Biochemic medicines in pregnancy

Dr  (Mrs.) Daxa V  Vaishnav

The Biochemic System of Medicine is an off shoot of homeopathy. Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a German homeopath, developed it. He believed that disease is caused by the deficiency of inorganic salts in the human organism. This deficiency causes a disharmony in the functions of the organic constituents of the cell. He identified 12 such inorganic salts in the human body and after a lot of clinical trials, put forward the Biochemic System of Medicine. Over the years, this system of medicine has proved itself to be a safe and effective form of therapy.

This article is for women who are experiencing the most eventful months in their life. Pregnancy, though a physiological state, can leave a woman with either pleasant experiences, or bitter experiences- if she develops some complications.

Many of my patients have become ecstatic on being told that they were pregnant, especially so when they had been under treatment for an inability to conceive. They feel on top of the world. Unfortunately, this mental state does not last very long because they soon encounter the first bout of morning sickness. This and other such discomforts during pregnancy make them feel miserable, especially in the first twelve and the last eight weeks of pregnancy .

The Biochemic system has a lot to offer to the pregnant woman- not only during pregnancy, but even after delivery. It is not only effective, it is very safe, unlike allopathy, where many medicines are contraindicated during pregnancy as they have a bad effect on the unborn child.

The following are some of the conditions and their biochemic remedies:

Acidity: Natrum phos
Acne: Calcarea sulph, Silicea
Albumin in the urine: Natrum mur
Anemia: Calcarea phos, Ferrum phos
Backache: Magnesia phos, Calcarea fluor
Breast- abscess: Silicea
Breast- inflammation: Ferrum phos
Constipation: Natrum mur, Silicea, Kali mur
Cracked nipples: Silicea
Cramps and colic: Magnesia phos
Diabetes mellitus: Natrum sulph
Easy delivery: Calcarea fluor (to be taken in the last three months of pregnancy)
Edema of feet: Natrum mur
Feeble and ineffectual labor pains: Kali phos
Giddiness: Natrum mur
Hair fall: Natrum mur
Jaundice: Natrum sulph
Lactation- deficient or absent milk: Calcarea phos
Nausea and Vomiting: Natrum mur, Ferrum phos, Kali mur
Piles: Calcarea fluor
Puerperal fever: Kali mur
Sleeplessness: Kali phos
Urticaria (Hives): Natrum mur
Varicose veins: Calcarea fluor
Weakness:  Ferrum phos
Worms: Natrum phos

Dose:The usual dose is 4 tablets of the 6x potency, 3 times a day. It may be necessary to combine two or more biochemic remedies since a person can have a deficiency of more than one salt.

Note: A detailed history followed by constitutional treatment by a good and qualified homoeopath is necessary to treat the complaints that appear during pregnancy. It is not advisable to resort to self-medication for any disease. The above mentioned drugs are just a few of the remedies and are mentioned solely to create awareness about the efficacy of biochemic medicines in pregnancy.

Dr  (Mrs.) Daxa V  Vaishnav
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