Personal experiences with small remedies in Homeopathy

homeo4Dr D P Rastogi

Hoang nan : I had to treat a case of cancer of breast which refused surgery. The case was in an advanced stage .During the period of treatment , I frequently encountered the problem of controlling hemorrhage

A stage came when the tumor developed very putrid smell. Looking up Boericke,s repertory I came to know Hoang nan as a remedy for cancer of glandular structures. On going to the Materia medica I learnt its use in removing fetor and haemorrhage in cancer and reviving the healing process.

Hoang nan helped this patient very much and I was able to persuade the patient to agree for surgery.
The patient lived happily after surgery on homeopathic treatment without radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

I have used Granatum for pain around shoulders as if heavy load has been carried with gratifying results.
Its use has been verified in several cases and it provided lasting relief.

Thiosiaminum :
This remedy has been recommended for dissolving scar tissue, adhesions and strictures.
I have used this remedy in a case of blocked fallopian tubes. Given in LM 1 for 3 months cleared the tubes and the woman conceived and delivered a full term baby

AraneaDidema & Calc. causticum
I have found these 2 remedies extremely beneficial in cases of heel pain.
Aranea is useful for the right heel while Cal caust is for the left heel.
Aranea is mentioned in Boericke’s repertory under heels as:
Os Calcis, pain—Aran
An additional indication is worse in wet weather.


I have found this remedy extremely useful in loss of vision due to retinal detachment and other pathologies.

A case : wife of an eminent homeo physician suddenly became blind. On detailed examination at a specialized center no cause could be found out. The lady was non diabetic. I was requested to suggest the remedy on phone.I talked to her husband but could not elicit any significant point helpful for the prescription. I suggested Napthaline 6 to be given 3-4 times a day. 2 days later the vision started to return and she could recognize faces.

Complete recovery took place in a month and is considered as a miracle even by the ophthalmologists who examined her and found no clue to treat her.
Among the indications mentioned in Boericke’s Materia medica are :It produces detachment of the retina; papillo-retinal infiltration;
Deposits in patches upon the retina; amblyopia and consecutive `amaurosis; sparkling synchisis; soft cataract

Magnetis Pole astralis

For in-growing toe nails this remedy is useful and the improvement is seen fairly quick. I have used it several times and the result was always satisfying.
Boericke mentions :
Severe pain in inner side of nail of the big toe, in-growing toe nail .

Caultha Paulstris
I have found this useful in cases of cancer of the cx
2 cases who refused surgery are doing well. I have a follow up 5 years.
It is recommended to be given in mother tincture

I have found this remedy of use in cases of urticaria when other remedies either partially relieve or do not help.
The indications found reliable are urticaria, appearing and disappearing suddenly, with internal coldness.

Argemone mexicana
Cases of osteo arthritis often present problem and when constitutional treatment is not of much avail, remedies prescribed on local indications work.
Argemone maxicana is one such medicine which has helped me in relieving the pain of left knee which becomes stiff and painful, preventing sleep. Pt is < in the afternoon.

Jacaranda is the other remedy which helps in the OA of rt knee joint.
There is morning soreness and stiffness < motion
There is often gonorrheal or syphilitic background

Enuresis nocturna in children is often difficult to tackle.
I have found Quassia very helpful.
Report has been that soon after administration the habit stops.
Symptoms found verified are :copious micturition day and night. As soon as the child wakes up the bed is drenched.

I have found it very useful as a cardiac tonic and diuretic and used in 3x potency
It increases arterial pressure and prolongs the diastole, favoring engorged veins.
Boericke recommends it as an excellent substitute for Digitalis and is not cumulative in action.

Ammon Phos
I have used this remedy in excessive sneezing with excessive running from nose and eyes occurring only in morning hours.

Boericke writes” Has a specific place in the treatment of dysentery.
Symptoms are worse by food and drink.
Much pain before and after stool; stool only after eating. Griping in hypochondrium in morning
I have verified these symptoms repeatedly.

Treating cough in children is often problematic as it is both annoying to the patient as well as to the parents.
I have often found concomitants given in the chapter of Boger-Boenninghausen repertory very helpful in picking up the remedy.
For Cina the repeatedly verified concomitant has been cough with disagreeable behavior.

Crot tig
I have used this remedy in cases of asthma where the cough seems to increase as soon the head touches the pillow and the patient is forced to sleep sitting on chair.
HC Allen mentions “ as soon as head touched the pillow a spasmodic paroxysm of cough set in ; suffocated, must walk about the room or sleep in a chair”

It has been found useful in a variety of skin cases. It bears repetition well in lower potency. I have found it useful in cases of even Psoriasis when well indicated remedies have not yielded results.
I have often encountered aggravation after other remedies. But there is no aggravation with this and the patient always returned with improvement.

Boericke mentions the following :
Useful in skin affections, scabies, prurigo, chronic herpes, cracks and ulcerations.

Papular-like eruption with a vesicular tendency, especially on scrotum, also
on hands, tibia, shoulders and dorsum of feet


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