Associations of homoeopaths to meet pharma industry to enhance marketing H drugs

Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai
Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The associations of homoeopathic medical professionals across the country are gearing up for discussions with pharma industry captains in various parts of the country to increase opportunities for manufacturing and R&D in homoeopathic drugs in India.

The first meeting is likely to be held in Hyderabad next week and four managing directors of major pharmaceutical companies are expected to attend the meeting.

Further, the associations will have deliberations on ways to make people aware of the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines and increase the demand for the system by people from all strata of the society. To generate awareness about the system the associations will seek the support of homoeopathic institutions, academics and students in addition to NCH and CCRH.

The senior professionals including academicians feel that for a sustainable development of the system, which is now facing challenges from several quarters, flourishing of industries is necessary. India has a lot of allopathic and Ayush drug manufacturing industries, whereas manufacturers of homoeopathy drugs are very few. If more industrial units flourish the job opportunities of the graduates will also rise. The professionals want to meet drug manufacturers of allopathic medicines with all facilities for R&D and production and encourage graduates to venture into start-up units.

Referring to various programmes undertaken by the Global Homoeopathy Foundation (GHF) to promote the system all over India and to propagate the importance of availing the system as remedy for various diseases, Prof Dr S Praveen Kumar, secretary of GHF said they have started to organize a series of Vijnan Sammelans (Scientific Conferences) in all the states and the first one was conducted in Hyderabad on April 9 this year. There will be another 12 more conferences in the months to come for which discussions are going on with state associations and central council of research in homoeopathy (CCRH). GHF is trying to have a tie-up with CCRH in Hyderabad and the National Council of Homoeopathy (NCH) in New Delhi.

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