Clinical Repertory on Acute Infantile Diarrhoea

child (10)Dr Nahida M Mulla

Ground Plan of Repertory:
A Clinical repertory on acute infantile diarrhea has been compiled after referring the various repertories like Kent, BTPB, BBCR, Synthesis, Murphy’s, Bell’s diarrhea, Repertory  of homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes, Boger’s “Synoptic Key to materia medica” & Phatak’s “A Concise Repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines”  with correlation of the clinical cases taken up in the study.  All the important rubrics related to acute infantile diarrhea are considered & are arranged in an alphabetical order. The time modalities are arranged first followed by the rubrics.
First the rubrics of diarrhoea are included followed by the type of stool.

The remedies are graded into three grades. 
First Grade – BOLD CAPITALS e.g. ARS-ALB
Second Grade – Italics e.g. Nux-vom.
Third Grade – Roman – e.g. phos.
An additional feature of this repertory is the inclusion of Nosodes & Sarcodes from ‘A repertory of Nosodes & Sarcodes’ by Berkley Squire. The entire compilation has been a fruitful one when used in the study.

The rubrics which are added from the Phatak’s repertory are:
(a) Diarrhoea debility with.
(b) Diarrhoea debility without.
(c) Diarrhoea weaning after.
(d) Diarrhoea flatus after.
(e) Diarrhoea vaccination after.

Rubrics added from the Synoptic Key by Boger are:
(a) Diarrhoea prostrating (which is given in bracket in diarrhoea debility with  since the remedies are same)
(b) Stools scanty but frequent.

Rubric added from Bell’s diarrhoea is:
(a) Diarrhoea infantile.

Rubrics added from the Murphy’s repertory are:
(a) Diarrhoea drugging after.
(b) Diarrhoea fever with.
(c) Diarrhoea flatus after.

The rubrics which is  added from the repertory of most characteristics symptoms of the materia medica by G. Winterburn is:
(a) Diarrhoea, crying, in infants with.

The Rubrics added from Wells.P.P., “Diarrhoea & Dysentery”, are:
(a) Crying with stool.
(b) Cries before & is quiet after stool.
(c) Drowsiness during stool.
(d) Drowsiness after stool.
(e) Flatus passes before stool.
(f)  Flatus passes during stool.
(g) Flatus, passes foetid flatus during stool.
(h) Flatus, passes noisy flatus during stool.
(i)  Moaning & Groaning before stool.
(j)  Screaming, during stool.

Following are the names of the Sarcodes & Nosodes which have been added from Berkley Squire, “A repertory of Homoeopathic Nosodes & Sarcodes”
Adr – Adrenalin.
Anthr – Anthracinum.
Cb – Colibacillinum.
Dys-co.- Dysentery co.
Ent – Enterococcinum.
Gaert – Bacillus Gaertner.
Hipp-x – Acidum Hippuricum.
Parat. B-  Paratyphoidinum B
Ped – Pediculus
RNA – Ribonucleic acid.
Syc-co – Sycotic –co.
Syph – Syphilinum
Thyr – Thyroidinum.

Clinical Repertory:

1. Diarrhoea daytime only –      am-m, ang, arg-n, bapt, Bry, canth, cina, Cocc, Con, Crot-t, Elaps, fl-ac, Form, Gamb, glon, Hep, jab, Kali-c, kali-n, mag-c, nat-a, NAT-M, Nat-s, Nux-v, Petro, squil, syph, thuj.

2.Diarrhoea, morning – acet-ac, aeth, Agar, all-c, Aloe, alum, am-c, am-m, ang, ant-c, ant-t, ApisArg-n, Ars, Ars-i,aur, BorBOV,brom, BRY, Cact, calc-s, carb-an, carb-s, chin, chin-a, chlor, cimic, ColocCopCORNDig, Dios, Dulc, Ferr, Ferr-ar, ferr-i,  ferr-p, fl-ac, Gamb, gnaph, GratGuaj, hep, hura, Hydr, Iod, iris, kali-ar, KALI-BIKali-c,  kali-i, kali-n, kali-p, kali-s, kalm, lach, Lil-tLith, LycMAG-C, mag-m, mag-s, Merc, Mur-ac, nat-a, nat-c, nat-m, nat-p, NAT-S, nicc, nit-ac, nux-m,Nux-v, olnd, osm, ox-ac, Petr, Ph-acPHOS, phyt, PODO, psor, Puls, rhod, rhus-t, RUMX, sang, senec, sil, squil, staph,SULPH, sumb, TabThuj, trom, Tub, valer, VeratZinc, zing.

3. Diarrhoea forenoon– aloe, apis, cact, carb-an, gamb, kali-c, lil-t, mag-c, mur-ac, nat-m, nat-s, PODO, sabad, stann, sulph, thuj, tub.

4. Diarrhoea noon–         alum, ant-c, bor, carb-s, crot-t, jab, mag-m, sulph.

5. Diarrhoea afternoon– aloe, alum, amm-c, Ars, BellBor, calc, carb-an, CHIN, Chin-ar, dulc, ferr, ferr-ar, ferr-p, gent-l, hell, kali-ar, kali-c, laur, lec, lept, lyc, mag-c, mag-s, merc-c, mur-ac, phos, phyt, psor, stann, sulph, sul-ac, ter, zinc.

6. Diarrhoea evening- Aloe, alum, bor, Bov, bry, Calc, calc-p, calc-s, canth, carb-an, caust, colch, cycl, dig, dulc, gels, ign, iod, ip,Kali-c, kali-n, kali-p, kali-s, Lach, lept, lil-t, mag-m, mang, merc, mez, mur-ac, nat-a, nat-m, nat-s, ped, Phos-ac, Phos, pic-ac, puls, Sang, sulph, tereb, thuj, verat, zinc.

7. Diarrhoea night –  abrot, acon, aeth, aloe, ang, ant-c, ant-t, ARG-NArnARS, arum-t, asaf, Aur, bar-c, Bry, canth, Caps, Carb-s, Caust, Cham, ChelCHIN, CHIN-AChin-s, Cinnb, cist, colch, Con, Crot-tDULCFERR-ARGamb, GraphGrat, hep,Hyos, ign, ip, IRIS, jalap, KALI-AR, kali-bi, Kali-c, kali-p, kali-s, kreos, LACH, lith, Mag-c, mag-m, MERC, mer-c, Mosch,NAT-ANat-c, nat-m, Nat-pNUX-M, ph-ac, PhosPODO, PSOR, PULSRhus-tSil, stront, StrySULPHTab, Tub, verat.

8. Diarrhoea midnight, before – Mag-c, Nux-m, Puls, Rhus-t.

9. Diarrhoea, midnight after – aloe, Arg-nARS, arum-t, bry, Chin, Chin-ar, cic, cist, dros, FERR-AR, ferr- p, fl-ac, gamb, iris,KALI-AR, kali-c, kali-s, lyc, manc, merc-c, nat-a, nat-m, Nux-v, sec, squil, staph, stront, SULPH.

10. Diarrhoea, crying, in infants with-bell, Borax, carb-v.  cham, cina, ip, phos, rheum, ,  rhus, sul,

– Cries before (Phos& is quiet after : rhus.

11. Diarrhoea, drowsiness during  – bry.

            – Drowsiness after stool – Aeth, bry, colch, Nux-m, nux-v.

12. Diarrhoea debility with (prostrating)- Ars, Ver-a.

13. Diarrhoea debility without – apis, calc, graph, Ph-ac, pul, rhod, sul, tub.

14. Diarrhoea dentition during –  Acon, Aeth, Apis, Arg-n, Ars, Bell, benz-ac, Bor, CALC, calc-p, canth, carb-v, CHAM, chin, Cina, Coff, colch,Coloc, corn, cupr, DULC,Ent., FERR, ferr-ar, Gels, graph, hell, Hep, ign, Ip, Kreos, Mag-c, Merc, nux-m, ph-ac, Podo, PsorRHEUMSep, SIL,Sulph, sul-ac, zinc.

15. Diarrhoea, drugging after – ars, Nux-v.

16. Diarrhoea fever with – aesc, ars, chin, nux-m, phos, puls.

17. Diarrhoea flatus after (flatus passes before stool) –aloe, arg-nasaf, gels, , kali-ar,  nat-m,  plant, sabad

 Flatus passes during stool – acon, Agar, AloeARG-N, asaf, bism, Gamb, laur, Nat-s, podo, samb, sang, sars, staph, zinc.

– Passes Foetid flatus during stool – aesc-h, bry, Calc-ph, carb-v, castor, dios, iris, Ph-ac.

– Passes noisy flatus during stool – Arg-n, thuj.

18. Diarrhoea infantile – acon, Aeth, aloe, amm-m, Apis, Arg-n, Ars, Bell, Benz-ac, bis, bor, Calc.c, Calc.p, canth, carb-v, Cham, China, Cina, coff, Coloc, colost, corn.c, Crot-tig, dulc, elat, gamb, Graph, Hell, hep, ign, Ipec, iris.v, jalap, kali-bi, kreos, lach, Laur, mag.c, med, Merc.v, natr-car, natr.m, nicc, nitr-ac, nux-mos, nux-vom, oleand, Paul, Phos,, Podo, PsorPuls, raph, Rheum, sep, sil, stann, staph, Sulph, sul-ac, syc-co, tub, verat, zinc.

19. Diarrhoea milk after – aeth, ars, bry, CALC, con, Kali-ar, Kali-c, Lac-d, Lyc, Mag-cMAG-M, NAT-A, NAT-C, nit-ac, Nux-m, podo, SEPSil, Sulph.

20. Diarrhoea, moaning & groaning before stool – sep.

21. Diarrhoea, nursing after –  ant-c, crot-t, nat-c, Nux-v.

22. Diarrhoea, screaming during stool – colch, merc, rheum.

23. Diarrhoea, summer in (hot weather)- Acon, Aeth, Aloe,Ant-c, Ars, bapt, Bell, BRY, calc, CAMPHCarb-vCHIN, chin-a, coff, colch, Crot-h,CROT-TCupr, Cupr-ar, FerrGAMBHyper, IodIp, iris, Jatr, Kali-bi,  lach, mag-c, merc, Mez, mur-ac, Nat-m, nat-p, Nux-m, Olnd, Ph-ac, Phos,PODO, Psor, rheum, Sec, Sul-ac, verat.

24. Diarrhoea, vaccination after – ant-t, sil, thuj.

25. Diarrhoea vomiting with – Aeth, ant-c, anthr, Apis, arg-m, ARG-N, ARS, ars-i, asar, asc-c, bell, bism, Carb-ac, chin, Colch, coloc, crot-t,Cupr, cup-ar, cycl, dios, Dulc, elaps, GAMB, Gnaph, gran, Graph,GratHell, indg, iod, Ipecac,  Jatr-c, kali-m, kali-n, kali-p, Kreos, lach, merc, merc-c, phos, Phyt, plb, Podo, Puls, rob, sang, seneg, sep, stan, stram, sul-i, sulph, tab, tub, VERAT.    

26. Diarrhoea, weaning after – arg-n, CHIN.


1. Acrid, corrosive, excoriating – aloe, Ant-cArnARSCham, chin, Coloc, DulcMERCMerc-c, Mur-acNAT-MURNit-ac, Nux-vomPhosPULS, rheum, SulphVERAT.

2. Copious – aeth, Aloe, alumn,  Ant-t, Apis, arn, ARSAsaf, BAPT, Benz-ac, bry,  CalcCAMPH, CARB-V, CHIN, CROT-T, Dulc,ELAT, GAMBIod, Ip, IRIS, jalap, JatrLept, Lyco, Lyss, meland, med, Merc, NAT-S, OLND, PH-AC, PHOS, PODO, Psor, Rumx, SECSep, Sil, Sulph, Sul-ac, syph, thuj, VERAT.

3. Curdled – ars, bell, bufo, Calc, cham, mag-c, med, merc, murx, nat-p, Nit-ac, nux-m, puls, Rheum, sanic, Stann, sulph, sul-ac,VALER, vio-t.

4. Forcible, sudden, gushing- Apis, Arg-n, CROT-T, Dulc, dys-co, ELATGRAT, Iris, JATR, Kali-b, lac-c, Mag-mNAT-CNAT-M,Nat-sOx-ac, PhosPODO, SECSep, SulphThuj, tub, VERAT.

5. Frequent-        acet-ac, acon, agar, aloe, Ant-tARS, Bell, Bry, CalcCanth, CAPS, Carb-v, CaustCHAM, Chin, Carb-v, Caust, Cham, chin, cina, crot-t, dulc, ELATFerr, Gamb, Graph, ip, Kali-b, Kali-c, LycMERC, MERC-CNat-m, Nit-acNUX-V,PHOS, PODO, PsorSep, Sil, SulphThujVERAT.

6. Frothy – Arn, Benz-ac, Bor, Calc, Caps, chin, coloc, crot-t, graph, grat, iod, kali-ars, KALI-BI, LachMAG-CMERCNat-m,Op, PODORheum, Rhus-t, SULPH, verat, zinc.

7.Green – Aeth, Ant-t, ApisARG-NArs, Bell, Bor, Bry, CalcCALC-PCapsCHAMChin, COLOCCROT-T, dulc, GAMB,GRATHep, Hydr, IP, LycMAG-CMERC, MERC-CNAT-M, NAT-SNit-ac, Nux-vPh-acPHOS, PLB, PODO, Psor,PULS, rheum, Rhus-tSECSULPH, TerVERAT, zinc.

8. Large – aesc, ALUMNAnt-c, Apis, Arg-n, ars, BRY, CALC, cb,  Dulc, ELAT, euphr, fl-ac, gamb, GRAPH, grat, Ign, Kali-ar, Kali-biKALI-C, KALI-S, lac-c, LAC-DLachLEPT, lyss,  MAG-M, med, MercMEZ, naja, Nat-m, Nux-mNUX-V, Op, ox-ac, Petr, Phos, Podo, puls, raph, Rhus-t, Rhus-v, ruta, SanicSEL, SEP, SILStann, SULPH, sul-ac, tub, thuj, VERAT,Zinc.

9. Mucus, slimy (albuminous, coagulated, jelly like) – acon, aesc, Aeth, agar, aloe, Amm.-m, ang, ant-t, ApisARG-N, Arn, Ars,ars-i, Asar, Bapt, Bell, Berb, Bor, Brom, Bry, Calc-pCanthCaps, carb-ac, carb-an, Carb-v, Caust, Cham, Chel, Cocc,COLCH, COLLColoc, Crot-t, Dulc, ferr, Ferr-arGAMB, GRAPH, HELL, Hep, Hyos, Iod, Ip, Kali-bi, kali-c KALI-SMag-c,MERC, MERC-CMur-ac, nat-c, nat-s, nit-ac, nux-m, NUX-V, ox-ac, petr, Ph-ac, PHOS, phyt, Plb, Podo, PsorPULS,Rheum, Rhus-t, Ruta, Sec, sep, Sil, StannSULPHSul-acVERAT.

–  Foetid-  Lach, merc-c, sulph, sul-ac.

–  Green- ACONAeth, agar, amm. m, Ant-t, ApisARG-N, ARS, Bell, Bor, Bry, Calc-p, Canth, caps, carb-v, CHAM, Chel, cina, colch, coloc, Dulc, ferr-p, GAMB, hep, Ip, kreos, Laur, lyc, MAG-CMERC, MERC-C, nit-ac, Nux-v, petr, ph-ac, Phos, podo, psor, PULSRheum, rhus-t, sep, Sulph, sul-ac, tab.

–  Tenacious-  ASAR, CANTHCaps, Crot-tHELL, Kali-bi.

–  Transparent –  aloe, BOR, carb-an, COLCH, dios, HELL, merc, merc-c,     Nat-m, Rhus-t.

–  Watery-  arg-n, Iod, lept, ter.

–  White –  Ars, bell, BOR, canth, carb-an, caust, Cham, cina, cocc, colch, dios, DulcGraph, Hell, Iod, Ip, KALI-CHL, merc, merc-c, NAT-MPh-ac, Phos, podo, puls, rheum, Sulph.

–  Yellow –    agar, ApisASAR, bell, Bor, brom, Carb-v, Cham, chin, Colch, Cub, Dulc, ign, KALI-S, mag-c, nicc, podo, puls,Rhus-t, staph, sulph, Sul-ac.

10. Odor: Eggs like rotten-  arg-n, Ars, Calc, Carb-acCHAM, hep, med, PSOR, Staph, sulph, sul-ac.

–  Offensive – acet-ac, acon, AgarAloe, alumn, ant-c, ant-t, Apis, arg-m, ARG-N, arn, ARS, Ars-I, ASAF, Aur,BAPT, bar-m, BENZ-AC, bism, BRY, Calc, Calc-p, Carb-ac, CARB-S, CARB-V, cocc, coff, Colch, coloc, con, cop, Corn,CROT-H, cupr, cupr-ar, dig, dios, dros, dulc, fl-ac, gaert, GAMB, gnaph, GRAPH, grat, Guaj, hep, hipp-x, Hura, hyos, ind, iod, Ip, iris, KALI-AR, kali-c, KALI-P, kali-s, kreos, LACH, Lept, lil-t, Lyc, merc, MERC-C, mur-ac, nat-m, Nat-p, Nat-s, Nit-acNUX-MNux-vOP, petr, Ph-acPhos, plb, PODO, PSORPuls, Pyrog, rheum, rhod, rhus-t, rumx, sec, sep, SIL, SQUIL, stann, staph, SULPHSulph-ac, tarent, Ter, thuj, TUB, variol, verat, zinc.

Putrid-  acet-ac, agar, ApisARS, ASAFBAPT, BENZ-ACBor, Bry, calc, Carb-acCARB-V, cham, Chin, cocc, Coloc, ip, KALI-PLach, Mag-c, Merc-cNat-s, nit-ac, nux-m, OLND, PODO, PSORPyrog, rhus-t, sep, SIL, StramTUB.

–  Sour- aeth, arg-n, Arn, bell, CALC, camph, carb-s, cham, colch, Coloc, Colos, con, cop, Dulc, GraphHEP, iris, Jalap, lyc, Mag-cMERC, mez, Nat-c, Nat-p, Nit-ac, olnd, Phos, podo, RHEUM, sep, sil, SULPH, verat.

11.  Scanty – acon, aeth, agar, aloe, AlumAlumn, ambr, amm-c,  AMM-M, apis, Apoc, arg-m, arg-n, arn, Ars, ars-i, Asar, asc-t, bar-c, Bell, benz-ac, berb, bor, BryCalad, calc, calc-p, calc-s, camph, cann-s, canth, carb-ac, Carb-an, Carb-s, Carb-v, Card-m, chel, chin, chin-s, Colch, Coloc, con, cop, corn, crot-t, cupr, dig, dros, Dulc, ferr, ferr-i, fl-ac, Gamb, gels, Glon, grat, hep, hydr, hyos, hyper, Ign, indg, iod, Ip, kali-ar, Kali-bi, Kali-c, kali-n, kali-s, kalm, lach, lact, led, lyc, mag-c, Mag-m, mag-s, mang, MERCMerc-c, merc-i-f, merc-sul, mez, Nat-a, Nat-c, Nat-m, nat-s, Nit-acNUX-V, olnd, Op, ox-ac, petr, phos, pic-ac, PlatPLB, puls, ran-b, rat, rhod, rhus-t, rumx, ruta, sang, sars, seneg, sep, SIL, squil, Stann, staph, stront, SULPH, sumb, tab, tarent, ter, ther, thuj, verat, Zinc.

12. Scanty but frequent –    Ars, Merc-c, Nux-v.

13. Small –  acon, aloe, ALUM, am-c, Ant-cArg-m, arg-n, ArnARS, asaf, asar, Bapt, BELL, calc-p, canth, CAPS, carb-s, carb-v,Cham, cocc, ColchColoc, Con, corn, Crot-t, Dig, dulc, erig, ferr-p, fl-ac, form, hyos, ign, ind, kali-ar, kali-c, kali-s, Lyc,MAG-M, MERC, MERC-C, merc-i-f, mez, nat-c, nat-m, nit-ac, NUX-V, olnd, op, phos, podo, puls, rhus-t, Sars, sec, sil, stann, sulph, tab, trom, urt-u, vib, zinc.

14. Stringy –  Asar, Carb-v, GRAT, ox-ac, sel, SUL-AC, verat-v.

15. Tenacious –    ars, bor, carb-v, coloc, crot-t, HELL, ign, kali-c, Lac-c, mag-s, mang, med, Merc, Merc-c, mez, nat-c, nat-m, op, ox-ac, PLAT, plb, sars, spig, verat, Zinc.

16. Thin, liquid –   acet-ac, Aeth, agar, AloeALUM, amm-c, anan, ang, ANT-C,  ant-t, APOCAran, Arn, Ars, ASAF, asc-t, aster, aur, bapt, bar-m, BellBENZ-AC, bism, bor, Bov, Bry, CALC, calad, camph, Carb-ac,  CARB-SCarb-v, Caust, Cedr, Cham,Chel, Chin, Chin-a, Cic, cist, Cocc, CoffCOLCHColoc, Con, cop, corn, CROT-T, dios, dros, dulc, ferr, ferr-p, GAMB, GRAPHGrat, Hep, Hydr, ign, ind, jatr, Kali-bi, kali-n, Lac-ac, Lach, lept, LYCMag-c, med, meph, Merc, merc-i-f, Mur-ac,nat-a, nat-c, Nat-pNAT-S, Nuph, Nux-mNux-vOLNDOpPH-ACPHOS, phyt, Pic-ac, podo, Psor, rat, rhod, Rhus-t, rumx, sabad, sang, sec, Sep, Sil, SpigSpong, SquilSULPHTarentTHUJ, variol, VERAT.

–    Green –  aeth, agar, ant-c, Apis, Chin, crot-h, crot-t, GRATPodo, raph.

–    Yellow –  aeth, Aloe, Bapt, Bov, bufo, Cocc, coloc, cop, Crot-tDULC, GAMBHydr, iris, lyc, merc, nat-c,Nat-s, nit-ac, nux-m, OLND, PIC-AC, PODO, raph, rhus-t.

17. Watery –   acet-ac, Acon, aesc, Aeth, Agar, ail, Aloe, alum, am-m, anac, anag, Ant-c, ant-t, APIS, APOC, ARG-N, arn, Ars, Ars-I, Arum-t, ASAF, asar, aur-m, bapt, bar-c, Bar-m, bell, BENZ-AC, berb, Bism, Bor, Bufo, Cact, CALCCalc-p, camph, canth, carb-ac, CARB-SCarb-v, cast, caust, CHAMChel, Chin, Chin-a, chin-s, Chr-ac, CinaCocc, Coff, COLCH, Coll, ColocCON, cop, Corn, crot-h, Crot-t, cupr, cur, cycl, Dig, dios, DULC, elaps, ELATFerr, ferr-a, fer-I, ferr-p, fl-ac,GAMB, gnaph, GraphGRATHell, Hep, hipp-x, Hydras, Hyos, Iod, ip, IRIS, Jalap, JATRKali-arKALI-BI, kali-br, kali-c, Kali-i, kali-n, kali-p,  Kali-s, kreos, Lac-c, Lach, Lec, Lept, Lob, lyss, MAG-C, mag-m, mag-s, manc, med, MERC, Merc-d, merc-i-r, Merc-sul, Mez, mosch, Mur-ac, nat-a, Nat-cNAT-MNat-pNAT-SNit-ac, nux-m, NUX-V, OLND, OP, osm, ox-ac, petr, Ph-acPHOS, PIC-AC, plan, plb, PODO, PSOR, PULS, ran-b, ran-s, Raph, rna, rat, rhus-t, Rhus-v, Rumx, samb, sang, sars, SEC, sel, senec, seneg, sep, Sil, squil, stram, stront, stry, SULPH, sumb, sul-ac, tab, ter, THUJ, tub, valer,VERAT, VERAT-V, vib, zinc.

–  Frothy- benz-ac, Elat, Graph, Kali-ar, kali-bi, Mag-c, ran-b.

–   Green –  acon, aeth, am-m, ars, bell, bry, CHAMChion, colos, cupr, dulc, Elat, eup-perf, ferr-p, gamb,GRAT, hep, ip, iris, kali-br, kali-i, kreos, Laur, lept, Mag-c, med, Merc-d, nat-m, nat-s, Nit-ac, Phos, PodoPuls, rob, sanic, sec, sulph, sul-ac, ter, Ver.

– White –  ang, BENZ-AC, Calc, Camph, Cast, Caust, Cina, Cop, dulc, kali-ar, Kali-bi, kreos, merc, nat-m,PH-ACPhos, ran-b, sec.

– Yellow – aesc, am-m, Apis, Apoc,ars, bapt, bor, Calc, canth, cham, Chel, Chin, Cocc, Colch, colos, cop, crot-h, Crot-t, cycl, DULC, elaps, ferr-p, GAMBGRATHydr, Hyos, ip, Iris, jab, kali-c, kali-i, lach, Lec, merc-sul, nat-a,Nat-c, Nat-s, nuph, OLNDph-ac, phos, pic-ac, plb, PODO, puls, Rhus-t, sanic, sec, THUJ, trom.

Yellow –   aesc, Aeth, agar, AloeAlumn, ambr, am-m, ang, ant-c, ant-t, Apis, Apoc, Arg-n, arn, Ars, Ars-i, arum-t, asaf, Asar, asc-t, bapt, bar-c, bar-m, bell, Berb, bol, bor, bov, brom, Bry, bufo, Calc, calc-s, canth, carb-s, carb-v, cham, CHELChin, cist, cocc, Colch, coll, Coloc, colos, cop, crot-c, crot-h, Crot-t, cub, cycl, dig, dios, DULCEchi, elaps, fl-ac, GAMB, GelsGRAT, helon, Hep, hyos, ign, iod, ip, Iris, jab, Kali-ar, Kali-bi, Kali-c, Kali-i, kali-p, kali-s, Lach, laur, lept, lith, LYC, mag-c, mag-m, mang, MERC, MERC-CMerc-sul, Nat-a, Nat-c, nat-m, nat-p, Nat-s, nicc, nuph, Nux-m, nux-v, olnd, Petr, PH-ACPhos, phys, Pic-ac, PlbPODO, puls, raph, rheum, RHUS-T, rob, samb, Sang, sanic, Sec, staph, stront, sulph, Sul-ac,  tab, ter, THUJ, urt-u. 

Dr Nahida Mulla
A.M.Shaikh Homoeopathic Medical College &  Hospital Belgaum.
Mobile: 09448814660

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