Baryta Carb – A misplaced Remedy in Homeopathy

Dr Ravtej Inderjit Kaur Mavi

Before I ever met Dr. Prafull Vijayakar there was a typical picture of Baryta carb constitution in the mind, that was a remedy for complaints of dwarfish children; mind and body; don’t grow; inclined to glandular swellings. The defective growth in both mental and physical level. The weakness of the mind may amount almost to idiocy or imbecility. Then again it is equally adapted to old age, with mental and physical weakness. Bulky timid dwarf, open mouth, large head children with suppurating tonsils and cervical glands- a scrofulous constitution.

But after coming into contact with SIR (Dr.Vijayakar), and seeing his marvelous results in advanced pathological case in his clinic with this remedy, the whole foggy thought about Baryta disappeared and I understood the actual make-up of this wonderful remedy which helped us in our day to day practice in clinic and enabled us to handle incurable cases.

Sir weaved the constitution of this remedy around one single word- MISPLACEDNESS. One has to put in his mind this thematic word to understand the Baryta Carb.

MISPLACEDNESS mean not appropriate or correct in the situation e.g. misplaced confidence, misplaced anxiety, misplaced generosity, misplaced benevolence, misplaced defiant, misplaced knowledge etc.etc.

Now if we analyze Baryta on this theme we see that at all mental as well as physical levels reflection of this very state will be observed. A child or a person looks or behave much older then his age or some old persons looking younger or behaving like children. This is all misplacedness at genetic level. Normally children are active, restless, naughty, fond of games, T.V, entertainment etc. etc.. But Baryta’s attitude is that of an adult (premature old mind).Child is serious earnest, reserved, absent minded, no interest in toys or games. Brooding and hiding himself with many delusions of forsaken, being abused, laughed at and want to escape from strangers.

On the other hand old people talk like children, laugh like children, they are credulous and very easily convinced without any understanding. They never use their brain to analyze. The maturity which should come proportionately to the age and experience is missing. Baryta judgment about his personality or himself or situations is also inappropriate. He has fixed ideas; either of being useless, incapable, insufficient, or being laughed at, and being talked about. On the other hand unmindful of whatever negative opinion people have about them e.g. criticism, abusing, insulting Etc. Etc. They are least affected by these situations.

A case of S.L.E, in Dr. Vijayakar’s clinic.
28 year old girl was not ready to marry. When she was ask about reason of that, she replied she hate marriage concept because her brother-in-law not properly treated her sister. When inquired from her sister, she told, it was not a very serious matter. But patient felt the situation disproportionately. How because of one’s misbehavior all males are wrong. This is misunderstanding of the situation. She was prescribed Baryta.

Misplaced Judgment

Barytas are not good drivers. Their understanding of distance and space is misjudged. They often bang their vehicles. They are absent minded, stop vehicle at green signal and starts moving when lights are red. Proper parking sense is missing.

Misplaced knowledge- As Barytas are very laborious. They study hard and get lot of knowledge. But correct application of acquired knowledge is missing. These people even copy the teacher’s way of dressing, walking, speaking, and develop same gestures and postures. But they misunderstand the knowledge what they got from the teacher and further convey it to others in a wrong way. Some time they go so deep and deep in a particular concept, they distort the actual meaning of the idea. Dr.Vijayakar taught theme once Anacardium i.e. “Sense of write and Wrong abolished in Anac. Children don’t learn toilet manners. They pass stool and urinate any where in the house though otherwise they quite sharp and intelligent. They don’t seem to learn from the past mistakes. Will climb again at same dangerous place even after the injury they got previously.” Some one may interoperate this theme in a patient of histuism, that body doesn’t have sense of write and wrong at genetic level. It produced moustaches in female, in generally which is not suppose to be , so patient should be prescribed Anacardium.This is an example of misplace depth analysis of Baryta carb mind about Anacardium taught by Sir.

Baryta student:– Baryta students because of timidity and lack of analytic mind with weak reception factuality, is always reluctant to ask queries. They will sit in class with blank face and vacant eye. On other side they will ask number of questions or they are so confused that they will repeat same question again and again and will create irritation in the mind teacher and among fellow colleagues. In one of our workshop at Jalndhar a student asked repeated questions about diligent, with all efforts and examples Dr.S.S.Mavi tried his best to make him understand the meaning of diligent but all was in vain. Even his fellow colleagues did their best. But everyday he asked same question. On the last day of seminar Dr. Mavi with irritation advised him to take doze Baryta.c.
Even in clinic these people ask so many irrelevant questions.

They will not understand the advice of physician or process of exteriorization, aggravation or expulsions after the similimum. A case of leukemia in Dr.Vijayakar’s clinic was having w.b.c. count 90,000. After Baryta-iod the count dropped to 16,000 with the development of fistula in ano. Dr. Vijayakar was very happy with this exteriorization and advised him not to apply any thing locally and not take medicine for it which will disappear itself. In the next visit w.b.ccount again increased. After inquiring it was detected that he did not bear the pain of fistula and applied ointment. Sir was very annoyed with him and after strict warning, he repeated the medicine again. Fistula reappeared again with declining of white cell count. Docter told that he has to bear from this problem for a time being if wished his leukemia to be cured. But patient was adamant and asked for help,”Dr. to do some thing for this fistula. Let leukemia will be treated afterward first do something for fistula.”Dr.Vijayakar prescribed him placebo. The patient disappeared for three four months and came back with w.b.c. count of one lakh. Sir asked him,” How it could be so, what wrong you did and what about your fistula?.” He replied, “Doctor forget about that fistula. I have got it operated it. Now it will not bother you. So please, now you can freely treat my blood cancer.”
This is the mental state of Baryta carb. It very difficult to make them understand.

It’s not enough to have a dream,
Unless you’re willing to pursue it.
It’s not enough to know what’s right,
Unless you’re strong enough to do it.
It’s not enough to learn the truth,
Unless you also learn to live it.
It’s not enough to reach for love,
Unless you care enough to give it.
Men who are resolved to find a way for themselves
Will always find opportunities enough;
& if they do not find them, they will make them.

I’m Hahnemannian since the days I enrolled myself with this holly system. I took this science by my heart. It’s all because of my teacher Dr.J.B.D. Castro, staunch follower of Master Hahnemann.

As per my faith or as for as homoeopathy is concerned, this science is truly represented by Organon, materia medica and repertory. Any thought prevailing out of these three areas or contradictory to these is nothing but quackery under the
Banner of homoeopathy.

Mushroom types schools of thoughts came into light during eighties of the last century. New researches, new ways of prescriptions, new ways of enriching materia medica, new provings, new interpretations of master’s thoughts as each one suits, were growing fast.. Some one was advocating, prescription should be based on only MIND SYMPTOMS, other says, it should be based only on physicals, there was a third most opportunistic group of traders, advocating glamorous patents and multiple drug products. All around there were many new Gurus-Cum-Stage Masters. There was a race, which will succeed to prove him much better then Master Hahnemann. Serious efforts were going on to find mistakes in Hahnemann and, in his writings, and in his thoughts. There was a hue and cry, “look Hahnemann only could discover three miasms and I discovered seven.” Another was saying, “I have no faith in miasm, his theory of vital-force is rubbish. No need of reading physical part of repertory.

This group of so called homoeopaths torn the mind part of synthesis and distributed among their followers. And claimed foolishly or innocently, that they have shortened the homoeopathy and made it easy.” Third one was advocating that periodical table is the best tool to understand the hidden medicinal qualities of any element or compounds and theory of proving is out dated. These manipulative or may be ignorant constitutions were misleading the masses by organizing Hi Tech Seminars in all over the world. But none of these wrestlers were having transparent and convincible results without any doubt, in their own clinics.
It was the time when these shop pies were at their peak, in 1998 I first time met Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. I attended his seminar and then visited his crowded clinic at Mumbai. He mesmerized me with his wonderful results in those advanced pathological cases which I never expected before.

It is true that Homoeopathy is a qualitative science, but it will be up to that extent it was a new experience for me.

I read his book theory of suppression advocating the law of dissimilar in the Organon. His strong advocacy of Hering’s Law correlated with development of embryo and gradient flow-direction of life-axis or cure-axis brought Law-of-similar or similia simlibus curantor (i.e. HOMOEOPATHY) on its strong footing.

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar is the first man in the modern times, who reiterated that miasm are only three and they are the basic defense of our body in health and even in the disease. How he understood miasms, and explains the same in view of modern science is the genius of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. He states, “Miasms are easy to understand, mathematically comprehensible, and utilize these miasms practically in your practice to cure the sickness, be it the simple or even the most ‘incurable’. Not only this he has also explained other chapters like genetics to understand the basic disposition of the patient, embryology to understand the Hering’s law of cure and the most crucial follow ups, pathology for miasms, physiology to understand our materia medica. He is the man who has the courage to say that, “Beware, Homoeopathy can also suppress.” To understand this statement you must refer to his unique and revolutionary ‘the theory of suppression’.

In Organon of medicine in aphorism 2 it is written,” The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, ON EASILY COMPREHENSIBLE PRINCIPLES.” It is only Dr. Vijayakar to whom the credit goes, who made all the principles written in the Organon easily comprehensible, what master dreamt for.

He has given immense boost to homoeopathy and to homoeopaths across the globe.
Be confident, and say that we are homoeopath.
Before leaving Mumbai after my first meeting with Dr.Prafull Vijayakar I promised him, “Sir you acted like a Navigator and shown me the exact way of Hahnemann thought, now very soon I will leave no stone unturned to change scenario of North India in homoeopathic field and with his blessing and kind co-operation of faculty of Predictive Homoeopathy results are present in front of every one, we are listening him in most prestigious hall VIGYAN BHAVAN. This seminar will bring educational-storm in this part of country, will boost the “MOVEMENT OF RIGHT HOMOEOPATHY.”

Dr Ravtej Inderjit Kaur Mavi.
Surmeet Homoeopathic Clinic,
Canal Road, Ashok Nagar,

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  1. John Henry Allen states baryta carb is hereditory syphilitic miasm remedy,syphilinum kali iod being for transmitted syphilis.he says baryta secret that it is useful in early age and senile age,syphilitic miasm spurts in childhood at puberty then in senile age, because mid age immunity is high syphilitic miasm takes a pause.Baryta short statured inclined to obesity with tension in face esp cheeks as white of egg smeared,heat or sweat in single parts esp offensive sweat feet with soreness rawness.Baryta action epicentre is on glandular system visible as tonsils cervical gland enlarge other galdular remedies being hepar and calc carb.He says in tubercular miasm first clear psora by sulphur psorinum etc then use baryta.old age useful for prostate enlargement.early child age is emaciated large head big abdomen and shy of strangers hides.He says most useful in skin diseases after sulph psorinum.Imbecile baryta with face tension can be recognised when one repeatedly massages scratches face feet with own hands socks are smelly like that of silicia.

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