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drugCheating by Modern Medicine? Thought provoking articles by a senior allopath.

Dr Prof. BM Hegde said, “There are all kinds of tactics are used to suppress Homeopathy as a form of treatment. But it is one of the best medicines. It is much more scientific than modern medicine. Just because one cannot detect the chemical present in the nano particle of the pills, you call it unscientific? This is not fair.”

Modern medicine claims to be based on science but research has found that majority of health problems stem from the mind while modern medicines can offer only a temporary relief.

By creating fear in the minds of the people, the industry is disease mongering.

Homeopathy survived in Britain but is getting bad press these days with paid doctors bashing the system regularly with full page so called scientific arguments to demolish that wonderful system!

Collection of articles by Dr.Prof. B. M. Hegde Published in Hindu daily
MBBS, MD, MRCP(UK), FRCP(London), FACC(Bethesda Md USA), FRCPG(Glasgow USA), FRCPE(Edn), FRCPI(Dublin), FAMS

  1. Former Vice Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Deemed University
  2. Former Pro Vice Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Deemed University
  3. Former Dean, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore
  4. Former Principal, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore
  5. Former Director of PG studies, Professor & Head of the Dept.  of Medicine, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore
  6. Former professor of cardiology, the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London

Where the prescription looks like the laundry list! 

The foundation of modern medical science is shaky. The gold standard of medical science is only statistical, randomised controlled trials (RCTs) used to test drugs and instruments. In short, if there is a science (I have shown elsewhere that there is no science of man), it is just statistical science and does not meet the strict standards of either science or technology as defined by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Technology Readiness Levels (NASA-TRL) or modern systems engineering (MSE). I have extensively written about the unscientific base of the RCTs in both my books and articles over the past four decades.

Even the President of NICE, which is the highest body to oversee drug research in the U.K., Sir Michael Rawlins, in his Harveian Oration at the Royal College, had this to say about RCTs: “That randomised controlled trials (RCTs), long regarded as the ‘gold standard’ of evidence, have been put on an undeserved pedestal.” Sir Michael outlines their limitations in several key areas, arguing that a diversity of approaches should be used to analyse the whole evidence base. (Rawlins M. The Harveian Oration of 2008, De Testimonio. On the evidence for decisions about the use of therapeutic interventions. Royal College of Physicians, 2008). This is bad news for the conventional thinkers, coming as it does from the highest level in their own backyard.

Using this kind of science, industry tries to exploit the public to make money with all kinds of chemicals passed off as effective drugs! History tells us that Nujol, the useless byproduct of petroleum extraction, was the first anti-cancer drug; and chlorpromazine, (Largactil), used extensively in psychiatry, is a byproduct of rocket fuel extraction! Many of the present expensive anticancer chemicals have not even gone through the inadequate RCT test! Now my friends who hate me for writing that a routine check of healthy individuals is dangerous will understand why I wrote what I wrote. Check-up means labelling, which is followed by drugging or intervening by other means. Most modalities of treatment, using both drugs and surgery, have no scientific base, although many of them seem to work through a very powerful placebo effect. Corrective surgery is an exception.

Most body parameters do change as there is need for them to do so for reasons unknown to us at the moment. Sugar, cholesterol and blood pressures belong to that category. The surest way to get them back to what we think should be the normal is to change our unhealthy lifestyle. Interventions with drugs have a dubious reputation in this field. Lifestyle change is something that is universally useful. Instead of going for a check-up when one is healthy, it is safer to change one’s lifestyle and try to live as close to nature as is possible, keeping one’s mind filled with universal love, devoid of hatred, greed, jealously and anger.

Heavy smokers and alcoholics need check-ups as their body warning signals of diseases fail anyway. The rest of us could make do with seeing doctors only at the first symptom of any change in our body. Symptoms denote the failure of our inbuilt repair mechanism, the immune guard. This also is due to the wrong lifestyle these days.

The pharma industry could go to any extent to fool even the governments to sell its wares. A recent revelation in the Guardian, London, exposed one such heinous act that could have endangered and/or extinguished many lives already. ( nhs). The European Union has defined some diseases as ‘orphan diseases,’ where the drug companies are not interested in finding a cure since the financial return might not be attractive. Companies finding out newer treatments for ‘orphan diseases’ would get special incentives from the governments. Please note that the industry is keen only on imaginary diseases (the so-called silent killers) that need lifelong drug therapy; the latter are their cash cows. Blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol are the three biggest milch cows.

It is now discovered that some companies have repackaged some of the old drugs in a new format and called them new cure for ‘orphan diseases’ and have milked the National Health Service of millions of pounds! The Guardian article gives graphic descriptions of the fraud going on. These so-called new drugs could easily pass the RCT test to qualify them as having evidence base. The tall talk of evidence-based medicine is as hollow as are many of our claims to superiority to all other modalities of treatment such as Ayurveda and homoeopathy. In fact, most of them have a better scientific base than our modern medicine. While U.S. medical schools teach for six months, out of their four-year MD course, the basis of other complementary systems, in India, the cradle of the best medical wisdom, Ayurveda, we seem to be averse to teaching anything other than the unscientific modern medicine.

The result is that most of our graduates become good technicians mastering a couple of interventions to make money. The rest of them become researchers, doing RCTs for western drug companies, making tonnes of money in the bargain through the new CROs. One has only to see one of the prescriptions which reads like a laundry list with one beta blocker, one ACE inhibitor, one blood thinner, one sugar lowering drug, of course, one cholesterol lowering drug and many others for every patient.

There is NO science base for this kind of poly-pharmacy, not even the imperfect RCT to back such practices. Recent studies show that patient compliance with such poly-pharmacy is less than 23 per cent. Seventy seven per cent of the recipients are, therefore, safe as they forget to take those tablets! God alone can save mankind from human greed, which has invaded every sphere of human activity ranging from 2G spectrum to patient care. “Do not make money in the sick room,” wrote Hippocrates. We take our oath in his name when we graduate only to become hypocrites in later life! “It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.” — Niccolo Machiavelli

The truth: there’s no pill for every illness

Dr.Prof. B. M. Hegde 
This morphologically young woman in her early 50s, let us call her Gita, called me the other day in great hurry and she was palpably agitated, to say the least. She was not even coherent. “I am truly down and feeling so low that I feel I have a serious problem. I feel very low after my evening walk.” I asked her “what happened?” She shot back, “My doctor told me my pressure is way high at 160/100. She immediately asked me to take a tablet, which I took.”

“You must be feeling fine now,” I interrupted her. “No, No, No. I am feeling worse now. My doctor told me a couple of days later that my pressure is still way above normal at 130/80. She gave me a new tablet and asked me to swallow it right there as she wanted the pressure down to 110/70 as fast as possible.” In addition, my doctor asked me to urgently see a cardiologist to have a complete work up.”

“What happened then? I asked. “My doctor’s last advice put me off and I thought I better talk to you.” I could see her almost in tears. To cut the long story short, I had to talk to her at length to counsel and convince her that the blood pressure reading that she was worried about was all in her mind! The reader might think it is very easy. It is easier said than done. I can assure you that it would have been easier to give birth to a baby had I been pregnant than to successfully counsel an agitated 50-year-old postmenopausal, morphologically young lady to cool her down on the phone.

Let us look at Gita in toto to know her better. “Know your patient better than his disease,” wrote Hippocrates. He was dead right. Gita was educated in the U.S. Her husband, a brilliant and capable scientist was the one who put together one of the most successful business groups in India. She had two beautiful and intelligent kids. She also had a cushy job on hand. Theirs was a happy & perfect family. But fate willed otherwise. Her handsome, intelligent husband died one sad morning due to what doctors called heart attack. Gita was devastated and shattered. One could understand. She came out of that reactive depression slowly but steadily and still does her job very successfully. She brought up the children like a true Indian mother and now both are successfully placed in society. Her families on either side were a great help and so were her colleagues and her husband’s former colleagues.

Turning 50, Gita felt lousy. An informed woman, she was worried about her menopause. That needed counselling again. Right then both her children went abroad in search of greener pastures and higher education. Gita was outwardly ecstatic but subconsciously she was feeling lonely and forlorn. That mind of Gita was somatising as “her feeling very low” which took her to her a “good” doctor in the first place, more due to family pressure. The rest is history.

This sad story is all but lost on our modern medical business that tries to attack the palpable abnormal body parameter, which is mistaken for a disease to be drugged ruthlessly. Twenty-four hours after her traumatic experience, Gita was back to her usual confident self, with an on-top-of-the-world feeling, back on her job. The drugs are in the waste basket as she had to survive. “Thank you, Dr. Hegde, I feel fine. All in the mind — yes, yes, I now believe you.”

Let us examine the science behind this misadventure. A thinking American professor, a rarity in that country these days, Mary Tinnetti, had this to say about our obsession with a firm diagnosis and our disease concept. “The time has come to abandon disease as the focus of medical care. The changed spectrum of health, the complex interplay of biological and non-biological factors, the aging population, and the inter-individual variability in health priorities render medical care that is centred on the diagnosis and treatment of individual diseases at best out of date and at worst harmful. A primary focus on disease may inadvertently lead to undertreatment, overtreatment, or mistreatment.

The drugs are being pushed irrationally and the gullible doctors who depend on drug companies for their continued education believe their advice a hundred per cent. The pharma lobby even gets research data manipulated. (JAMA 2010; 303(20): 2058-64.) “Speaking of Big Pharma’s big, bad influence, here’s more proof they’re not interested in playing on a level field. It turns out a controversial and dangerous hormone therapy that was all the rage a few years back was pushed in medical journals by writers who were paid by Big Pharma,” according to court papers found in August 2009 by The New York Times.

The paper also found that “in one case that seemed typical, the drug company paid around $25,000 to a third-party medical writing firm to generate one of these reports. That might sound like a lot of money to you or me, but it’s money well-spent for Big Pharma. In fact, these shady reports helped hormone treatments generate $2 billion in sales in 2001, just before that money train was derailed.”

This reminds me of the infamous Tuskegee experiment where 400 African-Americans suffering from syphilis were observed from 1932 through 1972 withholding penicillin treatment just to record the natural history, symptoms and complications of the disease without their consent. Sir George Pickering, a doyen in hypertension research, had this to say: “More people make a living off hypertension than dying of it.” This was written in the 1950s when there were hardly a couple of crude drugs for hypertension. What would he have said about our situation today? God only knows!

Right-thinking people in the medical profession have a tough job on hand to try and get at the truth, which in itself is a daunting task, and then cross a greater hurdle to deschool society of its firm belief that modern medicine is a true science and there is a pill or surgery for every illness!

The truth is that while there is certainly no pill for every illness, every pill is followed by a definite illness. Pills might thrill but could even kill. Change of mode of living — diet, exercise, mental tranquillity in the midst of this maddening world running after the mirage called money, universal compassion and simple nature-given immune boosters in vegetables and fruits should set right most transitory parameters. It is too late in the day to start deschooling society to reverse the trend and help hapless patients like Gita.

Modern medicine has given illness care a miss
Dr.Prof. B. M. Hegde 

The quote below is one of the many brilliant sayings of that great brain, Sir William Osler. “One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicines.” In the 21 century, I could only echo that great sentiment as a truism, despite all the tall talk about the “so-called” evidence-based medicine. Napoleon Bonaparte went one step further, but one could argue that he was not a physician. He was at the receiving end of such a medical practice when he died. “Medicine is a collection of uncertain prescriptions the results of which, taken collectively, are more fatal than useful to mankind.” Napoleon, though, was more accurate scientifically today. The latest science says uncertainty is the only certainty in the world. This is truer in medical science. A proverb is a short sentence based on a long experience. If that were so, this one from Voltaire would take the cake: “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

Time and again, I have written in my articles elsewhere that our evidence base has been built on loose sand. ( Of course, no one seems to take it seriously. They would have, if it had any financial interest behind it. The present Randomised Controlled Trials and linear relations help generate billions of dollars in chemical therapeutics even if that results in thousands dying of our efforts directly or indirectly. ( Medicine /Gary-Null/…/9781607 660026 )> A study by researchers in a respectable U.S. university of the placebo-based RCTs did show that the contents of the placebo capsule, which need not legally be made known to the regulating agencies like the FDA, were very potent substances that would show the company drug as very effective in comparison. To cite an example, anti-diabetic drugs are usually compared with sugar filled placebo capsules! Many such glaring criminal activities have come to light now in the field of “Evidence-based medicine” of today!)

What is the science base of our reductionism, organ- based specialisation and our reliance on Mendelian inheritance? Instead of trying to rehash the existing evidence base, it is better to think of a new evidence base for health and illness. Health is a state where each human body cell is in sync with other cells. Illness is when this communication breaks down. ( We need a new non-linear, holistic, dynamic, scientific base for future medical research. Nature has provided a robust repair mechanism inside the human system which has been weakened by our modern lifestyle. Even though both Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur did note that the “terrain is more important than the seed,” we have gone the whole hog on the seed, risk factors, and what have you. Modern medicine has forgotten the essence of illness care which is basically to strengthen the terrain. Ayurveda and many other complementary systems stress just that fact to strengthen one’s immune system. Ayurveda has many immune boosting modalities in its armamentarium. Many simple methods which have stood the test of time are being forgotten now, thanks to the brainwashing of the masses, through mass media advertisements, with the wrong approaches to keep one healthy. The leading one among them is goading people to have a regular “health” check-up. Nothing could be more dangerous than that to apparently healthy people. When one is healthy one should NEVER ever go for a check-up! The common man will have the doubt as to how he or she could know about health. One is healthy when one has (a) enthusiasm to work and (b) enthusiasm to be compassionate. One of the ancient exercises could be the most potent modern medicine — a daily walk if one is not a physical labourer.

After 25 years follow-up of one of the largest-ever studies of risk factors (which are being sold to the gullible public day in, day out as silent killers), the MRFIT study (Multiple Risk Factor Interventional Trial) observed that: “In conclusion, we have shown that it is possible to apply an intensive long-term intervention program against three coronary risk factors, high blood pressure, cholesterol and smoking with considerable success in terms of risk factor changes. The overall results do not show a beneficial effect on CHD or total mortality from this multiple risk factors intervention trial. (Zukel, Paul and Schnaper, 1981).”

In other words, they found that changing the “risk factors” does not apparently change the risks. This necessarily means that the “risk factors” are not as important as was thought. Indeed, it should be concluded that the “risk factors” were no such thing, at least as far as this trial is concerned.

At the University Of Maryland School of Medicine, Roger Sherwin was Principal Investigator of the Baltimore Center of the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT). He served on several national MRFIT committees and was the first chairman of the Intervention Committee responsible for the implementation of the complex intervention programme. He was disappointed that the MRFIT turned out to be only a boondoggle.

An audit by Uffe Ravnskov of the 17 leading hypertension intervention trials in the world literature showed hardly any significant difference in the outcomes in mortality between the groups whose blood pressure was tightly controlled with drugs and the groups that changed their mode of living to a healthier one.

A recent CADD study did show that very tight control of blood sugar with powerful drugs in diabetics only increased the micro-vascular complications. Most of our studies, based on which we model our treatment plans, show only a decrease in the surrogate end points like blood sugar report improvement in diabetics; they have never shown in the long run any fall in mortality. Surrogate end point research could, at times, be dangerous especially in medicine where the NNT (a statistical term denoting the number needed to treat) is prohibitively high.

One example will suffice. The large MRC study on mild to moderate hypertension treatment showed that to save possibly one stroke death in the next five years in society we will have to unnecessarily treat 850 healthy human beings with powerful anti-hypertensive drugs whose side-effects could seriously damage the health of at least 75 healthy people with some of them meeting their maker prematurely! The NNT in heart ailment drugs and cancer treatment could be much more than in hypertension.

I am sure the reader by now would have realised the significance of what William Osler’s prophetic statement of 1905 meant when the great physician did not have any of these powerful drugs that we have today. Cure rarely, comfort mostly but, console always should be our motto when one is ill. Patient care simply is caring for the patient. Let me make a fervent plea for parsimony in using drugs in the healthy segment of the population, by labelling these so-called risk factors as silent killers, in the fond hope of averting major problems in the future. We simply do not have any scientific evidence for their benefit as of now.

Doctors are a step ahead of Yama says Prof Dr BM Hegde
Moneylife Digital Team

While criticising the money minded healthcare and pharma industry, Dr Hegde elaborated the importance of alternative medicines and therapies. He said the key to wellness lies in becoming free from negative thoughts, eating natural food in moderation and having adequate sleep

These days we don’t have doctors. We have specialists who know more and more about nothing,” says Professor Dr BM Hegde, while speaking at a seminar on holistic approach to healthcare and wellness, organised by Moneylife Foundation.

Prof Dr Hegde, a Padma Bhusan awardee and prolific writer, spoke in detail about various aspects of wellness and the crises in modern medicine. He emphasised that wellness simply is happiness within the human system and health is enthusiasm.

While criticising the money minded healthcare and pharma industry, Dr Hegde elaborated the importance of alternative medicines and therapies like Pranic healing and Reiki. According to him the key to wellness is by being free from negative thoughts, eating natural food in moderation and having adequate sleep.

Disease Mongering
Prof Dr Hegde, explaining how billions of dollars are spent on AIDS and cancer research across the globe, said that we are living in the era where diseases are sold. “All the crises modern medicine is facing is due to money. The lure for money has resulted in diseases mongering. They are sold.”

He said doctors today are indulging in disease screaming. “If one goes to a high school and screen all the students with an angiogram, it will be found that 76% of them will have pre-vessel block. If you don’t have a block, you will die before the age of 30. When you have a block, it means protection. This is called pre condition. But doctors, after seeing that you have money to spend and a medical insurance, will suggest all kinds of tests and surgeries for the same blockages.”

According to the eminent Professor medical insurance is the biggest curse. Instead people should ensure their health, he said.

Minimum use of medicine and unnecessary treatment
Prof Dr Hegde, often calles as “people’s doctor” believes that way to wellness and healthcare is usage of minimum medicine and avoiding unnecessary treatments or surgeries. He said surgeries should be confined for corrective purposes. “If a child is born is with hole (in heart), then that need to be corrected through surgery,” he said.

He says that people are ensnared to believe that popping a pill gives instant relief. “But one has to remember that behind every ill there is a pill.” He adds, “You have a headache; your blood pressure goes up. Then you go to a doctor for check up, which means you are a patient and you don’t come back. Instead a simple pranayam with five breathing technique can give you faster relief from the headache.”

Prof Dr Hegde also spoke on the tactics used by the doctors and medical institutions in making profits. “Audit in few American hospitals showed that majority of their profits comes from deaths that take place in the Intensive Care Units (ICU).

He raised concern over increasing cases of caesarean births. “Natural tear (caused in normal birth) is quickly healed compared to cuts (due to C-sec births). It is also much safer and helps in the development of mind, which is known as perinatal consciousness. But the doctor and hospital will not earn money through normal delivery, and therefore everyone, especially from metros like Mumbai, opts for the C-Section cut,” he said.

Alternative medicine
Prof Dr Hegde spoke about the importance of alternative medicines like Ayurveda and Homeopathy. He said, “There are all kinds of tactics are used to suppress Homeopathy as a form of treatment. But it is one of the best medicines. It is much more scientific than modern medicine. Just because one cannot detect the chemical present in the nano particle of the pills, you call it unscientific? This is not fair.”

According to him, modern medicine claims to be based on science but research has found that majority of health problems stem from the mind while modern medicines can offer only a temporary relief. “If one has a happy mind, his body is largely free from diseases.”

Speaking on Ayruveda, Prof Dr Hedge explained that how millions of dollars and many years were spent to find the cause of common cold but nothing was concluded. At the same time Ayurveda, for instance, lists food that has to be consumed during various seasons like eating more spices during winter. “In fact, Lancet (leading medical journal) advised people in Britain to eat to eat curry in Indian restaurants as a cure for common cold during winter.”

Prof Dr BM Hegde also explained the benefits of consuming ginger, garlic and pepper  as cure for many diseases and allergies.

Source & Courtesy : Hindu Daily published from India

The sickness industry – hidden agenda of pharmaceuticals

Time has come to go back to our ancient methods of healing the sick and not curing his/her pathology. The wellness model needs to be popularised among the younger generation who are unfortunately sold to the western methods of junk food, chemicals-loaded soft drinks and some stimulants, in addition

“A fly may sting a stately horse and make him wince; but one is but an insect, and the other is a horse still — Dr Samuel Johnson

Healthcare, as it is called and advertised, is, in fact, an industry based on human misery and/or sickness. No industry wants its business to go down in the interest of its stake holders. Naturally, the establishment does not want sickness to disappear! Therefore, the so called healthcare has become a ‘health scare’ industry to get more business. Fear is the key to most, if not all, illnesses. By creating fear in the minds of the people, the industry is disease mongering. The daily media announcement of this or that new epidemic or disease has increased lately. That has very little scientific basis. Most of the data so advertised comes from sexed up and doctored data from reductionist cross sectional, epidemiological studies. The whole field is based on statistics. Epidemiologists are good at producing epidemics at any time based on industry’s needs.

Why are we where we are today?
The history of the so called modern medicine is full of contradictions at every age.
 It all started as sorcery, mumbo-jumbo, and witch craft five thousand years ago on the banks of the River Nile. Then it travelled to Arabia which had at that time a more evolved and mature healing system from which modern medicine of those days got lots of benefit; Avicenna, or Ibn Siena, was the leader of that area who influenced modern medicine greatly. Then it came to Greece where it stayed for a long time. Asclepiads were very popular in Greece, especially around the Isle of Cos. It was in Greece that modern medicine of today had its influence from Indian Ayurveda, a system that was in vogue in India for “times out of mind” and was based on a very sound holistic scientific base, coming from the Vedic wisdom, thanks to the books and scholars brought to Alexandria by the returning Army of Alexander the Great.

Around the twelfth century, this system was accepted by the European Universities of those days as “science”. That is when modern medicine started to ride piggyback on the reductionist sciences of physics, chemistry and biology. The leading centre of excellence, the Mecca of medicine, was Vienna those days. The first ever textbook of modern medicine was written by Charles Schaarscmdist, a brilliant young Russian from Volga Valley, who excelled in his studies in Vienna to become a professor there at a very young age of twenty six. His book gives the best management methods for most of the major illnesses thus: which looks very modern even today, viz. 1) change of mode of living, 2) tranquillity of mind, and 3) drugs rarely, if ever. What a beautiful advice which would fit any good health care system even today!

The Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons came on the scene around the eighteenth century and are at the forefront of medicine and its research in the UK. The story on the other side of the Atlantic is more dramatic. Up until the beginning of the twentieth century there were many effective systems of medicine in practice. In fact, radioaestheisa, herbal medicine, homeopathy,acupuncture, magnet therapy, and chiropractic were all very popular along with the so called modern medicine. It was in the year 1899 that DP Palmer showed chiropractic to be based on sound science.

By the end of the nineteenth century Americans discovered oil and paper money. Greed follows money everywhere.  Three big oil companies came up both in New Jersey and Texas-Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan’s. They were competitors to start with but soon realised that forming a cartel would give them better leverage. Incidentally, they realised that the naphtha base has many chemicals that could be used as drugs!

They also realised that if they could control medical education in the USA they could hit it big and destroy all other systems prevalent then. They convinced the government to form a one-man commission to study medical education. Cunningly they got their own chela, Abraham Flexner, appointed as that one-man commission. In less than nine months Mr Flexner was able to inspect all the 144 odd medical schools! He declared that only those schools funded by the above cartel and doing research on pharmaceutical chemicals were scientific and the rest needed to be closed down, thus reducing the total number to about 47. This is the scientific basis of modern medicine even to this day!

This brought down the doctor population also significantly thus enabling them to raise their fees and also be the tools in the hands of the cartel to further the latter’s agenda. Usually the UK follows the American model these days, especially in medicine, although most of the original wisdom in western medicine came from Europe. This model did not succeed fully in the UK as the Royal Family did not agree to ban homeopathy as they all depended on that systemHomeopathy survived in Britain but is getting bad press these days with paid doctors bashing the system regularly with full page so called scientific arguments to demolish that wonderful system!

Christopher Toby was an influential senator at that time. His son Toby Jr came down with a peculiar cancer and the mainline (scientific) medical world declared him as almost dead giving up all hopes. Toby Jr would not take it lying down. He sought alternate systems and got completely cured. Senator Christopher Toby smelt a rat. He got the government to have a commission to see if alternate methods of medical care, prevalent in America up to the beginning of the twentieth century, were really bad or good. The commission was headed by Benedict Fitzgerald. The latter, after studying the system very thoroughly, wrote a very damning report showing that there is, in fact, a hidden conspiracy to kill the effective alternate systems by the above mentioned cartel to sell their chemicals!

The new science of medicine
Matter and energy being shown as two faces of the same coin, the human body becomes the human mind as an illusion. Human beings are being run by the universal consciousness through their individual consciousness, the mind. Reductionism, organ based specialisation, and the RCT based clinical drug trials lose their value with this new awareness. Whole Person Healing (WPH) is the future. Even the conventional western view is slowly but, firmly, veering round to that line of thinking. Sir Michel Rawlins, the present chief of NICE, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence in the UK, recently opined that the RCTs, long considered to be the benchmark of good research, had been put on an undeservedly high pedestal. Further work in four leading Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Hamburg and Munich did show that the so called ‘Placebo Effect’ is more important than the drug given for any illness thus showing that the mind is the supreme commander in illness care. Placebo Effect has also been scientifically proven using fMRI to be due to the release of very powerful opiates from the forebrain.

Human cells, of which there are fifty trillion in all, are individuals capable of independent life on their own. Although they look different morphologically they all work identically in every organ. Organs based disease models lose their value in this background. The real human brain is in the cell membrane, called MemBrain by the leading cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, which is our connection with the external world or the universal consciousness. Even death and rebirth could be now scientifically explained! Our genome has only 25 thousand odd genes but our meta-genome has more than several trillion genes most of which belong to the trillions of germs that have come to stay with us over the millions of years that we lived as single cell organisms. The metagenome is unlikely to be fully cracked even if all the world laboratories work in that direction for the next one century!

Darwin’s theory seems to have been overtaken by Lamarck. We are the children of our environment rather than of our genes. There is no survival of the fittest. Life goes on only by co-operation and not by competition. In short, every illness seems to be based on the human mind, hereinafter called body mind, as there is no distinction between the two anyway! Even this world has been described by a John’s Hopkins physicist, Richard Conn Henry, as “immaterial-mental and spiritual”. For the novice there is a nice, simple book which gives the details of this new biology by Nobel Laureate, Albert-Szent Gyorgi—Sub molecular Biology. The main line hard core biologists think that their erstwhile genius of a teacher has gone nuts to write this book! That is the influence of the sickness industry which seems to have hit gold with genetic engineering and stem cell work etc although the patients as recipients of their efforts fail to get any benefit at the end of the day.

What is the future?
The new science of biology and medicine makes it easier for patients to have less expensive but more effective healing methods. The conventional disease model is outdated. We will have to go in for whole person healing. There have been attempts to authenticate cheaper healing methods using hard scientific yard sticks. Our group, The World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences, is in the forefront in this area. We have a group of fifteen world-class scientists helping us to authenticate the healing methods even in other alternate systems of medicine.

Future is for an integrated system which retains some of the corrective surgical methods from modern medicine along with selected emergency care methods. Preserving the health of the well should be the backbone of the future system. That was the core of Ayurveda—Swasthashya swaastha rakshitham—preserve the health of the well using immune boosters, the leading Light here is the sunlight itself. Now that we know that individual cells, which work identically are at the root of our illness and/or wellness we could take advantage of energy, known and/or occult to correct the defects. Our group has succeeded in getting any cell (tissue) damage corrected by using electromagnetic energy of a particular frequency with remarkable success. Other groups elsewhere are also working with many other simple, inexpensive methods to heal the sick. Of course, the multi trillion dollar sickness industry will try and sabotage the efforts for their survival. We have to work hard to show them how they could still do business in the new future healing arena by modifying their thinking and their dubious methods.

As these methods have come after the so-called modern medicine, I prefer to call the future healing methods as ‘Meta-medicine’, on the lines of meta-physics. Time has come to go back to our ancient methods of healing the sick and not curing his/her pathology. We have come one full circle. The wellness model needs to be popularised among the younger generation who are unfortunately sold to the western methods of junk food, chemicals loaded soft drinks and some stimulants in addition. This needs deschooling the whole society as they are, at the moment, oblivious to their surroundings that are being completely vitiated by vested interests for personal benefits.

Food is one’s medicine and medicine is one’s food is an old but, true adage. Indian food habits have been much healthier, certainly for Indians, but also for others. The agricultural methods need to be indigenised using organic farming. Drinking water and sanitation in our villages and city slums will have to be specially strengthened. The future healthcare system should be inclusive, taking even our poorest of the poor along with us. Today modern medicine could hardly reach less than 1% of the population. Medical education needs to have major radical surgery to make it need based for our country and relevant to our needs. Medical schools should lay stress on the scientifically authenticated healing methods of other systems as much as we do of western medicine.

Yes, India has diabetes and other diseases now not because of failure of old methods of treatment in India.

To give one example, 10% of people who take statins to lower their imaginary cholesterol end up with diabetes in one year. There are, I am told, ten million people on statins today in India which means one million new diabetics will be produced every year, another ADR.

I never said that we should throw modern medicine lock, stock and barrel out of the window. If one had read carefully, I said the future is for an integrated system with the best in every system of medicine.

Please note that small pox was eradicated using the vaccination methods of ancient Ayurveda, studied scientifically and taken to England by Dr. TZ Holwell, FRCP, FRS who stayed in The Bengall in the 18th century to study the system prospectively for several years. His report to the Royal College in London in 1767 was the basis on which universal vaccination was ordered by the KIng. Edward Jenner’s cow pox vaccination could not have succeeded as the two viruses are genetically different.


Please read the original report of Holwell kept in a glass case at the Royal College Library as it was half smoked during the great London Fire later in the 18th century!

I am happy that our friends think that Polio will go soon! Please find out the truth. I am not going to give the secret out. Anyway, till date NO disease has been eradicated except small pox!

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  1. At least someone ‘dared to be wise’. At least someone ‘dared to except the facts. The examples like given in the above articles are certainly fine; however, much more strong evidentiary proofs may also find my my textbooks.

  2. thanks for posting this article sir.really its an informative one .every homeopath even the total medical field except modern medicine have this knowledge i think.its better to keep this in everyone”s clinic notice board

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