Allopathy Homeopathy drug combination to tackle H1N1

medicinesBENGALURU: The Health Department is trying a combination of allopathy and homeopathy to build immunity of the people against swine flu. From the past two months, all government hospitals, 600 AYUSH dispensaries and 2,300 primary health centres have been offering free homeopathy doses. “Allopathy and homeopathy treatment can be given simultaneously,” said Principal Health Secretary Shalini Rajneesh, she said on Wednesday.

“Throat swabs will be taken by doctors if swine flu is suspected. Within 24 hours, a test report will be given, free of cost. Tamiflu tablets are given free at all government hospitals and PHCs.

Similarly free Homeopathy doses are given to help build immunity. Allopathy and Homeopathy treatment can be taken simultaneously for better results,” she said.

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