Delhi University MD (Hom) History of Medicine question Papers

History of medicine, scientific methodology including research methodology and statistics

Time: 3 hours     Maximum Marks: 100
Attempt all questions            All questions carry equal marks

  1. Describe the characteristics of research problems?   (20)
  1. Do you think there is need of importance and significance of “Biostatistics” in applies research programme and partially proved remedies? (20)
  1. Discuss the role of inductive and deductive logic in the evolution of homeopathy as a scientific method of medicine?   (20)

4.   Write short notes on:

  1. Random sampling
  2. Hippocrates
  3. Probability
  4. Central council for research in Homoeopathy     (20)

5.     Write short notes on:

  1. Frequency distribution
  2. Galen
  3. Double blind trial
  4. Measures of central tendency     (20)
Courtesy : Dr Renu Pathak

MD Homeopathy-part 1-2011 (Annual)

PAPER-3 (History of medicine, Scientific Methodology including Research Methodology & Statistics)                                                                                            

(Write: Your Roll No. on the top immediately on receipt of this question paper)

(Attempt all question paper)   All question carry equal marks.
Time: 3 Hours     Maximum Marks: 100

1. Discuss 18th Century medicine. Explain how it helped Hahnemann in the discovery of Homeopathy?  (20)

2. Discuss the philosophical and scientific basis of Homoeopathic Materia Medica and mention the rational approach to the study of material medica.  (20)

3. What is the utility of Research methodology in the Homoeopathic Drug proving?    (20)

4.Define Bio-statistics? How do you use the statistical method in Homeopathy? Give some example.  (20)

5. Write Short Notes on :       (4X5=20)

1) Inductive logic in medicine

2) Probability

3) Test of significance

4) Cohort Study

Courtesy : Dr.Vibha JR

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