Management of nonbleeding haemorrhoids through homoeopathy

Dr Rajesh Choudhary

Hemorrhoids , are one of the most common diseases in modern days due changes in lifestyles and irregular and faulty dietary habits. Every year almost 10 million people in India suffer from the hemorrhoids, are disease that is spreading fast due to stress, insomnia, constipation, and a growing inclination for fast food in the sedentary lifestyle of urbanites.

This article focused on the management of Hemorrhoids with the help of homoeopathy. Homoeopathy holistic approach is followed for the treatment of every disease. In homoeopathy importance is given to the whole body including both physical and mental symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower anus and rectum. This swelling can cause localized inflammation of other tissues. Hemorrhoids is also known as Piles.

Worldwide, it has been estimated that prevalence of haemorrhoids in the general population is to be 4.4%. Hemorrhoids affecting around 1 in 20 people in India.

Hemorrhoids affect people most often between 45 and 65 year of age.

Hemorrhoids prevalence more common in females approximately 25% females and 15% are males.


  • Straining during bowel movement.
  • Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time.
  • Chronic constipation or diarrhoea
  • A low fiberous diet.
  • Weakening of the supporting tissues your anus and rectum. This can happen with aging and pregnancy.
  • Frequently lifting heavy objects.


  • External Hemorrhoids
  • Internal Hemorrhoids


The symptoms of Hemorrhoids depend on which types you have:

  • External Hemorrhoids

Anal itching.

One or more hard, tender lumps near anus.

Anal pain, especially when sitting.

  • Internal Hemorrhoids

Bleeding from rectum. (see bright red blood in stool)

Usually not painful

Prolapsed, may cause pain and discomfort

Case summery  

A 28 year’s old male came to OPD with following complaints-

Patient Complaining of sever swelling and burning pain in anus, which is aggravate during and after stool, he was suffering from in the past 3 month. He has felt a mass in the margin of anus cause pain during touch. Character of pain is cutting type.

H/O-constipation on and off (stool hard difficult to pass when constipated). His dietary habit not good (take samosa in breakfast most of the time).

He has one son and one daughter. His work in shop as a helper.

Past history- Typhoid (2016), Jaundice (childhood).

Family history-Father has Hypertension, Mother and Grandfather also suffering from the Piles.

Patient becomes angry when anyone contradict him, desire for company.

Patient is thermally chilly and thirsty. His complaints aggravate from milk, desire for sweets after eating, desire for spices which aggravate burning. Perspiration mostly on back, staining in cloth.

On examination-

  • Inspection – look for anus tags, swelling, no bleeding, covered with skin.
  • Blood pressure-120/80mmHg,
  • Temperature- Afebrile 98.6-degree Fahrenheit,
  • Respiratory rate- 17/min.,
  • Pulse- 78/min
  • Tongue- slight white coated in margin of tongue

Diagnosis-  Hemorrhoids

Prescribing totality

  • Anger when someone contradicts him
  • Desire for company
  • Aggravation from milk
  • Aggravation from spices
  • Desire for spices
  • Perspiration staining the cloth
  • Thirsty
  • General weakness
  • Thermal chilly
  • Cutting pain after and during stool
  • Burning after and during stool
  • Hard stool

Repetorial Totality-

  • MIND – ANGER – contradiction; from
  • MIND – COMPANY – desire for
  • RECTUM – ANUS; complaints of margin
  • RECTUM – HEMORROIDS – swollen
  • RECTUM – PAIN – Anus – stool –after agg. >> burning
  • RECTUM – PAIN – Anus – stool –after agg. >> cutting pain
  • RECTUM – PAIN – Anus – stool –during agg. >>burning
  • GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – milk- agg.
  • GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – spices – agg.
  • GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – spices – desire
  • GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – sweets – desire – eating; after

Repertorial Result-

  1. Nux vomica- 12/23
  2. -10/19
  3. – 9/15
  4. Alb.-8/15


Rx – Nux Vom. 30 × SD × HS

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

Follow-ups –

  • 23/08/2022– Follow up –

Slight relieved in pain and burning

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

  • 01/09/2022– Follow up –

Slight relieved pain and burning

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

  • 08/09/2022– Follow up-

Repeat Nux vom.30× SD× HS

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

  • 15/09/2022

Relief pain and burning.

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

  • 21/09/2022– Follow up

Relief pain and burning.

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

  • 29/09/2022

Relief pain and burning

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

  • 06/10/2022– Follow up

Relief pain and burning

Sac lac 30 ×BD ×7days

More Research has been done today on the Management and treatment of Hemorrhoids because nowadays hemorrhoids are a very common condition because of sedentary life and poor diet habits. Homoeopathy is a greatly effective treatment of hemorrhoid cases. Homoeopathy gives most satisfying result on the bases of individualization of the patients on their specific individual and characteristic sign and symptoms and a whole person. So, Nux vomica medicine has a good effect in the treatment of hemorrhoids on the basis of individualization, reportorial totality, and appropriate repetition of doses.

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Dr Rajesh Choudhary
MD Scholar ( Department of Homoeopathic Repertory & case Taking)
Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Bhopal ( M.P.)

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