Basic IT Training for Health Professionals with Microsoft

Basic Knowledge of Information Technology is becoming compulsory for all Medical Professionals including Medical Dental Nursing and other health Courses .

We at Indian Association for Medical Informatics are feeling the need for Basic Training for all Medical Professionals . In this regards we are in the process of creating an Indian/IAMI Academy of Health Informatics . To begin with we are discussing with Microsoft for a basic training Module in Office including Word, Powerpoint ,Excel and Access and some other relevant products.

This will be followed by an Exam which will be conducted by Microsoft .The credits of the examination will be recognised worldwide . Those students who are already trained have the option of simply taking the examination only.

It is expected that this program will create a Knowledge Management tool available to all future Health Professionals over which our Health System can progress in an efficient IT enabled manner .

The courses are available in Basic ,Intermediate and advanced levels of 5 ,10 and 15 days respectively . The courses involve a nominal training and examination fee from each student for services rendered .

The main purpose of this training is to create an environment in which higher issues like collaborative online learning , surveillance and tel medicine and electronic record keeping can be achieved in India at various levels of the Health System. It will be a win win situation for colleges who will not have to employ staff on permanent basis and also get world class training with a globally certified assessment examination.

This form is for Expression of Interest for Basic Information Technology Training under IAMI -Microsoft training for Health Professionals for Medical, Dental , Nursing and other courses and Colleges

Dr Sanjay Bedi
President Indian Association for Medical Informatics 12 13

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