Stannum Metallicum with its Pharmaceutical action

Dr. Mahwish Nosheen

Common name: tin.
Synonyms:  english: tin.
Source:  mineral kingdom.
Formula: sn.
At. Wt. :  118.69.

It is a white silver in colour and lustrous in nature. It is very soft & malleable metal. It is mostly stable in air but in powder form it oxidizes but in the presence of moisture. It is insoluble both in water & Alcohol but slowly soluble in cold dilute hydrochloric acid, Dilute Nitric acid, & also in hot sulphuric acid. It is readily dissolved by concentrated hydrochloric acid.

Prover:   It is introduced and proved by Dr. Hahnemann.


  • Stannum Met. :    100g
  • Saccharum lactis:    900g
  • To make 1 kg of Trituration.
  • CLASS:    Further Triturations are prepared under class III. 

Bibliography:   Encyclopaedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Vol. III Edition – 2002 edited by Dr. P. N. Varma, & Dr. (MRS) Indus Vaid.

1.Stannum Metallicum affects badly Cerebrospinal Nervous system especially the Spinal cord region of the brain where it directly slows down the activity and develops the Paralytic condition.

2. After administration this metal enters into the body where it doesn’t absorb but develops the changes especially in the Blood, GIT, & Respiratory tract.

3. In GIT it influences navel region and develops the paralysis of the rectum muscles due to inactivity of muscles there is complete inability to pass stool with constipation.

4. After administration this metal increases the Mucous secretions in the Respiratory tract where it develops the Catarrhal condition even increases the level of slats. It develops the Inflammation of the Respiratory passage especially badly damage the Vocal cord and develops the complete loss of voice. During drug proving provers complaints that we feel much weakness and congestion in the region of chest.

5. This metal changes the color of blood where it takes the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and changes into yellow color.

6. This metal eliminated through kidneys where it develops the Inflammation.

7. It also influences the uterus & vagina after administration where it develops the weakness & develops the paralysis of the uterus & vagina. Even there is complete inability to sit down on the chair.


This element has action on following spheres:

  1. Cerebrospinal Nervous system.
  2. Spinal cord.
  3. Cerebral cortex region of brain.
  4. Respiratory Tract.
  5. Mucous Membranes.
  6. GIT.
  7. Female sexual organs like “Uterus”

Stannum develops the changes in following areas in this manner:

1. It affects Cerebrospinal Nervous system where it develops the “Prostration, Paralysis, Convulsions” along with neuralgic pains.

2. It affects badly Respiratory Tract and mucous membranes of Respiratory tract where it develops the catarrhal inflammation with profuse mucopurulent expectoration. It dilates the bronchi with excessive prostration of the Respiratory tract.

Essence: Stannum Metallicum can be summarizes in following words:

  • Great debility.
  • Exhaustion at extreme level on each plane.
  • Look like a person has suffered from chronic tubercular or pulmonary problem followed by much exhaustion and weakness.
  • Apparently persons are with thin skin, Exhausted with pale face. 


General appearance: Look wise persons are very weak, Cachectic, Thin, Withered, with pale face. Normally it is suited for the persons who show the condition that becomes after Tuberculosis or Pulmonary disturbances followed by much Prostration and weakness. Weakness increasing day by day with sallow waxy face and dark circles around the eyes.

Temperament:  irritable.
Diathesis: tubercular.
Miasm:  psora.
Thermal relationship:  patient is neither chilly nor hot.

General modalities:


  • By talking
  • Coughing
  • Laughing
  • Singing
  • Drinking anything warm
  • When going down stairs
  • By lying on Right side. 


  • By hard pressure
  • By coughing
  • By expectoration
  • By rapid motion. 


  1. Masturbation.
  2. Fear.
  3. Grief.
  4. Dentition.
  5. Worm.
  6. Over use of voice.


Mentally person show the following symptoms:

  1. Person is sad, anxious.
  2. Discouraged easily.
  3. Get easily fad up from peoples due to tremendous exhaustion at all three levels.
  4. There is complete Nervous excitement.
  5. Person shows the sudden fits of passion.
  6. There is a feeling of hopelessness due to much fatigued regarding his or her present condition.

Patient picture: Patient shows the following complaints:

1. Patient complaints that I am suffering from Gastric problems with much pain in the navel region even I can’t eat anything. When anything enters in my stomach it aggravates me with felling of nausea and vomiting.

2. I have much pain in my chest. I feel compressive feeling on my chest with soreness. There is much weakness in the respirator tract even I can’t take breath normally due to exhaustion. Due to this weakness I try to respire but this attempt followed by cough that is Deep, Shallow, Shattering, and comes in paroxysm.

3. There is excessive mucous in the Respiratory tract and sputum comes out by coughing, the colour is sometimes white but sometimes yellow, Greenish with salty taste in the mouth. This condition followed by hoarseness at extreme level.

4. Patient complaints that my vocal cord is badly damaged even I can’t speak a single word. There is hoarseness with complete loss of voice. Even cough is hollow & Husky but this condition ameliorates by coughing.

5. Sometimes patient complaints that I feel inactivity of rectum due to weakness and even I feel difficulty to pass soft stool.

6. Female patient complaints that I feel bearing down sensation in the lower region. There is prolapsed of uterus & vagina. The level of weakness is so high that she drops into the chair rather than to sit down.


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  1. STANNUM,NEURALGIC diathesis on TUBERCULAR base,calm fair phlegmatic weak chest personality slow in actions but capable mentally sad tears aggravate not PULSA where tears provide relief to a anaemic girl,cannot talk or read loud cannot sit in chair erect up like sulph,prone to left phrenic malar neuralgias milky urine like acid phos,sleepy day time not night,deltoid neuritis when sings prone to leucorrhoea,temple area migraine left eye watery,simple TIN malleable personality homeopathy potency not less than 30c can help many going into full blown tuberculosis crisis when they get their chronic neuralgic migraine treated by other pathies this is the message left by great godly type homeopaths likes of ELIZABETH WRIGHT HUBBARD.why a simple tin like simple soul should suffer when alchemists said TIN is related to planet JUPITER an etheric force astrologers say first finger near thumb mount strength tells jupiter force high mount are blessed with jupiter powers reach high levels.a dog sensory is high warns owner in advance rest onus lies on owner for reaction,great homeopaths message is ignored and stress is laid more on to develop antibiotics rifaampicin likes they do not touch the root cause and upgrade immunity.suppression of diseases is major cause of devitalization body force homeopaths last tool in potency PLUMBUM.

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