An overview of Dengue fever and Homoeopathy

Shivashmi Pandey

Dengue fever is an outbreak prone viral disease and is reemerging global health problem. Dengue fever is an acute febrile illness lasting 2-7 days but in few cases may progress to critical phase of plasma leakageDengue has been identified as one of the 18 neglected tropical disease (NTD’S) by WHO. Peak incidence of dengue fever is observed from July to Nov. According to WHO, about 50-100 million new dengue infections are estimated to occur yearly in more than 100 endemic countries Homoeopathy is a complementary and alternative system of medicine which is bases on the principle” Similia Similibus Curenture”which means Let like to be Cured by likes.It is a Holistic system which treats the Individuals on the basis of their Individuality .It is second largest Treatment in the world (WHO).In Homoeopathy we have very number of medicine that helps in the treatment of Dengue Fever.

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Dengue fever is an outbreak prone viral disease and is reemerging global health problem. Dengue fever is an acute febrile illness lasting 2-7 days but in few cases may progress to critical phase of plasma leakage.Dengue has been identified as one of the 18 neglected tropical disease (NTD’S) by WHO. Peak incidence of dengue fever is observed from July to Nov. According to WHO, about 50-100 million new dengue infections are estimated to occur yearly in more than 100 endemic countries. About half of population is living in 141 countries and dengue is endemic there. Dengue is notifiable disease in 23 states of India

Case fatality ratio in India is decreasing since 1996. In 1996 ratio is 3.3% and 0.3 in 2020. It Can Cause high fever, pain behind the eyes and throughout the body, headache, rashes and vomiting and nausea. Dengue fever is painful but it’s not fatal.

Causative organisms -Caused by dengue virus (Aedes Aegypti)

This virus belongs to genus flavivirus. It is caused by four types of dengue virus – U DENV-I, DENV-2, DENV-3, DENV-4.

If person s infected by any of above serotype, confers lifelong immunity for that serotype of dengue virus.

Vector– Dengue is transmitted from infected person to others by bite of female Aedes mosquito. Aedes aegypti the main vector in urban areas of India.

Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever was primarily confined to urban area is no longer true . It is spreading fast to rural areas because of changing lifestyles in rural areas.

Clinical manifestations – In old times, dengue fever was known as “breakbone fever”. Fever isn’t actually breaking the bones, but sometimes feel like it is.

 Common signs and symptoms of Dengue Fever include

  • High Fever, possibly high 105°F (40°c)
  • B .Pain behind the eyes and in the joints, muscles and bones
  • Severe headache
  • rashes over most body parts
  • Bleeding from nose or gums.
  • Bruising easily.
  • Critical period of dengue fever – first 1-2 days after fever Subsides.

 Warning Signs of dengue in children– :

  • Refusing to accept oral fluids or vomiting
  • Sleepy or restless
  • Gastro intestinal bleeding with fresh or old blood in vomit or stool.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Skin mottling, Cold sweating skin or cold hands and feet.
  • Absence of Urine in last 6 hours.


  1. Mild dengue Fever – Symptoms seen after 7 days from bite of masquito and include Severe fatal Complications.
  2. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever – Symptoms are mild but gradually become worse within few day.
  3. Dengue shock syndrome – Severe form of dengue and can cause death.


  • Oral rehydration therapy
  • IV fluids, oral fluids increase
  • Antipyretics
  • Platelet transfusion


  • Proper clothing, When outdoors, wear long-Sleeved $ long pants.
  • Mosquito free environment
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Use mosquito repellents
  • Empty stagnant waters

Homoeopathy Approach


Rubric from Boger Boenninghausen Repertory
Bones-Broken pain as if Am- c,caust,cupur,EUP.Perf,Puls,Pyro,RUTA,Sep,Ther.Verat.
Nausea & Vomiting-Nausea stomach in the Arg.Ant,tar,Cupur,Lyco,puls,Nux Vom,Ip,Hell,Sulph,Verat
Upper Extremities- Beaten Bruised as if joints Chin,Sulph,Agr,Bov,Nat-m,Nit acid.
Lower Extremities- Pain simple Bones Sulph,aur,Eup,Ruta,alum,chin,Lyco,nir-acid,Puls,Con.
Compound Fever beginning with heat-Heat then cold sweat Aml-ns,caps,Verat
Rubrics From Complete Repertory
Head- Pain forehead eyes behind Bell,,Pdod,Sel,Ther,Phos,Sulph,Puls,Rhus tox,Glon
Skin-Erythema simplex Acon,antip,arn,bell,canth,merc,mez,Rhus tox.
Fever –Dengue fever Acon,bry,eup- perf,Rhus tox,Gels,Nux vom,chin,bell
Stomach-Nausea fever during Ant-crud,Ars,Bry.carb-veg,Cham,Cina,Dros,Eup-perf,Ip,Nat-m,Sang,Lyco,Cimx
Rubrics From synthesis Repertory
Fever- Dengue Fever Acon,Eup-Perf,Gels
Skin-Eruption Erythema Bell,Mez,Chlol,Laptos-Ih,Antip,Scarl,Urt-u,Psor.
Head-Pain-Forehead behind eyes Bell,Fl-ac,Podo,Sel,There,Phos,Puls,Rhus-tox,Sulph,Seneg
Extremities -Pain Bones Asaf,Eup-Perf,Merc,Nit-Acid,Nux Vom,Phos-ac,Puls,Pyrog,Ruta,Sulph,Lyco,Glon

Homoeopathy Remedies

  • Eupatorium Perfoliatum is considered by homeopathic doctors to be the finest homeopathic remedy for dengue fever. It is without a doubt the first medication given to patients with dengue fever. Use it when you have severe joint, bone, and muscular pain and a high fever. This medication is also referred to as “bone set” since it provides the fastest relief for severe fever-related bone and joint problems. Any bone may be affected by the discomfort, or the entire body may experience it When you have a generalized body discomfort, it can seem like your body is broken. In addition to its favorable effects on joint pain, it is also highly advantageous in cases of severe dengue fever-related eye pain. It aids in headache recovery along with nausea and vomiting reduction. The top of the head, or the vertex, is where the headache is usually felt. Patients who need this cure for dengue typically have significant bodily discomfort and chills that accompany shaking. Once the chill wears off, vomiting happens. Sweating typically relieves every symptom, with the exception of headache pain. Add fatigue and weakness to the above symptoms.
  • Bryonia Alba: For Treating Fever and Joint/Muscle Aches

When it comes to treating dengue fever-related muscular and joint discomfort, Bryonia Alba is quite helpful. When there is even the slightest movement that causes pain to escalate, this medication provides the finest assistance. Total relaxation relieves pain. There’s a temperature and noticeable chills. There is heat in the brain when one has chills.  Together with this particular trait, there may be an intense need for water and a dry mouth.

  • Rhus Tox: For the Relief of Bone, Joint, and Muscle Pain

Another highly suggested medication for reducing body pain during a fever is rhus tox. It functions best when joint, muscle, or bone discomfort improves with movement but worsens with inactivity. There is a fever that alternates between the hot and cold stages. The body experiences searing heat, which is followed by shaking and chills.

  • Gelsemium: For Weakness and Prostration Associated With Dengue Fever

For individuals with dengue fever who experience extreme weakness and prostration, gelsemium is the best treatment. A dull, woozy, and drowsy state is the ideal way to describe gelsemium selection. The patients who seem to be in need of it appear lethargic and want to lie down in complete silence. In addition, he or she detests talking and want to be alone. The patient has chills that shake, usually starting in the back and moving up and down the back. Another symptom is a headache accompanied by ocular fatigue. The back of the head is where the headache is mostly felt, and it frequently extends to the forehead and eyes. In the majority of cases, there is also no thirst. Pains in the muscles may accompany these symptoms.

  • Belladonna: For Treating Headache, Eye Pain, and Severe Fever

The greatest option for headache management is belladonna. When necessary, pain can be felt anywhere on the head, but it often manifests predominantly on the sides of the head (temples). When taking belladonna, the agony is intense, throbbing, and intense. Relief is obtained by tightly tying the head. Additionally, it helps to relieve pain behind the eyes. A fever is characterized by extreme body heat, a flushed red face, and a lack of thirst.

  • Arsenic Album: To Control Fever and Weakness

The best homeopathic remedy for managing weakness during fever is arsenic album. In situations where this medication is necessary, even standing and walking cause weariness. Fatigue makes it necessary to lie down all the time. The body may feel cold on the inside, yet from the outside, it appears heated. Most fevers occur at night, and they are accompanied by noticeable worry and restlessness. There is a slight hunger for very little water at very little intervals. Moreover, arsenic can be administered to treat nausea and vomiting. The sight or scent of food can exacerbate nausea, and eating or drinking anything can exacerbate vomiting.


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Shivashmi Pandey
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