AIHMS Workshop on Research Methodology in Homoeopathy

AIHMS Academy, the academic offshoot of AIHMS Homoeopathy Multicspecialty clinics functioning at India and Middle-east offer their latest workshop to the International Homoeopathic community.

The mission of the workshop is to educate, inspire and motivate Homoeopaths to get involved into research methods related to the system of medicine and help gather larger scientific acceptance and spread awareness about Homoeopathy in relation to the research outputs thereby inspiring respective governments in various countries to emerge with larger approval and generate more complex platforms for Homoeopathic healthcare delivery and facilitation of continuing research programme in Homoeopathy.

The 3-day workshop would contain

  • Introduction to international accepted research methods in healthcare and the best methods which could be adopted in Homoeopathy that could expose our efficient better to the scientific community.
  • A discussion of key research projects in Homoeopathy done in past which includes few efficient pilot studies.
  • Detail discussion on efficient forms of research methods which could be adopted in most common clinical conditions and also the possibilities in research in non-clinical spheres.
  • A brief understanding on application of statistical methods on data from research methods.
  • The efficient transmission of the output of the conducted research to print and visual media and authorities in healthcare in order to attain a larger acceptance and attention to Homoeopathy.
  • Discussion on a highly noticed latest nonclinical work by Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai (india) on ‘Homoeopathy – A nanoparticulate perceptive’ and the need to urge more technical institutions worldwide into Homoeopathic nonclinical research projects.
  • Tips on generation of funding for the research from national and international organizations who are involved into conventional and alternative healthcare.
  • Research methods derived from Integration with conventional medicine.

The team will have senior Homoeopathic clinicians’ with advanced research exposure and also an expert from pure science stream well exposed into conduct & application of research in healthcare & application of statistics.

The team would also conduct sample research events at the workshop as live trial methods.

The workshop could also inspire experts from pure science streams to take up nonclinical research projects in Homoeopathy.

The team shall also provide guidance and ongoing support for those who initiate research inspired by the workshop.

The applications for the workshops are to be sent and confirmed at least 3 months ahead to the actual conduct of the workshop.

Dr Sreevals Menon MD
Director, AIHMS Academy
Technical Comm Member, NABH India (AYUSH)
Director, AIHMS Homoeopathy Multicspecialty Clinics
Email :

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