BAAH National Seminar on applied Homoeopathy at Kolkata

The Bengal Academy of Applied Homoeopathy[BAAH] ,Kolkata West Bengal organized a Homoeopathic academic feast ,One day National Seminar on 3rd. March 2013 at Rabindra-Okakura Bhavan, Salt Lake , Kolkata, West Bengal.

Prof.(Dr). Jaydip Biswas , Director , Chittyaranjan National Cancer Institute , was present as the Chief Guest and  inaugurator on this auspicious occasion. Dr Biswajit Basu, BAAH Chairman welcomed all the dignitaries and participants and narrated the aims and objectives of this Organization i.e  to promote and advance the science of Homoeopathy in accordance with the basic principles of Homoeopathy, as enunciated by  master  S.Hahnemann . All the guests expressed their views and appreciated the persistent endeavour taken by The Bengal Academy of Applied Homoeopathy[BAAH] for the applied academic development of Homoeopathy. To commemorate this occasion comprising the lectures and some important writing from old archives a SOUVENIR was also released in this occasion.

The first scientific session was entitled as ‘ Intergraded approach to Cancer’. In this session  Prof.(Dr). Jaydip Biswas , Director , Chittyaranjan National Cancer Institute shared his vast expertise regarding diagnostic tools of Cancer. Moreover eliciting the scope as modalities of treatment  e.g Surgery , Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy he also stated about the limitations of modern medicine as a result of those modes of treatment  as toxicity which even may be fatal in some cases and thus Homoeopathy is a emerging mode of therapy for Cancer patients. Prof.  Biswas also noted that ‘Homoeopathy has an excellent track record in the treatment of animals with cancer and there is much anecdotal evidence that certain remedies are effecting in reversing the Cancer process’ .To give inputs from Homoeopathic perspective Dr. Biswajit Basu delivered on the topic stating ‘Cancer is a disease which is developed from fundamental causes but sometimes present seeming as an acute disease’. So, he categorically narrated regarding effective case taking approach of cancer patients and different methodology to be adopted for treating Cancer patients depending upon the severity and seat of the diseases and presenting signs and symptoms. Sole object of this discourse was how to prevent cancer those who are yet not affected, to treat Cancer patients in order to palliate pain and prolongation of life with improvement of quality of life  and in   selected cases cure may takes place. He also stated that ,Cancer in advance so called incurable stage generally   presents as a one-sided disease presented with  ‘common symptoms’  not beneficial in order to effect cure . To satisfy all the possibilities ,scope and limitations he presented evidence based six cancer cases , namely Lung cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, MDS ,Stomach Tumour etc. [one of which cured]]with all investigation reports. In relation with ‘reversing the Cancer process’ he presented a case of ‘Stomach Tumour with Ulcer’, was completely cured with Homoeopathic mode pf therapy. Prof.(Dr). Jaydip Biswas , Director , Chittyaranjan National Cancer Institute appreciated the fact of ‘reversing the Cancer process’ presented with evidence , and he also enlightened this efficacy of homoeopathic medicine that may  open a new research avenue in Cancer treatment.

The second scientific session was web-lecture  entitled as  ‘A lecture on Palladium’ by Prof Gorge Vitoulkus, Greece . Prof Vitoulkus beautifully described a rare medicine vividly , and was greatly appreciated by the audience.

In this auspicious occasion to inspire meritorious students ,Late Netai Pada Basu Memorial award -2012 offered to Saptarshi Banerjea ,who stood first in order of merit from the West Bengal University of Health Sciences. In the felicitation programme Dr. P.K.Chandra, Scientist 4, CCRH, Govt of India was the Chief Guest .

The third scientific session was ‘Applied aspects of miasms’. In this session Prof (Dr) Soumendu Adhikary nicely narrated with audiovisual [ physical appearance and other approaches] supports on ‘Case taking in the light of Miasms’ and Prof (Dr) Biplab Kundu delivered his lecture on Materia Medica in the perspective of Miasms citing some examples.

The fourth scientific session was on ‘Evidence based cases’, Prof (Dr) Mihir Goswami was the Chairman of the session . In this session evidence based cases were presented by BAAH study circle members Dr. Aloke Ghosh – A cured case Eczema, Dr. Abhijit Dey- Effectiveness of Homoeopathy in Dengue Fever’ and Dr. Nirupam Majumder- A case of Diabetes Mellitus.

Organizing Secretary Dr. Shipra Basu narrated about different ongoing programmes namely Study circle, Workshop, Health camp, School health camp etc. conducted by The Bengal Academy of Applied Homoeopathy[BAAH].This one day National seminar was  concluded  paying vote of thanks to all  by the Organizing Secretary BAAH. — Reported by BAAH news/publicity  sub committee


  1. Dr Biswajit Basu,

    Thanks for your one day seminar on applied Homoeopathy at KOLKATA. Keep it up.

    • Dr Shaikh Shamsur Rahman
      Thanks a lot for your inspiration.For detail activities and update of BAAH please find ‘Bengal academy of applied Homoeopathy facebook.
      Dr. Biswajit Basu
      BAAH, Chairman

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