Affordable Webinar packages for Institutions,Teachers, Students and Professionals

Medical Education Unit (MEU) India in association with National Institute of Continuing Professional Development is coming up with Webinar for Teachers and Students of your Institute. 

Webinars are a series of online interactive presentations on topics of current interest in education in the health professions. The webinars offer an exciting opportunity to engage online with an internationally acclaimed expert and like-minded colleagues from around the globe in a live, one hour discussion.In other word, a webinar is an Internet-based conference during which participants view handouts/slides via a web browser and listen to the speakers from a distance. This distance learning vehicle allows learners to participate in a conference without leaving the office. The advantage of virtual classrooms and webinars is that the target group does not have to travel over long distances. 

Webinars are usually about 1-2 hours. During this webinar, time is allotted for live questions and answers, allowing interaction between the speakers and learners. For each computer and Internet connection, a site consists of an individual or a whole room full of colleagues in one location. 

The aim of the Webinar is therefore providing support for your teachers and student to develop online skills. We use the software Fuze for the webinars. The software is stable and easy to handle. It simply requires a Personal Computer with Windows and an internet access. We buy licenses for the use of the virtual room and have no further costs.

You need to have following hardware/software at your end: 

  • Hardware- Intel i -series PC with 3-4 GB RAM would work fine. 
  • Software – minimum of windows 7 is required. 
  • The minimum speed of the internet required – 4Mbps recommended 
  • Webinar package:Rs. 1500/ webinar or Rs. 12,000/Year (i.e. 10 webinars) 
  • Package presentation and recorded webinar will be available for 5 days after the date of the webinar
  • Certificate to the institute will be issued for each webinar.(For individual certificate for each participants institute should pay an extra amount of Rs. 100/certificate. For this institute has to provide the name of the participant and along with email id in soft copy/excel file along with the letter certifying that these candidates have attended the webinar.) 

More details and application form 

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