An over view on cassia sophera

Dr Ambreesh Pandey

It is introduced by WEST BENGAL physician DR. N. K. BANERJEE. The medicine belong to vegetable kingdom. It is a shrub, glabrous, about 3 m. in height. The compound leaves with 8-12 paired leaflets acute and tapering; bear rachies with single gland at the base. It has yellow flowers in carymbose racemes.

COMMON NAME – Senna sophera Type equation here.
FAMILY – Leguminosae ; Caesalpiniaceae.

HABITATE – Throughout the Tropics and India.
ACTIVE PRINCIPLE – Emodin ; Chrysophanic acid.

PART — USED – Mother tincture is prepared from the roots according to HPI.

CLASS – 4th of Hahnemannian method.


PROVER – Proved by CCRH.

MIASM – Syphilitic miasm predominant.

Respiratory system- A ct as an expectorant and bronchodilator.
GIT – On GIT work as anthelmenthic and as cathartic.
SKIN – On the skin as antiseptic.

Clinical condition-
Cough ; Constipation ; Ringworm ; Rheumatic troubles and Worm infestation.
In Ayurvedic system of treatment its roots is considerd as expectorant; bark, leaves and seeds are cathartic; leaves are anthelmintic and antiseptic.

Respiratory system – It is a medicine of Bronchial asthma in children below 12 year of age. It is used as Bronchodilator and a powerful expectorant. It is a great antisyphilitic medicine i.e. –Baby have got syphilitic asthma—there may be bloody sputum with a history of head injury during birth. There is pale , cyanotic face with grasp of fresh air.
SKIN – It is used in the cases of ringworm infestation as external application.
GIT – It is useful in constipation and as a worm expeller.
JOINTS – Mainly used in the rheumatism of the small joints.

Non homoeopathic use -Alcohalic extract of the plant reported to be spasmodic ; used internally in cough and externally in skin troubles.

General condition
AGG. — Cold room ; Wet basement ; Rainy weather ; Forward bending.
AME.– Open air; Rubbing ; Carring rapidly.

Recommended dose – Mother tincture ; 1x to 3x potency.

A compendium of rare and clinically stablished mother tincture.
Dr. P. N. Verma
Dr. Kusum yadav
Dr. Ashok kumar.

Dr. Ambreesh Pandey

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