CCRH making the shoe for the desired?

CCRH making the shoe for the desired?

Dr Mansoor Ali 

We need to change the eligibility criteria for CCRH Director-General – otherwise, we will never get genuine researchers in our apex body

As per the current notification for DG of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy – only officers of the central/state government/autonomous bodies are only eligible. Even if you are an excellent researcher you will not get selected as DG – if you are not already working in Govt sector. So these criteria must be changed.

Essential qualification mentioned as PG in Homoeopathy – PhD and research publications is only secondary and only desirable qualifications. Now so many PhD holders are available in Homoeopathy. In the absence of a qualified PhD candidate, we can opt for PG candidates with research experience. Otherwise, it seems like a making shoe for the desired. Because many of our senior homoeopaths in the service have two years correspondence External MD only – not even a three year regular PG in Homoeopathy.

As per the notification – you must have 20 years of teaching/research experience with Group A level posting in PB-4 with GP 8700 or level 13 of 7th CPC pay matrix – that means only those who have already in the Govt service are eligible for appointment. By putting pay band in central scale as an essential criterion, they effectively prevented qualified researchers from applying to the post

These criteria should be changed. Otherwise, we will not get excellent researchers as DG of our apex body but only bureaucrats.


  1. It will stifle any innovation, if the same people are only promoted. Freshness is also necessary.

    • It is for the first time in history of CCRH that it got a DG promoted from within the CCRH staff. Before this, the post has been granted only to non-CCRH resources only. FYI, please.

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