Central Council of Homoeopathy India – The Real Culprits

Posted in June 2007
The Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH)  itself the apex body to monitor the standards of Homoeopathic education in India – is determined to dilute the standards of education in Homoeopathy. This is due to immense lobbying by various vested interests, flouting all the established norms, standards. eligibility, and quality of Homoeopathic education in our country. No where in the country and no field of education, especially in medicine we find the external courses being offered at the cost of regular courses.

Majority of colleges in India are substandard even though CCH inspect them regularly !. Present MD exams are not conducted by strict slandered, as a result bulk of substandard doctors are passing out every year. CCH allowing colleges to start MD course who are still lacking the infra structure even for under graduation.

Homeopaths are facing more and more problems in our profession mainly due to vested interest of CCH and other governing bodies – they are the enemies with in the establishment itself. They give more importance to their personal gain rather than the dignity of Homoeopathy. We strongly protested against the attitudes of CCH and suggested a watchdog committee over CCH

This is a retrograde step in the history of medical education. The aforementioned steps initiated by the Central Council of Homoeopathy strongly spells its hidden interest to allow members to get re-elected in the forth coming elections to the council. Moreover some of the members of CCH have either their own colleges or investments in various private Homoeopathic Colleges all over the country. This is a classical example of commercialization and pimping in the medical field.

External MD :- By the introduction of the regular Post-Graduate studies in Homoeopathy, the system took a giant leap towards improving the standard and the quality in par with other prevalent systems of medicine. But by trying to propagate and introduce the External M.D. programme , CCH has degraded the sole purpose of the Post-Graduate studies.

Homoeopathic post graduate courses become a laughing stocks among medical circles. Every homoeopathic post graduate will be looked down upon and will be ridiculed. ” Are you a postal graduate or postgraduate?.” Basic qualification for a Post- Graduation is at the minimum a Graduation in all the universities. But External MD is a PG without a graduation.

External MD means obtaining a post graduate medical degree through postal .One can get this by simply sitting at home.Thre is no question of regular training including internship, case presentations, seminars, clinical discussions, teaching training and such kind of hard work. Just pay money and sit back at home. At the end of 2 year just write an exam for the namesake – get an MD degree.

It is nothing less than a crime if we, in this era of advancement of science and medicine, start to use those outdated and substandard tools such as external M.D, ignoring and disregarding the more efficient regular M.D. course to propagate our great system. It becomes a mockery, not just to anybody who believes in the advancement and progress, but to the very system of Homoeopathy . It is crystal clear that it is just an outcome of the insecurity feeling of various individuals who want to gain the benefits and privileges of the prestigious designation M.D. through much easier and stress free processes.

Earlier when we had approached the concerned Universities regarding the same, we had received more than a positive response and they welcomed such innovative and spirited ideology and communicated to the Central Council of Homoeopathy regarding the same. But the C.C.H. on the other hand out rightly ignored this plea by not responding. This particular stand of C.C.H. shows that they are retarding the growth of this true system of medicine. By doing so, the sitting councilors deliberately misuse the power of an association conferred to them.

The transitory provision for enabling the Diploma holders to take-up M.D. course for a period of 8 years from 1989, has no justification to be continued as a regular feature for another 8 years when hundreds of P.G. holders all over the country have been produced by various P.G. centers of studies in Homoeopathy

The gap between regular candidates and the external candidates is very wide. The continuation of the external P.G. course would defeat the concept of educational standards and excellence in the system. As a result, the patients would be precariously exposed to danger at the hands of Post- Graduate Homoeopaths having received the training as external candidates. Nowhere in the world MD degrees are given through postal way in modern medicine,Ayurveda or Unani. IMC(Indian medical council) has very strict norms regarding post graduate courses.

Some associations has filed civil writ petitions in Delhi High Court, Kerala High Court and Karnataka High Court stating that the system of external P.G. Degree is irrational, arbitrary and would endanger the system. The system of conferring Post-Graduate Medical Degrees by correspondence is opposed to all notions of organized training/education because such a degree with a shorter course and with no clinical and teaching training is adverse to the interest of the excellence and standard of education. It will only degrade and disintegrate the system of Homoeopathy in the long run

OTC Rule : – Another serious concern is the DTAB recommended OTC rule. In nut shell the OTC rule will help the sale of homoeopathic medicines through stationary shops,STD booths or other cheap method of sale without the prescription of a registered homoeopath. It is more saddening and astonishing that some perverted interests among some councilors and leading homoeopathic manufactures and even some doctors are behind this movement. They have fallen prey to the mischievous game plan of few homoeopathic pharmaceuticals whose interest is only in sheer enormous profit. This would only lead to misuse of drugs undermining the future interest of the system and profession. Without proper knowledge it will promote the abuse of medicine.

Our association responded in time and informed the matter to various authorities concerned and also those companies who are the real culprits. Our stern decision compelled the office bearers of some of the above said companies to visit us and assure that they have no role in the schedule K/OTC marketing and gave it in writing too to prove their innocence.

Short term course to MBBS holders : – CCH had taken a decision to start a short term course of below one year for allopathic doctors to introduce them into our profession and give registration to practice homoeopathy. It is a highly deplorable decision. In no way it will support the cause of homoeopathy rather it may degrade the whole system as happened in America. No one can master this great science and art like homoeopathy in few months. These allopathically minded half homoeopaths- mongrels- will certainly inhibit the growth of classical homoeopathy in our country. Can Indian Medical Council start a similar course to BHMS graduates in return ? Definitely not.

Bio technology :- Regarding non-inclusion of BHMS degree as one of the criteria for various Biotechnology. PG. and Doctoral Courses.

Applications for combined entrance examinations in Biotechnology for selection of candidates to the MSc & PhD programmes in different universities throughout the country are called during the month of March every year. But the eligibility criteria is any degree in life science with 55% aggregate marks including MBBS. BSc (MLT), BSc Nursing, BDS. But you could clearly see that BHMS is not given in the list. This means we as Homoeopathic physicians studying for 51/2 years in a most prestigious Homoeopathic Medical College is not accepted as par to even a degree holder in life science like Botany or BSc Zoology (which is a 3 yr course). This is a disgrace to this whole profession.

We boast Homoeopathy to be the medicine of the new millennium, we should be able to prove this to others, standing on the platform of biotechnology which other scientists in medicine will accept. Over 40,000 job opportunities are coming up every year in Biotechnology field; so once you get the eligibility, BHMS shall not be an end course leading only to MD (Hom) and shall open up other avenues of employment. We represented this matter several times to CCH but all in vain.

The real culprits : – Majority of the CCH members particularly of the PG committee and executive committee are having their own colleges or are having direct or perverted interested in some of the colleges. As per the new regulations, permission to start new MD courses can be given to colleges or hospitals having mere 25 beds, which show the power and influence of the few people , with vested interest in the CCH . Due to this several private colleges or so called hospitals will come up shortly with MD courses.

As per the new amendment dated 30.06.03- No additional reader is required in PG centers where UG courses are also being run. Separate departments, separate library and extra indoor beds are not required in PG canters if they are conducting UG courses also. No separate guides from the concerned subject is required for a couse,but guides from other department can be appointed as guides and any diploma holder with 20 years of experience can be appointed as guides. What an alarming situation. Is it really upgrade or downgrade homeopathy ? These amendments are really meant for private colleges without basic facilities.

When the whole medical world is busy with upgrading their standards, this step is in the retrograde direction. These are all due to only a handful of power full people with perverted and vested interest, who are more of business minded politicians,pimpers, less of homoeopaths.

We had received a complaint from PG students regarding the unnecessary delay in conducting the practical and vivas in Govt.Homoeopathic Medical College.Calicut as their theories were over in last December. This was due to the irresponsible attitude of CCH as they were not released the panel of examiners since last one year in spite of the repeated cry of students. We had submitted a memorandum to the university and also issued a press release in this regard . We are proud to say that as a result the university revalidated the panel and conducted the exam on 30th July – without waiting for CCH.

Majority of the homoeopathic colleges in India are substandard even though CCH inspect them regularly. Majority of the so called ‘inspectors’ obtaining bribe and grand good certificate to those colleges which are lacking even the basic requirements. We strongly recommend a CBI inquiry in this regard – against the CCH members who have earned lacks of rupees in unscrupulous way. How the Bakson’s homoeopathic medical college got recognition for BHMS & MD courses simultaneously ? Usually recognition to MD courses were given only after years of experience in BHMS

The so called inspectors once visited a  homoeopathic medical college in South India for inspecting the basic requirements for starting regular MD courses there. They were ready to grant permission but only on one condition- the management should start External MD first, then only regular MD. Saddening to know that this college currently producing so many ‘postal graduates’ through out South India.

The government of India have received many complaints about the malfunctioning of CCH and has decided to constitute a commission to inquire into the activity of CCH over a period of 5 years. Irregularities and corruptions done in CCH over a period of time have caught the eye of law makers and the Govt. of India.

Earlier authority of CCH manipulated his nomination and at the same time continued also as an elected member. According to section 5(2) Act of 1973 no person at the same time serve as a member at the same time in more than one capacity. SO many members of CCH are continuing in office even after expiry of their terms as per HCC Act. More over some of the office bearers of CCH against whom complaints have been received to the Government are still continuing in their position.

Ministry has written (letter no.14030/06/2002) to CCH regarding the decision to appoint a commission of inquiry and asked the CCH to send or appoint a member in the commission. Ridiculously CCH has decided to send the name of the accused  as a member of the commission of inquiry !

An executive meeting of CCH held on 27.07.03 has extended the recognition of various homoeopathic colleges without basic infrastructures for the year 2003-04. According to HCC Act 1973 , CCH has no right to take the decision regarding the recognition of the colleges. Repeated questions are put forward by the Members of Parliament  in both houses regarding the corruptions and indescripencies in the opening of new homoeopathic medical colleges, specially when most of the colleges belong to the sitting members of CCH including president and vice president.

So for protecting and promoting the interest of medical world and the system of homoeopathy we strongly recommend a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) inquiry on the irregularities and corruptions done by CCH.
Aude Sapre

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