Man in Disease – Delhi University MD Homoeopathy Questions

The Man in Disease
Time: 3 hours         Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all questions                All questions carry equal marks

  1. Describe detail etiology, pathological and the clinical features and Laboratory Diagnosis “Cirrhosis of Liver”. Explain how the understanding of Miasm helps in perceiving and homeopathic management of this disease in practice. Mention four homeopathic remedy with their characteristic features in cirrhosis of liver. (20)
  1. What is thinking? What are the different processes involved in the mechanism of thinking. Highlight on distorted form of thinking with specific focus on schizophrenia. Share atleast one experience of case from your practice.     (20)
  1. Describe the different outcome as well as complication of acute inflammation. Describe the factor responsible for the same. Describe the role played by different miasm in this. Discuss four homeopathic remedies for the management of Acute Inflammation.  (20)
  1. What do you understand by Hyperemesis gravidrium. Give its clinical presentation. Discuss its homeopathic mamnagemant. Mention four homeopathic remedies with characteristic indication.            (20)

5.   Short Notes:

a)      Hypersensitivity Reaction Type IV

b)      Dementia

c)      Semen analysis

d)     Idiopatic Thrombocytic Purpura (I.T.P)      (4 x 5)

Courtesy : Dr Renu Pathak

MD Homeopathy-part 1-2011 (Annual)

PAPER-2 (The Man in Disease)   Time: 3 Hours   Maximum Marks: 100

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(Attempt all question paper) All question carry equal marks.

1. Define Rheumatoid Arthritis. Discuss its clinical presentation, Diagnostic criteria, clinico-pathology and miasmatic correlation. Investigation you will like to order and its Homeopathic management.
(a). Constitutional, (b). Phase, (c). Sector and (d). Intercurrent .

2. Discuss Primary Amenorrhoea and its causes. Discuss Homoeopathic approach. (20)

3. What is Depression? What are the types of Depression and their clinical presentation? Discuss its Homoeopathic approach. (20)

4. What is scope of homeopathy in surgical Disease? Select three surgical condition and give Homeopathic management. (20)

Courtesy : Dr.Vibha JR

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