Air hostess philosophy in clinic designing

Dr Mansoor Ali

A patient’s first impression of his physician can be made within the first few minutes of entering the clinic.

Implement Air hostess philosophy in designing a clinic – hair hostess doing the same nature of work as of our house maid (Preparing food, serving food, cleaning etc.) – but the salary, social reputation, dress code are different – so start attractive clinic – that give more reputation to you and homoeopathy.

Patients will take in your clinic’s surroundings, gathering clues about the quality of care they will receive. This will influence their confidence in the practice and their experience throughout their clinic visit

The physical space in a clinical practice can impact how the people within that space interact. Thoughtful space-optimization solutions can improve efficiency, engagement and satisfaction for patients and doctors alike.

Reception Area

  • Set up and design impresses the patients about the quality of treatments offered.
  • The lobby is made of stress-free and comfortable for the visitor with a TV set, music systems, lighting etc.

Interior Design

  • Attention must be given to ventilation, air quality, noise pollution, cabinet for files and medicines
  • The flooring surface not only enhances the look of the clinic but also contributes in creating a comfortable feeling
  • The design chosen should make the rooms look more spacious and comfortable.
  • Painted walls are cost-effective and easy to clean
  • Better to opt the service of an interior designer  – they will design your clinic in a better way
  • Increased eye contact during visits and sharing the computer screen with a patient can positively influence patient engagement and adherence
  • Trend
  • More and more clinics with state of the art facilities are coming up every day.
  • This reflects the confidence of the treating homeopath and boosts the satisfaction of the client.

Infrastructure Should reflects Professionalism.

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