An honest and heartfelt request to all organizations and schools of thoughts in homoeopathy

Dr SG Biju
An honest and heartfelt request to all organizations and schools of thoughts in homoeopathy by a humbled homoeopathic practitioner. 

Those who love homeopathy and those who practice it as a system of medicine had been waiting together in good expectations for the last one month. All of us believed that homoeopathy could do whatever it can in the face of this global pandemic invading our lives now.

Many of us have been hearing through social media about private homoeopathic practitioners in some countries like Switzerland successfully treating cases of Covid19 and couldn’t help getting our hopes up about our possible beneficial role in this crisis situation.

And yet, days have passed by, death toll crossed 30000 globally but still, we haven’t officially been able to visit or treat even a single case or record patient symptoms and find the possible medicines. This has indeed been terribly disappointing.

In India where homoeopathy has its largest base, the death toll hasn’t reached alarming rates yet. But other than declaring preventives very early on, nothing much else has been done  by homoepathy as a part of Ayush department. And recently we have witnessed the saddening underrepresentation of homeopathy, even beneath Siddha department, in the Prime Minister’s video conference with all Ayush departments.

We cannot be naive enough to think this was coincidental. 

That is exactly why it is high time to forgive and forget all personal and organizational differences and stand united for the benefit of homoeopathy. Much beyond the single issue of covid treatment, it is our collective historical responsibility to not let die the roots of a system of treatment which has a highly beneficial role in our population. For this purpose, the formation of a united national level front cannot be stressed enough.

A single organisation at the national level like IMA for modern medicine is a wonderful idea but not practical in our scenario, at least not in the near future.

But couldn’t our national and state organizational leaders come forward through video conferencing to constitute a national level coordination committee? 

This should definitely be possible if the leaders of all regional organizations in various states like HMAI, IHMA, IIHP, IHK, GHF, AHL, QPHA, KGHMOA etc are willing enough to come forward for the benefit of all. Student representatives should also be included. A CMP (Common Minimum Programme) can be created to exclude all matters of absolute difference of opinions from the areas of coordinated activity. 

An apex body or advisory committee including representatives from government systems like top officials of Ayush Ministry, Department Heads of various states, higher officials in Education, members of University board of studies and Research heads  must also be definitely constituted so that the governments are always aware of our programs and actions.

A special intellectual committee including representatives from all different schools of thoughts can also be thought of. This body could help observe and collect information about operations and ideas practiced by homoeopaths in other countries and also prepare collective documental evidence from cured cases. Let various schools like Predictive homoeopathy, SSRH, Other song academy, Dhawale school, and others come into this foray.

Yet another factor that should not be ignored but are sadly always excluded is the involvement of our pharmaceutical companies. Their responsibility to the system which earns them a business turnout upward of 2000 crores per annum is not minimal. If or when our voices go unheard with the government or public, theirs could and should be heard out loud.

Our notifications, campaigns, or even company product ads and such should be published in all major newspapers. Forming a media cell   to organize and regulate it can eventually lead to wider and better media coverage. If required this media cell should be powered by the pharma companies. It should not be forgotten that this is a requisite involvement since the existence of our companies definitely depends on the survival of the system in our country.

This is a life or death struggle for existence and space. Instead of waiting to watch who would tie the bell to the proverbial cat , we should support and stand together with whoever comes forward towards this initiative. Let it initiate from the national level itself. Come forward to be the links to form that chain that would hold us all up strong and together.

Remember, the IMA and the Ayurvedic system maintain a united front not because they don’t have any differences of opinions. IMA stands united for their existence despite their members even fighting cases against each other in various high courts. Ayurvedic organizations stand united for their common good despite long-existing disputes about the registration of their traditional practitioners. So if they can do it , with our lesser intense disputes within ourselves and more serious threat to our existence, why can’t we ?

Dr SG Biju
Homoeopathic Multispeciality Hospital and Research Centre
Changanachery, Kerala
Ph: 9447128799


  1. Yes i do agree…… All homoeopaths should stand together without any fear… Why can’t we get those rights which other system of medicine r getting…. There r many celebrities whose disease have been cured by just n just homoeopathy…. Atleast those have been cured by homoeopathy, they can be requested to join in campaign and to support n favour homoeopathy…. Yes the body representing homoeopathy should be established….

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