Capsicum annum: Systemic and local Homeopathic antioxidant

Dr K M Nishanth Nambison

Capsicum has ascorbic acid (0.1-0.5 %) (12) and carotinoids as its Active constituent. By the virtue of these capsicum acts as a potent Local as well as a systemic antioxidant.

Action as Local Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory: -Locally capsicum Q should strictly be used in closed lesions since it produces deleterious effect in open lesion.

Used in following indication: (12 cases)
(a) Induration where suppuration was imminent.-7 cases
(b) Lesions of herpes zoster: -2 cases
(c) Lymphangitis: -3 cases

In all above cases capsicum Q considerably reduced pain and inflammation, had a soothing effect and brought about speedy recovery; possibly lessening Free radical mediated tissue injury.

Action as systematic Antioxidant: Capsicum Q & 6 CH was used in total – 23 cases of gastritis & Reflux oesophagitis.
(a) Cases in which endoscopies were done: 2 cases
(b) Cases of allied symptoms like precordial pain, heaviness & in right arm heart burn: 7 cases.
(c) Cases with raised serum cholesterol: 17 cases.
(d) Cases where patient were obese (BMI > 30) with weight above 70kgs -17 cases.
(e) Most of the patients were sedentary people (Businessmen, Officers and Retd. Personals.)

Fact, which was revealed during the course of treatment, was that (9) out of (17) patients with high serum cholesterol came within normal limit during the course of treatment, although initial fluctuation was noted.

Along with capsicum other intercurrent remedies were used, wherever it called for. Capsicum has ascorbic acid and carotinoids as its chief constituent and ascorbic acid has been shown to substantially reduce risk for all causes of death. All cancers and cardio-vascular disorders. (4- 21)

Another study shows that combination of Vitamin C & Carotinoids (which are shown to be present in Capsicum.) Plus Vitamin E is first step towards IHD (Ischeamic heart disease) prevention and cure. Logically aiming at multirisk factor in the multifactorial multistage IHD so in this study it is evident that capsicum reduces the risk of CVD, IHD & Cerebro-Vascular Disorders by effectively bringing down the level of serum cholesterol thus reducing the risk of free radical mediated injury to gastric mucosa & other vital organs.    

02. Ascorbic acid (constituent of Capsicum) Ascorbic acid (constituent of capsicum) An ideal electron donor reducing superoxide,
Hydroxyl radicals, Hypochlorus acid & other reactive oxidants from activated Micro /
Anti atherosclerosis.
Pulmonary antioxidant defence against smoking etc.

 Dosage: Capsicum Q 10-15 Drops / TDS for 15 Days to start with.

Dr.K.M.Nishanth  nambison
Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, Bhopal (M.P)
Chief Research Consultant, Society Of Advanced Homeopathic Medical Sciences, Bhopal
149, T-2; Mohini Apts, Indrapuri, Bhopal (M.P) – 462021
+91 755 2758520 (R); +91 9826280555 (M)

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