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Organon and Philosophy

Suppression and Palliation in Homeopathy

Dr Jenita  R Fernandes  Black’s medical dictionary defines suppression as: The stopping of any physiological activity A psychological defence mechanism by which an individual intentionally refuses to acknowledge an idea or memory that s/he find distasteful […]

Organon and Philosophy

Homoeopathy Posology

Dr Achama Lenu Thomas Posology is the study of Law of dosage. Dose is defined as the least quantity of substance required to affect a change in nature. (In Greek Posos=how much and logos=study). General […]

Organon and Philosophy

Susceptibility in Homoeopathy

Dr.Achama Lenu Thomas  BHMS,MD(Hom) Medical Officer, Dept. of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala Susceptibility is the general capability of the organism to receive impression or the power of the organism to react to stimuli. It is […]