A call for unity-an open letter to all dear Homoeopaths- Subhas Singh

Dr Subhas Singh

Through this letter, I would like to raise the call to my fraternity to unite. Let us all come under one umbrella before we are washed away by the tide of time.

It’s not new that in any profession, people will try to form the organisations and associations for putting forward their rights and demands. It’s also natural that there will be many organisations because each of the sections and classes of professionals will have their separate aspirations, requirements, and interests. This is true, not only in Homoeopathy but practically in every profession. We know more about Homoeopathy because of the simple reason that we are Homoeopaths. Neither it is new nor is it a new development. It was happening even during Hahnemann’s time. Dr. Arthur Lutze of Leipzig who was criticized by Hahnemann and his ardent followers had his own band of followers and drum- beaters. 

Today India has the largest number of Homoeopaths and Homoeopathy lovers in the world. There are Homoeopathy practitioners in every state; there are teachers in Government colleges, government-aided colleges, in private colleges having ownership management or having  public trust management and lastly freelance teachers. Then there is a section of homeopaths who are in Government service as Medical officers in central or State Government or as Research officers in various colleges, in Government research organizations or working independently. Also, there are Homoeopaths who don’t practice Homoeopathy who are in some other service or profession but love Homoeopathy and would like to have their say in Homoeopathy. Then there is a good number of Homoeopaths having strong political affiliation and are active in the Homoeopathic sphere of various political parties. 

In such a scenario, India has a number of organisations; each with different motto, goals, interests, and area of activities and  most importantly, a different set of office bearers( Viz. Presidents, secretaries etc)

Since the beginning of Homoeopathy, there were various efforts to unite all Homoeopaths under one umbrella organisation. American Institute of Homoeopathy, international Association of Homoeopaths,  British Homoeopathic Association etc were the results of such efforts. Needless to say, every such effort gave birth to a new organization. 

In India , the most noteworthy effort was by Dr. J. N. Kanjilal of West Bengal; who practically traveled to every corner of India , interacted and convinced every head of organisations worth its name and its members and was ultimately successful in forming the Homoeopathic Medical Association of India ( HMAI)  At that time practically HMAI was the only association having the pan – India existence. In due course, though HMAI has  the highest democratic set up with all-encompassing constitution, the mushrooming of separate organization in every state, district and taluka kept on multiplying 

One big reason why we form  different associations in different levels is that we feel our interest is not properly looked after and that our voice is not properly heard but stifled. Another reason can be natural human traits and craving for being recognized, praised and respected. Every time there was an election in any organisation, those who lost went out of the organisation and formed a separate one.

However, the demand of the time is that the Homoeopath should have one voice, one platform. It can have other issues that may be specific to one particular area or to one particular section we all are feeling the need to have one umbrella association which can include these agendas which will be addressed with the same seriousness and importance. 

But in order to achieve this, we all must forgo our ego. One organisation cannot accommodate all the Presidents, chairmen, General secretaries, and secretaries. We have to have the attitude, adaptability and large heartedness  to accept that even if there may be liking, disliking but we will not move out of this organisation. But with all the grumbling, dissatisfaction, real or perceived injustice, we will continue to remain within the organisation and will not allow these reasons for forming a separate associations. 

As of now, there are two options. One is to select one of the existing associations and expand it as the single and only one. If need be, the posts holders  and  constitutions are modified to such an extent that it can accommodate all. The second option is to form a new organisation / association having a new body, and get it registered. 

Let us first decide to unite and then we can decide which umbrella or whether to create a new umbrella.

But whatever we decide to do, let us ponder over the following points

1. Everybody can not be a post holder

2. Not holding a post or not getting somebody in any  post may not mean it has to be opposed. 

3. Such an endeavor to have an umbrella organisation, can it be successful if we realise that profession is larger than self-interest and ego .

4. Post and designation should not be decided by seniority, age or on how high a post somebody holds , but by the activity, dedication and contribution. 

I am writing this not from any Chair or from any institution but as a foot soldier of Homoeopathy who had the good fortune and opportunity to travel to practically every part of India, actively participating at different platforms of various organizations and associations. I cannot say I have seen it all; but I definitely can say I have seen enough. 

Being fortunate enough to serve Homoeopathy since two generations ( God willing, third will join soon) and having seen its different aspects very closely, I have full confidence that we can;  if we  decide to be united. 

In a democratic setup, where  number of counts, we can have the numbers and a loud enough voice if we all come together. So let us raise a voice.  A call to unite and unite we will. Let this call be so strong, do bold that it will reach every homoeopathic physician even in the remotest part of our country. Let it be so strong so that those who do not join,  feel left out. 



  1. Sir,
    What a great idea and vision for betterment of homeopathy. We all should have to be unite to show the world of homeopathy a path as we are the largest number of homeopaths. We are with you sir and ready to be a part of this journey as just a soldier of homeopathy like you.

    Dr Rohit Bhartiya
    Bharatpur homeopathic physician society

  2. Dear Subhash,
    Most appropriately advocated proposal.
    Hope this doesn’t give rise to one more association or federation.
    What ever support is needed for such unity will be gladly yours

  3. I am appropriating your initiative. We have one voice too. Thank you very much for raising this voice too.

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