Allopathy by AYUSH NHRC summons Odisha chief secretary

Bhubaneswar: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has summoned the Odisha chief secretary for failing to submit a report on the problems faced by patients and Ayush doctors in the state, a petitioner said on Saturday.

Such doctors are being forced to prescribe allopathic medicines although they are not trained for that,” India Media Centre managing trustee and human rights activist Akhanda, who filed the complaint, told a news agency.

The NHRC asked Chief Secretary BK Patnaik to appear before it personally at its office in New Delhi on June 16 along with the requisite report.

The human rights organisation acted on a complaint lodged by the IMC on January 19. The government has engaged Ayush doctors in over 1,300 state-run primary health centres.

More than 300 health centres do not have any allopathic doctors and in their absence the Ayush doctors have been providing such treatments putting the lives of the patients in danger, Akhanda alleged. [Source]


  1. I think they are right, as an Ayush doctor are not fully aware of allopathic medicine so there are chances of mistakes and why they need to prescribe allopathic medicines instead of it they should prescribe medicine which they have learned, for that we need to improve our college (study level) first because the ley down reason is this and just because of it we have to depend on other system of medicine.

  2. It is in single sentence those people who lodged complained wants AYUSH doctors should not come to main stream as they have done a blunder by studying alternative system of medicine.

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