A case of contact dermatitis managed by Homoeopathy

Dr Megha Meena 

Contact Dermatitis is a highly frequent disease with a significant impact on the quality of life of the affected patients and a relevant socioeconomic impact.1   Contact Dermatitis is associated with a high disease burden, a higher risk for anxiety and depression.  The prevalence of allergic skin diseases was found to be 45% in an Indian study. There is increasing use of cosmetics, dies, and many chemical, preservatives which are leading various dermatological problem, contact dermatitis being one of them.2

Management of Contact Dermatitis is avoidance of irritant and allergens but it is not possible.   In modern medicine system topical corticosteroid, barrier cream, emollients are used in treatment of contact dermatitis but they give temporary relief and long term use harm the skin.3          

Key word – Contact Dermatitis , Petrolieum , RADAR app.

Patient information – A  69 year old male  patient come to the opd  in april  15/4/23 .

Chief complants – cracks , roughness and itching in hand . complain agg. In winter  since 3-4 year .

Family history –  eczema mother

Prescribing  Totality –

  • violent anger
  • answere refuse to
  • anxiety  crowd in
  • discolouration tongue white
  • aversion  to fat and rich food
  • cracks skin of hand
  • cracks hand < winter
  • roughness in hand
  • itching in palm
  • sleep unrefreshing

Prescription – petroleum 30  / 3 doses followed by placebo 30 /TDS  for 7 days was prescribed on first visit ( 15/4/23) patient improve symptomatically .

Discussion –   considering  the above symptomatology ,  kent’s repertory  was preferred and using RADAR software , systemic repertorization  was done . petroleum was selected on the basis of totality .  in reportorial totality  petroleum  scored the highest  marks.


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Dr. Megha Meena
P.G. Scholar ,Department of Homeopathic Repertory
Government Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Bhopal

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