CCH finalized the draft amendments to BHMS Regulations 2014

students8The Central Council finalized the draft amendments to Degree Course Regulations 2014

Ministry’s letter No. R.13040/59/2009-HD (Tech) dated 18.01.2013 regarding amendment in Homoeopathy (Degree Course) Regulations.

This will be published in Gazette Notification shortly

These regulations may be called the Homoeopathy (Degree Course) Amendment Regulations 2014.

They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

These regulations, shall apply to students who shall be admitted for BHMS (Degree Course) from the commencement of the academic session (2013-2014)

Provided that a candidate for admission to BHMS course shall be eligible if he has passed in English and in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects at the qualifying examination thus fulfilling eligibility criteria.;

First year means 12 months only
Final year means one and half years

First year exam only in the following subjects

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology &
  • Homoeopathy Pharmacy

Each college shall impart teaching and training to all the students in all the classes for theory and practical including tutorial and
seminar for minimum of 7 working hours on a working day (including ½ an hour of lunch).”

Changes in Syllabus
Many additions and corrections to all the 12 subjects of BHMS Syllabus

Case taking & Repertory from third year onwards

Basic repertories (Kent, Boger,TPB) & case taking in third year &  Modern repertories in fourth BHMS

Attendance: 75% attendance at the minimum in each of the subjects (in theory and practical including clinical) for appearing in the University examinations shall be compulsory”.

Migration during internship training shall not be allowed on any ground.

All applications for migration during the course & internship shall be referred to Central Council of Homoeopathy by college authorities. No institution/University shall allow migrations directly without the approval of the Central Council.

Download the final draft of BHMS regulations including Syllabus


  1. Why No Exam for ORGANON and MATERIA MEDICA in 1st BHMS ? Why No Clinical training from 2nd BHMS Case taking ,Repartory,Organon,? Why Deleting of compulsory DRUG PROVING by Interns in point Viii of Annexure-A ? Why training at allopathic super specility hospital in stead of Homoeopathic Hospital ? Why allopathic treatment of Practice of Medicine,Mid Gynae,Surgery not deleted as per scope and limitation of Homoeopathy ? RECTIFY ALL ERRORS AND AMMEND FOR HOMOEOPATHIC EDUCATION i.e 1.All Homoeopathic Subjects Organon,Materia Medica ,Repartory,Therapeutic etc from 1st BHMS to INTERNSHIP including Drug Proving and clinical training from 2nd BHMS at HOMOEOPATHIC HOSPITAL IPD,OPD,POPD,Medical camps,MCH etc 3.Delete un necessary over loaded allied syllabus give it,s use in Homoeopathy,4NO ALLOPATHIC TRAINING ,5 BHMS Exam with carry on process no exam,no suppli,no year loss ,no exam corrouption BUT Assessment,Gradation for carry on system in all subjects study with Tri-Monthly Assessment by college and Annually by Univesity .5.RURAL INTERNSHIP TRAINING at HOMOEOPATHIC HOSPITAL,IPD,OPD,POPD,PHC,SHC,Panchayet in rotating basis EDUCATION WITH 50% Theoritical & 50% Clinical,Research,Drug Proving must be compulsory in BHMS

  2. BHMS Syllabus must be Homoeopathically oriented from 1st BHMS to 4th BHMS, All Subjects with university assessment or exam ,but no suppli no year loss to stop exam corruption,CLINICAL TRAINING FROM 2nd BHMS to INTERNSHIP at Homoeopathic IPD,OPD,POPD,Health Centre PHC,SHC,Panchayet,Medical camps,Homoeopathic Health Checking camp.Preventive Camp ,Drug Proving etc ,NO ALLOPATHY BY HOMOEOPATHS ,No clinical training at allopathic super specialty hospital, AYUSH MUST RUN HOMOEOPATHIC HOSPITAL WITH 50 bedded IPD for 50 student admission in BHMS,Pharmacy , Organon & HP,,Materia Medica from 1st BHMS with exam,Case taking Repartory,Therapeutic from 2nd BHMS with all clinical training and Exam or assesment till 4th BHMS for carry on process in exam system,Allied subjects -with Homoeopathic treatment ,no allopathy……DR(Prof).G.Mukherie,Purulia,WB

  3. All Homoeopathic subjects from 1st bhms to 4th bhms study with exam or assessment by university-ORG ANON & MAT-MED in all year with exam or CARRY ON PROCESS IN BHMS EXAM ,NO SUPPLI ,NO YEAR LOSS,Clinical class in Homoeopathic Hospital,OPD,POPD,Rural PHC,SHC,Panchayet Govt Dispensary, NO TRAINING IN ALLOPATHIC HOSPITAL , Case taking,Repartory from 2nd BHMS to 4th BHMS ,Compulsory Drug Proving at Internship and clinical training at Only Homoeopathic Hospital,Dispensary of Govt but for Homoeopathy ,in POPD,Medical Camp,Homoeopathic Preventive camp ,Allopathic treatment to be removed from BHMS -Practice of Medicine,Surgery,Obs & Gynae etc all treatment must be Homoeopathic ,AMEND CCH Syllabus accordingly before Gazette Notification-DR(Prof) G.Mukherjee HoD Organon ,Director Drug Proving at Purulia Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital

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