farheen Afshan
PGT,Dept of Homoeopathic Materia Medica,
Govt Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital,Bangalore.

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