Dictionary of Organon by Dr RR Joardar

Dictionary of Organon by Dr RR Joardar

“Homoeopathy is slow to win its way because of the defective use of the books, as well as defective books,thus producing results that are not striking but merely ordinary” – Dr J T kent in Minor Writings on Homoeopathy.

Comprehending the insight of Organon  of Mediicine by Dr Samuel Hahnemann is a difficult task to many of us.

It is very difficult to study the Organon of medicine with a modern dictionary – since many of  the old terminologies and usages are not available in modern dictionaries.

This book is must for UG and PG students of homoeopathy including educators .

This book also explain the Greek terminologies used by Hahanemann with short clarification at required places.

This book explains all the principal words and terminologies used in Organon of Medicine including in Preface and Introduction.

This book is a ready reckoner of Organon for both Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students for a clear cut understanding of  the concept of Samuel Hahnemann.

It consists of the translation of all non-English text, even of the Prefaces, and the Introduction with short clarification.

Related and relevant data on most of the Greek texts have been collected from as many sources as are available to-day along with all the cross-references.

Pages: 280

Rs: 225/-

Purchase online: www.bjain.com

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