Cancer Cure Please be sure

Dr Sushil Vats
Cancer as a disease has devastated numerous generations of human race .In fact before AIDS expressed itself cancer was the most talked about disease. AIDS has stolen not only attention but also bulk of financial support in the research and treatment of cancer. Our date with deadly cancer continued with out respite. Millions of people worlds over are suffering from cancer the disease, psychological disadvantage,and side effects of the treatment which is worse than disease itself .

In this scenario any claim to cure cancer attract attention from doctors and obviously from the common man who is looking for the wonder cure for cancer . It is really wonderful if we can cure cancer but do we really cure cancer .The big question demands an honest and earnest answer. Are we honest and earnest in our approach or we want to run away with the claims , which might be gratifying but surely be short lasting.

Board of homoeopathic system of medicine ,Delhi have decided to organise a function to project that a certain set of drugs can give repeated good [cure] result in all types of cancers irrespective of the stage of the disease .In a open letter to homoeopathic fraternity ,Chairman of the board has written “ Of late we have come into possession the most valuable ,precious and concrete information/data whereby the gentle art of healing has surfaced into prominence with great and far reaching potentialities for tackling,treating and curing the cancer patients .

One of our comrade-for whom we have great regards and boundless love and affection for his generosity, and humanity , humility and compassion- has discovered and evolved an effective and most economical and beneficent , strategy postulated on homoeopathic philosophy for treatment and cure of cancer in any organ /part of the body with metastasis all-round .

The board letter don’t identify the doctor ,but in Delhi homoeopaths who know about the Board agenda know also about the doctor mentioned in the letter of the chairman .Doctor in question is a gem ,a whiz-kid who has done tremendous ,exhaustive work treating all types of diseases with homoeopathy but most of his applications are based on Poly-pharmacy.

To his great credit he does not hide himself rather takes pride in the fact that he has been treating so many difficult cases and getting good results regularly. But does he claim to cure cancer by purely homoeopathic remedies selected and applied on homoeopathic principles or board is taking him for a ride without fully indulging into the consequences and controversies such a claim may generate

All cures claimed by homoeopathy must be achieved within the laid down principles of homoeopathy .If it is not so please don’t claim that cancer is cured.

Dr.Sushil Vats
Co-editor- Vital informer
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  1. Well I have known what Dr Jones did cure the 85% of all the kind of cancer in 1890 Dr Jones have two books about this theme …why this is not possible now???? I am a amteur too in homeopathy, but I commit more in this medicine what any other, only we need learn more about .Dante since argentina

  2. well, i am an amteur homeopath. but i think we are yet to prove that homeopathy works, that hasnt been established even 200 years after its discovery. the question of classical and polypharmacy comes later

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