Curriculum Developer for Training Community Health Workers

Job Profile

Preparing e-Learning courses based on Ministry of Health and Family Welfare guidelines

Preparing assessment modules for the e-Learning courses

Part time and project based roles can also be considered

Desired Candidate Profile

0-2 years experienced MBBS/BAMS/BHMS graduates

Experience in teaching/community training

Work experience with NGO/other organisations in capacity building/community health workers training

Should be comfortable in explaining medical concepts in Hindi/regional languages

How to Apply
Please send your CVs to

Mob :9999590443


  1. The curriculum of any faculty must be developed with extreme CARE & precautions. For example I found curriculum of homoeopathy is inharmonious in nature. The current curriculum of UG and PG i.e. BHMS and MD, which is proposed and recommended by the Central Council of Homœopathy CCH for the study of students, is fundamentally inharmonious in nature. The knowledge of the subjects in question and studies thereof, which are thought in the course, is not compatible with each other. I can’t understand why Homœopaths of Asian origin, especially of India, cannot look ahead of Hahnemann. Suppose if any physician presently got the knowledge that equals to the Hahnemann; still he has to breathe in 18th-19th centuries. He shall have no knowledge of the even cell, immunity, metabolism or bacteria etc. If he will write anything, certainly he will quote like Hahnemann in his text. On account of lack of up-gradation of ‘Organon’, it is taught as per understandings of 18th-19th century; whilst other subjects are taught in their most updated form. It generates a lot of confusion in the mind of pupils. In the classroom of ‘Organon’, the teacher, as per guidelines of CCH, taught/give the conceptual (intangible) understanding of the diseases and cure; whereas teacher of the pathology tries to impart the most accepted basis of the diseases and cure; i.e. cellular and genetic basis of the diseases and cure. It’s like story of such a school, where one teacher teaches robbery is an evil and sin; it should not be done; whilst in the other classroom, other one says that, if anything is of our use, there is no harm in plundering it. The meaning of the education has been lost somewhere in the race of money-making. Now, on the name of education only information is feed up. But, at least some values must be very genuinely preserved.

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