Bihar AYUSH Homoeopathy MO question paper 2014


1.A full time amelioration of the symptoms, yet no special relief to the patient’s is of Kent’s which observation?
Ans: 7th Observation of Kent.

2.Who has worked on the chapter ‘relationship of remedies’?
Ans: Dr R Gibson Miller.

3.Surrogates are?
Ans: Substitutive medicines

4.Artificial Chronic diseases are?
Ans: Drug Diseases

5.A medicine may be called homeopathic, if it is?
Ans: Based on the basis of similia.

6.The ‘Chronic diseases’ contains
Ans: Proving, nature of chronic diseases and their effective treatment.

7.Which is the curative action?
Ans: Resistant action by the vital force.

8.Of the following which is the recovery according to Stuart Close?
•By the treatment which is not directly and specifically curative in nature.
•By the administration of suitable antipsoric medicines
•By the administration of single high potency drug
•By the administration of single lower potency drug

Ans: By the treatment which is not directly and specifically curative in nature.

9.‘The subjects of Anatomy, Physiology are not life, but only results of life’ is said by : Dunham/Close/Kent/Hahnemann?
Ans: Dr J T Kent

10.Totality of symptoms comprises of:
Sum total of all symptoms
Symptoms which help in individualization
Sum total of subjective symptoms
Sum total of Objective symptoms

11. Vertigo on seeing the floating water is the characteristics of
Ans: Ferrum Met.

12.Complaints appear diagonally; upper right and lower left is found in? Ambra Grisea/Bromium/Medorrhinum/All of these medicines
Ans: All of these mediicines

13. Which of the following features is common to Aloe, Psorinum, Rumex and Sulphur?
Headacher < in winter
Itching of the skin, < from cold, > by warmth
Early morning diarrhea driving the patient out from bed.
When passing flatus, sensation as if stool would pass with it
Ans: Early morning diarrhea driving the patient out from bed.

14.Which of the following pair is not correct?
Rheumatic – Spigelia
Tubercular – Baryta Carb
Sycotic – Alumina
Haemorrhagic – Ammon Carb.
Ans: Sycotic – Alumina

15.The spinal cord in an adult ends at the level of L1/L4/L5/S1?
Ans: Lumbar 1

16.Which artery is obliterated after the birth of the infant? Hypogastric/Epigastric/Renal/Brachial
Ans: Hypogastric arteries

17.One of the boundary of inguinal triangle is? Conjoint tendon/pectineal lines/linea semilunaris/Inferior epigastric artery
Ans: Inferior Epigastric Artery

18.Gluteus maximus muscle inserted into?
Greater Trochanter/Shaft of femur/Illio tibial tract/Gluteal Tuberosity and Illiotibial tract
Ans: Gluteal Tuberosity and Illiotibial tract

19.Nerve supply to extraocular muscles?
Occulomotor/Abducent/Trochlear/All of the above
Ans: All of the above

20.Meiosis occurs in human males in?
Epididmis/Seminiferous tubules/Vas deferns/Seminar vesicles
Ans: Seminiferous tubules

21.The hepatic triad constitutes?
Ans: Interlobular branches of portal vein, branch of hepatic artery and bile duct.

22.Which is responsible for the second heart sound of the heart?
Ans: Closure of Semilunar varlves

23.What is a main function of albumin?
Ans: To Maintain the plasma osmotic pressure

24.Testes does not produce? Estradiol/Testosterone/Fructose/Inhibin
Ans: Fructose

25.Which of the following is a lipotropic factor?
Ans: Choline

26.The major role of glucocorticoids in the carbohydrate metabolism is?
Ans: Stimulates gluconeogenesis in Liver

27.Glomerular filtration is most dependent on?
Renal blood flow/Pressure in Bowman’s capsule/ Glomerular capillary pressure/Plasma membrane pressure
Ans: Glomerular capillary pressure

28.Xeroderma pigmentosum is produced as a result of a defect in?
DNA polymerase I/DNA polymerase II/DNA exonuclease/DNA ligase
Ans: DNA exonuclease

29.1 grain powder is equal to? 65 mg/80 mg/100 mg
Ans: 65 mg

30.A mother tincture is? An alcoholic solution/Alcoholic extract/Dilution of drug/Aquo alcoholic extract
Ans: Aquo alcoholic extract

31.Cinnabaris is a? Zinc/Lead/Copper/Mercuric
Ans: Mercuic Compound

32.Medicine prepared from spider poison? Cantharis/Tarentula/Bufo/Murex
Ans: Tarentula

33.The process of dynamisation of the liquid drug is known as
Ans: Succussion

34.Vehicle for a liniment is Paraffin/Spermeceti/Glycerine/Vegetable Oil?
Ans: Vegetable Oil

35.CD 95 has a major role in Apoptosis/Cell Necrosis/Interferon activation/Proteolysis
Ans: Apoptosis

36.Which of the following is not a complication of Infective endocarditis? Myocardial Ring abscess/Suppurative pericarditis/MI/Focal and diffuse glomerulonephritis
Ans: Myocardial Infarction

37.The most reliable diagnostic sign of drowning is?
Ans: Froth at nostrils

38.Wernicke encephalopathy is caused by deficiency of?
Ans: Thiamine

39.Poarimeter is used for determining Specific gravity/pH/Optical rotation/BP
Ans: Optical Rotation

40.The punishment awarded to a doctor found guilty of professional criminal negligence is?
Imprisonment for 2 years/ 7 years/Fine/ Fine and 2 years imprisonment
Ans: Fine and 2 years imprisonment

41.In India, the time limit of exhumation is? 5/10/20 yrs/No time Limit
Ans: No time limit

42.The following is true about prevalence and incidence?
Both are rates/Prevalence is a rate but incidence is not/Incidence is a rate but prevalence is not/Both are not rates
Ans: Incidence is a rate but prevalence is not

43.The age and sex structure of a population may be best described by a? Life Table/Correlation coefficient/Population pyramid/Bar Chart
Ans: Population Pyramid

44.In a double blind clinical drug trial?
Ans: The patients do not know which treatment they are receiving.

45.ndicators of Physical Quality of Life Index, includes al of the following except?
Infant mortality/Life expectancy at age one/Literacy/Per capita gross national products
Ans: Per capita gross national products

46.Niacin deficiency in a maize eating population is due to?
High Tryptophan/High Isoleucine/High Leucine/High Phenylalamine
Ans: High Leucine

47.The national health policy is based
Ans: Comprehensive health care

48.All are true about classical dengue fever except
Case fatality is low/Breakbone fever/Cant raise leg in supine position/a self limiting disease
Ans: Can’t raise leg in supine position.

49.The following disease requires isolation to break transmission except, Measles/Mumps/Chicken Pox/Tetanus
Ans: Tetanus

50.Disesase in which herd immunity does not protect an individual is
Ans: Tetanus

51.The following tests are used to check the efficiency of pasteurization of milk except: Phosphatase test/Standard Plate count/Coliform count/Methylene blue reduction test
Ans: Methylene Blue reduction test

52.Vitamin B 12 is not found in : Soyabean/Milk/Meat/ Fist?
Ans: Soyabean

53.First indices to change in Iron deficiency Anaemia is?
Ans: Serum Ferritin

54.Which of the following is the most reliable method of estimating blood alcohol level?
Ans: Gas Liquid Chromatography

55.Which vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy?
Rubella/Diphtheria/Tetanus/Hepatitis B
Ans: Rubella

56.Active and passive immunity should be given together in all except?
Tetanus/Rabies/Measles/Hepatitis B
Ans: Measles

57.Which one of the following is the most common site of tubal pregrancy in the fallopian tube? Ampulla/Interstitial portion/Isthmus/Fimbrial portion.
Ans: Ampulla

58. Ovulation is caused by?
Ans: LH surge

59.First stage of Labour lasts from the onset of true labour pains to……?
Ans: Full dilation of Cervix

60.Pregnancy can be diagnosed by ultrasound at? 2/5/12/16 weeks
Ans: 5 weeks

61.DNA analysis of chronic villus/amniocentesis is not likely to detect?
Tay Sach’s Disease/Hemophilia A/Sickle cell disease/Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Ans: Tay Sach’s Disease

62.All of the following are indications for termination of pregnancy in APH patient except?
37 weeks/IUD/Transverse Lie/Continuous bleeding
Ans: Transverse Lie

63.All of the following are the modes of transmission of leprosy, except
Breast Milk/Insect bite/Trans placental spread/Droplet infection
Ans: Trans placental Spread

64.All of the following are the ECG features of hyperkalemia, except
Prolonged PR interval/Prolonged QT interval/Loss of P Waves/Widening of QRS waves
Ans: Prolonged QT interval

65.Blood stain discharge from the nipple is typical of
Intraductal pailoma/Fibroadenoma/ Filaraial mastitis/Paget’s disease of nipple.
Ans: Intraductal papilloma

66.Polychromatic luster is seen in
Complicated Cataract/DM/Post radiation cataract/Congenital cataract
Ans: Complicated Cataract.

67.Boenninghausen generalized the symptoms by adopting?
Ans: Doctorine of Analogy

68.Which one of the following is not used for grading or evaluation of the medicines in Kent’s Repertory?
Recording/Confirmation by reproving/Verification on Sick/Research
Ans: Research

69.‘Repertory of Hemorrhoids’ was written by?
Ans: Guernsey

70.Who is the editor of Synthesis Repertory?
Ans: Dr Fredrick Schroyens

71.Which rib of our body is more oblique?
Ans: 9th Rib

72.A 55 year old woman has recurrent urinary retention after a hysterectomy done for a huge fibroid. The most likely cause is?
Atrophic and stenotic urethra/Lumbar disc prolapse/Injury to the bladder neck/Injury to the hypogastric plexi
Ans: Injury to the hypogastric plexi.

73.What type of abnormal bleeding is associated with endometriosis?
Menorrhagia/Anovulatory bleeding/Amenorrhoea/Hyypermenorrhoea metrorrhagia
Ans: Menorrhgia

74.The most important function of sentinel surveillance is
*To find the total amount of disease in a population
*To plan effective control measures
*To determine the trend of disease in a population
*To notify disease
Ans: To Find the total amount of disease in a population


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