De addiction and Homoeopathy

Addiction may be, is always bad. This is difficult, but not impossible. Today, on the occasion of International Antidrugs  Day by talking to experts  we are telling you the way to salvation Dilip Lal.

Chemicals  which produces a altered mental state  bringing a person to a sleeping or drunk state are  called  as Narcotics or drugs. Morphine, Codeine, Methadone etc. fall into this category. Narcotics come in form of  powder, tablet and injections.They  stimulate the brain and surrounding tissue. Doctors use some Narcotics to relieve pain. But some people use it for fun, which takes the form of addiction. People usually start addiction from cough syrup and cannabis etc. and gradually  begin hashish, cannabis, opium, etc. to brown sugar.

How drugs are made
Natural Narcotics are produced from the raw Opium poppy seeds. Morphine, Methadone, Codeine  and the Natural Narcotics  falls in this category. Doctors use synthetic drugs such as morphine sulfate for therapeutic use. Doctors use it in injection form for unbearable pain in the muscles. Codeine contains less amount of opium poppy.Methadone has analgesic properties hence it is used as a substitute for heroine. It reduces craving and desire to take heroin and eliminates its adverse after effects.

Had bad effects
Drugs tend to dull the nervous system. Pain and other problems associated are not eliminated by roots from their usage. But some people become addicted to them and becomes addictive.

Addicted persons working capacity decreases with time .They sell their homes and their relationship with society breaks down.They do anti social activities and go to jail.

Drug addicted persons might consume many such things and become susceptible infections in several ways. Using drugs through injections increases risk of developing infections like HIV and viral hepatitis.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Narcotics Anonymous is a self-helping group. No fees are charged for the persons afficted with drugs and their identity is kept confidential. Older members share their experiences and reinforce the new members during the meeting. Members always follow 12 steps and were advised to take many precautions such as  never pass any place where drugs are used, never meet the man, who used drugs with you. If you have the urge and craving for drugs and when you think your feet are slipping away, talk to members of the alliance. The company’s helpline number is 98180-72887.  Information can be taken for the meetings conducted in Delhi/NCR from this number.

How is it treated

Special  therapies : A man suffering from drug addiction acquires many bad habits making it difficult in quitting its habit. Special therapies such as art, dance, drama, music, writing, etc. are  given in these cases. The patients are taken to parks and picnic etc. is provided like children. This increase their closeness and reduces resentment from society.

Limited role of medicine: the role of the medicines for the treatment of drug addiction is limited. At some drug rehabilitation centers patients are treated without medication from cold water showers and relaxation techniques. After this symptomatic treatment on basis of anger, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, etc. medicine is given. These medicines were given  strictly under supervision of doctor.

Time Duration: Rehabilitation centers has a course for 3 to 9 months. Afterwards patients were advised to maintain constant contact for 1 and 1 ½ half years.

Homoeopathy has medicines for treatment of drug addiction. These drugs should be given under the supervision of experts.

Avena Sativa Q:  In nervous exhaustion, sexual debility, morphine habit this medicine works.

Passiflora Q: Has a quieting effect on nervous system, Insomnia due to mental exhaustion. To break the morphine habit give in mother tincture

Opium: Blissed-out state- dream like, peaceful, euphoric state. Hyperesthesia, overexcitement and sleeplessness.  In drug withdrawal, painlessness the drug is given as an alternative for drug users.

Tabacum: Complete prostration and relaxation of entire muscular system

Chamomilla: Ailments after abuse of Coffee and  narcotics  the drug is given.

Acetic-Acid: For the bad effects of narcotics.

Cannabis Indica:  In intense exaltation, dual nature state,all sensations, perceptions,emotions and sensations are exaggerated to utmost degree the drug is effective.

Coffea: Wakefulness and improved alertness. Oversensitive to all stimuli, over-reactive.,restlessness and in insomnia the medicine is beneficial.

Apomorphine Muriaticum: combined alcoholism and morphinism with constant nausea.

Vipera Communis: those having drug addiction by injections specially are given this medicine.

Expert Panel:

  • Dr Uttam Singh, Senior Homoeopath
  • Dr J. M. Vadhavan, Psychiatrist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Dr Meenaxshi Manchanda, Psychiatrist, AIIMS
  • Acharya Vikramaditya, Yoga and Ayurved Specialist
  • Pradeep Goyal, Expert, Rehabilitation Centre


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