Daring Debates for Medical Students at Goa

Daring Debates is a one of a kind debate series which aims to bring students from varied backgrounds and regions in the discourse of critical issues that concern South Asia in general and India in particular. Daring Debates is an initiative to promote students’ participation in the overall process of policy ideation and formation and to ensure that their opinions reach various stakeholders in the gamut.
In 2017, Daring Debates will attempt to invoke a discussion on ethics in healthcare. The topic: “Medical Oath: A moral compass no more” will be contested between various teams, each consisting of two members – one speaking for, and the other against the motion.
Students from various medical colleges will be competing at their assigned venues in their respective cities.  The winning team/duo from each city will be travelling to Goa for the face-off at the finale at Difficult Dialogues to be held in International Centre, Goa on February 12, 2017 featuring senior administrators, experts and scholars as judges.
Format of the Debate

  • The debate is open only to medical students
  • A team will comprise two members each ‘for’ and ‘against’ the motion
  • Each team will get 10 minutes (5 minutes for and 5 minutes against the motion); additionally, 5 minutes in all would be given for a rebuttal
  • 10-15 teams in all would be participating at the city level debate (subject to registration)


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