Why Rural Internship is a must Homoeopathy?  

Dr Mansoor Ali

In the past as per CCH regulations, rural posting for interns was compulsory. In Kerala, they underwent 6 months of compulsory internship in rural dispensaries. That was very useful to them to see different types of cases and excel in clinical practice.

Rural postings will be a good learning opportunity in developing both clinical skills and the public relations. We realised that we had not learned much from our college. Then started learning from our failures during the rural posting period. That is why that generation of doctors are good practitioners.

But that option was discarded in 2003 when college owners were the CCH authorities. Ordered that internship must be done in the concerned college itself – curtailing the exposure and growth of homoeopathy interns. College authorities want to utilise the interns for various activities in the college – many of them doing mere clerical work in the attached hospital.

They were exposed to the same teachers for the entire five and half years. They are not getting the follow of the cases. Many college authorities are not even allowing them to prescribe medicines. Interns are simply wasting time by taking the BP or entering the name of the patient in the register. Only a few colleges have good OPDs or IPDs.

Even the Medical Council of India has recommended rural internship as part of its efforts to ensure that the doctor produced has all the basic skills and attitudes needed for a medical doctor in the Indian context.

So, we are humbly requesting the authorities to reinstate the rural internship at least for three or six months wherever State Govt or Central Govt Homoeopathy Dispensaries or institutions are available with strict monitoring of attendance and logbook. The existing internship time table may be modified easily as per schedule.

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