CIRH Kottayam denounce IMA move against Homeopathic preventive medicine trials

KOTTAYAM: Dr K R Janardanan Nair, officer in-charge at Central Research Institute for homoeopathy, Kurichy, said IMA had completely got its facts wrong, with regard to Homoeo vaccine’ trials.

“Primarily, no vaccine is being used in this study as alleged by IMA. Moreover, the study is being conducted as a scientifically designed programme of Union government, after adhering to the scientific protocols. We chose places like Karakulam and Vembayam in Thiruvananthapuram for the study, taking into account the fact that these areas had the highest incidence of denguee outbreak in 2015 and the medicine was given as a preventive measure,” he said.

According to Dr Janardanan Nair, “This study is contemporarily designed as per the internationally accepted standards. Apart from senior homoeopathy experts, its methodology has been decided in consultation with a team of experts, including public health specialists, virologists, immuno-haematologists and biostatisticians. It is being conducted after getting prior sanction from the Scientific Advisory and Ethical committees of Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) in collaboration with Rapid Action Epidemic Homoeopathy (RAECH), affiliated to the Department of Homoeopathy, Kerala. CCRH advisory committee comprises professors and experts from All India  Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR),” he said.

Dr Janardanan also rubbished the IMA claim that the study was being conducted after misleading the public.

“The participants have been included in the study only after they were provided with the necessary information in writing and obtaining their consent.

The common people have been using Homoeopathic remedies for dengue fever for a long time for relief without any adverse reaction and the present study is only an extension based on this information.

The medicines used are absolutely safe and the study is conducted under strict clinical protocol at various locations. Instead of issuing misleading statements, anyone, who wants to know more about the study may contact the Council for details,” he said.

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