All Electro-homeopathy clinics to be sealed after Holi

jailKANPUR: All the electro-homeopathy clinics in the city would be banned in compliance of the recent order of Allahabad High Court. The health department has decided to take action against the practitioners of an unrecognised therapy named as electrohomeopathy. According to the verdict of Allahabad High Court, the electro-homeopathy treatment methodology is an “unrecognized system of medicine which is nothing but quackery.”

“The order was passed by a two-judge bench comprising Justice Sunil Ambawani and JusticeManoj Misra on February 21. They dismissed a petition filed by New Delhi-based Indian Electro Homeopathy Medical Council,” chief medical officer Jai Singh said.

Singh said that the court has held that electro-homeopathy is not a recognised system of medicine and cannot be practised for curing diseases. The bench had observed: “Well-known principle of human rights too says that medical research cannot be permitted on human beings unless it is done under strict supervision of experts and with permission from Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR),” he added. After Holi, raids would be conducted on as many as 50 electro-homeopathy clinics.

It may be recalled that the health authorities have sealed the electro-homeopathic college in Govind Nagar area in 2006 after the declaration of ICMR which stated that electro-homeopathy is not a permissible medical therapy. The Indian electrohomeopathic council sought permission from the state government for practicing electrohomeopathy. “Considering the demands of Indian Electro-homeopathic Council, the state family welfare department had instructed the health authorities in the district that the students, who had studied the system of electro homeopathy, are eligible to practise. Since then, the electro-homeopathic clinics are freely running in the city,” added Singh.

Keeping in view the decision of Allahabad High Court, all the running clinics will be sealed after Holi.

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