Book on Veterinary Homoeopathy by Veterinarian Dr PK Naveen

Book on Veterinary Homoeopathy by Veterinarian Dr PK Naveen

Review by Dr Mansoor Ali

Title: Veterinary Homoeopathy

Author : Dr PK Naveen – Joint Director(retd), Department of Animal Husbandry. Govt of Kerala

Year : 2017

Price : 750

Language : English

Pages: 344 with color plates

For copies : +91 9447829703


This is an authentic book on application of homoeopathy in veterinary science, by an author who has to his credit 59 years of experience in veterinary homoeopathy.

During the 32 years of his tenure as veterinary doctor and teacher, he faced many failures with allopathic medicines in the management of mastitis, black quarter, hemorrhagic septicemia, tetanus etcIn 1968 he got acquainted with famous homoeopath Dr KT Alexander of Palakkad, that changed his life started treating animals with case failures in allopathy drugs. Over the years he has been treating animal with homoeopathic medicines alone.

Three parts

  1. Introduction to veterinary homoeopathy
  2. A concise homoeopathic material medical for animals – 64 major remedies mentioned
  3. Veterinary homoeopathy therapeutics – from abortion to warts

The principles of animal treatment and human treatments are same in Homoeopathy. But animals cannot describe their symptoms by word, the form the words of care taker, history and observation we are prescribing medicines to animals.

He modified material medica in a concise form with an outlook to veterinary practice.

Drug picture(Multi color)  of each medicine with animal caricature helps the readers for a better understanding of material medica for veterinarians.

In therapeutic section under each clinical condition like, abortion,acetonemia,acid dyspepsia, albuminuria, anorexia etc each remedy with its major indication,potency and dosage mentioned.

A good reference book to veterinarians and homoeopathy doctors across the globe.


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