CCH inspection and salary of Homoeopathy College teachers

Dr Mansoor Ali

Central Council of Homoeopathy is sensitive to know how many chairs, how many curtains, how much laboratory equipment should be there in homoeopathy medical college, but CCH is not bothered by how much honorarium faculty is receiving.

CCH mentioned everything about Homoeopathy colleges in MSR Regulations, but nothing about the salary and wages of teachers and paramedics.

Among other contemporary governing bodies in country like UGC, AICTE,.only CCH has no recommendations regarding salaries of faculty.Let us request CCH to include in its norms the minimum salary structure for each faculty position with the arrival of 7th pay commission.

Conducting inspection every year…giving amnesty every year by the Ministry!.  It’s a sheer waste of time and energy. Also the amount of paper used or rather wasted is a waste of natural resources.

The private lobby dictates the policy and amendments. Have a look on the rationale behind the reduction of faculty requirements. They claim a shortage of faculty, in reality, there is nothing like that. Not a good sign for advancement in homoeopathy medical education.

Is it possible to teach all the 12 subjects with a minimum of two faculties in each department?

Many teachers have worked in a private homoeopathy medical college with no infrastructure or patient load or full real faculty.They have more PG courses than Government colleges with real-time faculties!.

What happened to the centralized electronic database of all homoeopathy medical college teachers which has been talked about for some years now. That would go a long way towards localizing teachers, and determining who are the “hopping” teachers at the root of all this massive effort. There should be a database of teachers who is serving in which place and for how long with time to time vigilance from both sides teachers/ colleges and CCH to confirm that and then everything will fall in line.

We must pressurise the CCH to bring parity in terms of salaries of teaching  fraternity (private and state medical colleges) which should be at par with the central or state government scales with regular upgrades as per the revisions in DA. CCH must insist on Form 16 or TDS.

Private colleges are serving the country by providing large numbers of doctors that exceed those from the government colleges. Most of the faculty is sincere, hardworking, accountable; black sheep are present in every sphere of life and professions. The government t and the CCH has a responsibility towards our welfare and needs also besides regulating us like our masters.

Also, a point system comprising of years of experience, publications as first, second and corresponding authors, teaching laurels, chapters in books, presentations, organising CMEs, attending training courses and workshops, etc should be the criteria of assessing the faculty purely for a higher pay rather than as promotion criteria.

The basic problem of homoeopaths is that they are ready to join such institute/clinic even at such low salary. Management clearly says if you are not willing at this salary we have lot of other homoeopathic doctors in line to work with such cheap salary. Private medical colleges pay 2000-6000 to Postgraduates still many are ready to work with that salary.

We should make its voice heard and demand parity in the salaries. This way the faculty would be stable. The colleges which need faculty may quote a higher pay.


  1. Hahnemann homoeopathy medical college…new jail road…near truba college…new md teacher plz…don’t join this college…ye salary nhi deta h…or 6-7month me dete bhi h to 1-2month Ki.or…salary cut karte h…without reason…EPF pf ..bhi nhi dete…staff nhi hota h..par staff k signature fake hote h inspection me….plz plz…don’t join Hahnemann medical college ….salary Ki detail bhi nhi dete….managne par..Ki kis base par salary cut Ki h

  2. No one bothers about the standard of teaching, faculty, and regarding clinical exposure to students. Homoeopaths themselves are their enemies. In private institutions specially in uttar Pradesh management do’s whatever they want to.
    Students are studying without teachers without any proper facility ispite of paying such a huge amountof fees ..
    Inspectors are corrupted, management is corrupted, the affiliated University is corrupted .
    Such a wonderful science is ruining day by day just for the sake of someone’s pocket books and no one is doing anything regarding it … Shame on us. I’m very shameful today that I’m an Indian and a student of a homoeopathic medical college.

  3. It is a fact that in almost all Hom institutions in our country lacks the basic infrastructures, good faculty,OPD/IPD & other necessary gadgets. This is the sole reason that standred of hom education is depleding day by day

  4. Agreed. But Need to be reviewed by GOI and ministry. Cch itself not going to do anything. Also big difference in the norms of clinical estabilishment act and cch hospital set up norms.

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