Evolution of Lycopodium clavatum

Dr Jawahar Shah

Let us study in-depth, the evolution of one of the most well proved remedies belonging to the Cryptogam group. This remedy is known to be a very deep-acting remedy and it has a very prominent place in our Materia Medica. Part of the evolution described here is what we have learnt from hundreds of cases and which has been verified over and again in many new cases. We may have read a lot many books on it but it still fascinates us to know more about this drug. Let us delve into the evolution of this drug – Lycopodium Clavatum.

Lycopodium belongs to the plant kingdom – Cryptogam group – and it is a very deep-acting remedy.

Lycopodium child is a very intelligent and precocious child. Normally, the Lycopodium child starts learning things faster than other children of his age group do. He may talk early, walk early or the teething may start early. Sometimes, these children have a tooth erupting right from when he/she is born. This child starts reading big words and letters at a very young age. These are the children who are in the Guinness Book of World Records or who are considered prodigies. Whatever they take up, they learn very very fast. Occasionally, one hears of incidences like a five year old boy writing computer programs or a nine year old girl driving a car on the road. These children normally are Lycopodium. Lycopodium symbolizes channelized, positive, constructive activity.

Lycopodium has a strong will and weak body. Most of their actions are based on strong will. Even if the body does not work, they will drag their body along. There are a few exceptions to this rule, i.e. with their will, they also create a very strong and muscular body.  In addition, very rarely, you will find a few cases that carry only the physical aspect of Lycopodium, for e.g. aggravation from 4 – 8 p.m., flatulence passing from anus and desire for sweets, while mentally they might be idiots. However, these expressions of Lycopodium are found only in few cases.

As the body is weak, other children will bully him. However, a Lycopodium child will very cleverly manage a situation like this by making friends with the strongest boy of the class. Normally, that boy is the one who is not very good in studies and so Lycopodium will help him in his studies, homework, give him notes, etc. In return, Lycopodium will be thoroughly protected. Lycopodium is always able to find his way out from the difficult problems and situations. I have seen Lycopodium reading geography when he has to appear for an exam in maths. In mathematics, even without working for a single day, he can get the highest marks. Normally, these boys are toppers in their class. This child usually vibes with his father very well and less so with his mother. (Opp. Nat.Mur.)

Lycopodium personalities have varied interests, but whatever they take up, they always succeed in it. As they grow in life, their decisions are more intellectual than emotional. However, they will do many things from the heart and will go out of their way to help people and not expect anything in return. That is why when they are thanked, ears come to their eyes. Lycopodium does have emotions but they are very well camouflaged.

As he grows older, he gets more and more lonely at the top because people cannot be upto his level of intelligence. Lycopodium has many admirers, but very few friends. He desires company and companionship, but it should be at the level of his intelligence. He cannot mingle with anybody and everybody. He is very fast in his work, he doesn’t like slow movements and actions- he is a man of action. Many a times instead of delegating work, he will prefer to do even the smallest work himself. He likes precision and perfection. He is a strong lover of nature and beauty. He likes good things in life. Whatever is created or made has to be the best. He likes his house to be the best, his car to be the best, his clothes to be the best, etc. But at the same time, if he cannot have it, he will not be jealous or envious and will appreciate the good things and aspire for them.

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