Case study of cystic acne

Dr Vaishali Lakhotia
Dr. Divya Kukreja

Abstract :
Cystic acne is characterised by large painful, pus filled eruptions in the skin.[1]  It is more commonly seen on face, arms and upper trunk. More commonly found in young adults but can also be seen in climacteric age groups.[2] Depending upon the history, characteristics and totality, the patient was given Sulphur 1M single dose and was followed by Sepia 200 in repetition. After the administration of these remedies, the patient observed significant reduction in new eruptions and subsidy of the old eruptions over the face.  Hence with this case, the effectiveness of sulphur as an antipsoric medicine was seen.

Keywords : Cystic Acne, Homoeopathy, Sulphur

Introduction :
Cystic acne is a severe form of acne vulgaris caused by Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. It is caused when pores are clogged with bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. It is the most commonly found over surfaces that have abundant oil glands, such as the face, shoulders, upper chest and arms, back, buttock.[3] .

Chief complaint: This was a case report of a 23 -year-old female patient who presented with the chief complaints of recurrent pustular acne over her cheeks since approximately 6 months. Acne was red, inflamed, painful to touch and recurring in nature.

History of chief complaint: A 23 years female presented with recurrent pustular acne over her cheeks. Initially complaints began as acne vulgaris, no treatment was done. After few weeks patient developed cystic acne. Parents took her to a local physician who gave certain medicines which relieved her complaints for some time but recurred again.

Personal history :

  • Diet : Vegetarian
  • Habit : Nothing specific
  • Addiction : Nothing specific

Physical general:

  • Appetite : Fair
  • Thirst : 2 lit/day
  • Desire : sweet dishes
  • Aversion : Not specific
  • Dreams : Not specific
  • Perspiration : Offensive
  • Urine : 4-5 times /day
  • Stool : Unsatisfactory, constipated
  • Sleep : disturbed, slightest noise disturbs
  • Thermals: Hot
  • Fanning : Not required
  • Bathing: nothing specific
  • Covering : Required
  • Past history:  Nothing specific
  • Family history : Mother – Diabetes, Acne vulgaris
  • Birth history : Nothing specific.

Vital data: Pulse rate: 80 beats/min

  • Blood pressure: 120/86mm of Hg
  • Temperature: Afebrile
  • Respiratory rate: 24 cycles/min

Systemic examination : CNS – Conscious, well oriented

CVS – S1S2 +

RS – AEBE clear

PA – Soft, Non tender

Local examination : On examination, there were multiple red inflamed, painful pustular acne sports over both cheeks, old scarring of previously healed acne.

Evaluation of symptoms –

  1. Mind, EMBARRASSED (SEE TIMIDITY):Ailments, after: +3
  3. Face, Skin, ERUPTIONS : Painful +3
  4. Skin, ERUPTIONS : Bleeding: After scratching +2
  5. Skin, ERUPTIONS: Discharging: Pus +2
  6. Skin, Face, ERUPTIONS :Acne
  7. Face, HEAT: Flashes

The patient presented with marked characteristic symptoms. Based on Dr Boenninghausens approach, the remedy selected was Sulphur. After the adminsteriation of the remedy the complaints got much better and ultimately cleared the eruptions. The amount of power one single dose of our remedy ; when selected based on symptom similarity; yields great results.


  1. Cystic Acne,

Dr Vaishali Lakhotia
PG Guide
Dept. Of Materia Medica
Guru Mishri Homoeopathic Medical College, Jalna

Dr. Divya Kukreja
PG Scholar
Dept. Of Materia Medica
Guru Mishri Homoeopathic Medical College, Jalna

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