Australian Homeopath hits back at health council’s placebo comparison

Homeopath Julia Sims disagrees with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s findings on the effectiveness of treatment.

The owner of Yeppoon Natural Health and Remedial Massage is adamant her homeopathy treatment works, despite claims from the National Health and Medical Research Council in the past week that homeopathy is “no more effective than placebos”.

The NHMRC included only 225 studies in the review, as the scientific quality of the others were considered limited.

The review determined that homeopathy was no more effective than a sugar pill in the treatment of common medical conditions.

Ms Sims has been practising for 20 years. She said she was disgusted by the research council’s approach to the treatment therapy.

“The study included less than 250 participants… they’re making assumptions on something based on a very small study,” she said.

“I think they’re trying to get rid of homeopathy because pharmaceutical companies can’t make money off the therapy.”

Ms Sims said she had experienced a lot of patients who benefited from the therapy, which uses the principle of likeness to treat illness.

“They’ve had a lot of success with treating people with Ross River disease, it can cure it in a matter of days,” she said.

“A little bit of the thing that makes you sick, can make you better… it works just like vaccines.”

Despite claims from the NHMRC that indulging in the therapy may put people at risk of abandoning proven medical treatments for serious illnesses, Ms Sims said responsible homeopaths worked with doctors to create a holistic treatment plan.

“We would never tell you to stop taking any prescribed medications. If we think it is out of our hands, like a serious life-threatening illness, we will definitely refer them to a doctor instead,” she said.

“People need to be able to have a choice.” [Source]


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