Differentiation of remedies under the rubric Adulterous

Dr Jeevesh Paramathmuni

INTRODUCTION:- involving sex between a married man or woman and someone who is not their wife or husband is known as adulterous. Here is my attempt to differentiate the remedies under the rubric adulterous from synthesis repertory.

Different remedies have different reasons to go into adultery

MND-ADULTEROUS: Calc. Canth. Caust. Ign. Lach .lyc. Med. Phos. Plat. Puls. Staph. Verat.


  • Calcarea carbonicum will become adulterous in the syphilitic stage.
  • The psoric calcarea is very sensitive to rudeness, cruelties, criticism, desires for company. But when they are in need of caresses and care and support and all they got was rudeness, harshness, and criticism.
  •  After all these they become insensitive.  They become stone hearted.
  • So now they don’t mind sleeping with others spouses and becoming adulterous and they start cheating, and they hate being caressed.


  • The sexual sphere: violent sexual desire.  – Priapism.
  • Constant erection.
  • With Cantharis it is usually quite painful.
  • In the books it says: “Desire so violent that they try by every means to relieve themselves.”
  • They may have sex over and over again, or masturbate over and over again, even to the point of bleeding.
  •  The word “irritation” best expresses the totality of the Cantharis effects.
  • Cantharis attacks the urinary and sexual organs, perverting their function and setting violent inflammation, causing frenzied delirium.
  • Cantharis can produce an amorous frenzy, unbounded sexual desire, also sexual weakness and excitability.
  •  Excessive sexual desire; not amel. by coition.
  • Their behaviour to the opposite sex is rude.
  • Sexual desire is tremendously increased; a restless sexuality drives them on.
  • It seems that the sexual drive takes possession of the whole individual. The patients cannot think about anything but sex.
  • A Cantharis man or woman has no inhibition about suggesting that another person go to bed with them at once, and the desire is not satisfied by only one orgasm; it immediately rises a new.
  •  The obscene language is another way to express the sexual urge, and therefore such words are often also used during sexual intercourse.
  • Cantharis is more demanding for sex than even Platina, though, in cases of women with such an excessive sex drive, it is almost always Plat. that is prescribed, sometimes erroneously.
  •  In addition to the constant demand for sexual intercourse with their partner, these people are likely to have extramarital affairs to satisfy their sexual urges.
  •  It is interesting that such individuals do not easily resort to masturbation as they need ‘the real thing’ and mainly the contact with the other person.
  • Let us be aware, however, that an increased sexual drive is only a symptom when it is pathological, an urge that makes the patients suffer and restricts their freedom to live out their human potential.
  • You often find Cantharis states in prostitutes and men who visit them, as the possibility of infection in these people is great.


  • CAUSTICUM IS AMOROUS (showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire.)
  • Causticum have violent, irresistible sexual desire with hypocrite nature
  • HYPOCRICY-they pretend to have some qualities which they don’t have really


Unrequited love 

  • During adolescence the Ignatia teenager is even more prone than her peers to intense and shifting moods.
  •  She is liable to develop crushes on boys, and eventually to fall madly in love with one of them.
  • Most Ignatia teenagers are aware of their capacity for being hurt, and will avoid relationships until they feel sure their feelings are reciprocated.
  • Of course, what has happened is that she has let down those defensive walls that have been protecting her heart for most of her life, and in that vulnerable state her abandonment has brought back all the suppressed pain of her earlier grief, when she sensed that she was not loved as a child.
  •  Ignatia women often make a habit of falling for men who cannot return their love.
  • The latter may already be married to someone else, or they may simply be incapable of loving freely.
  • Kent comments in his Lecture Notes on Materia Medica that Ignatia will fall for a married man, or for someone who is ‘entirely out of her station’ Ignatia’s habit of falling in love with unavailable men can thus be seen as a mirror of her childhood, when her love for her parents did not seem to be requited.


Main keynote in lachesis is sexual tension.

  • Main idea is overstimulation, which is constantly seeking an outlet for relief, like a pot that is boiling all the time, needs an outlet.
  • The main outlet for lachesis is sex itself. (lascivious).
  • Sex releives tension in lachesis.
  • The more sexually repressed a lachesis individual, the more loquacious they will become.
  • The Lachesis individual vibrates with sexual energy.
  • It gives her a passionate appetite for life, for excitement, and for stimulation.
  • As long as this appetite remains satisfied, Lachesis will be fairly healthy psychologically.
  • It is when the sexual energy is repressed, when it cannot find an outlet, that Lachesis develops physical and psychological tension.
  • It may be that she has a partner who is not interested in sex, or that she has been without a partner for a long time, or that she grew up with a moral teaching that prohibited sex before marriage, and hence has remained a virgin.
  • In these cases, all will be well if an activity can be found which channels sufficient passionate energy to discharge the tension within, but if this does not happen, anxiety, restlessness and irritability will develop.


  • Emotionally, the average Lycopodium man never really grows up.
  • In his relations with others, he is either pleasant but aloof, or dependent.
  • True intimacy requires a certain amount of responsibility, and Lycopodium is not fond of responsibility, at least not when it involves emotional commitment.
  • This is expressed in the older Materia Medicas as a propensity to leave  wife and children suddenly without remorse.
  •  there are a lot who avoid the commitment of marriage, who seek extramarital affairs, or who leave their family when a pretty woman comes into their life.
  • Lycopodium is not a deeply emotional type.
  • Emotionally Lycopodiums are ‘lightweights’ who enjoy the closeness of a partner without great passion or intimacy.
  • Lycopodium is quite fond of cuddles and kisses.
  • He has no difficulty in saying ‘I love you’, and means it. It is just that his love is a gentle fondness rather than a passion.
  • Relationship to sex is a superficial one.
  • Gratification is the primary motivation; he wants it quick, easy, effortless and without consequences.
  • If such a patient meets a secretary who is by chance alone in an office, the first thought on his mind will be that this is a sexual opportunity, and he will likely make advances.
  • Such patient may also visit prostitutes frequently, as this contact implies no responsibilities.
  • It is not as if the Lycopodium patient’s desire is so intense, as it is in Platina; the Lycopodium constitution is too weak for such intensity, but when the desire does arise, the Lycopodium way of handling it is focused on the superficial gratification of the moment and the avoidance of responsibility.




  • Medorrhinum character that enables him to learn a great deal from his diverse experiences.
  •  Medorrhinum wants to experience everything in life, and to understand it, and is generally well equipped to this end, intellectually, emotionally and physically.
  • The women are generally confident and intellectually objective, without surrendering any of their femininity (unlike many Natrums and Ignatias).
  • The men are passionate and emotionally sensitive, without appearing weak or effeminate.
  • This all-roundedness, together with Medorrhinum’s high sex drive and hunger for different experiences, leads quite a few into experimenting with homosexuality, or more commonly, bisexuality.
  • Many Medorrhinum people have had homosexual encounters in their youth, but the majority settle down into heterosexuality as they mature.


  • The main theme of phosphorus is diffusion
  • Diffusion at the level of mental sphere
  • Theire habits & nature of Phos gives a clue to their action & uses & reminding us (signature) of Phos seems to have peculiar propensity for company.
  • Cannot be alone.
  • Better by company but he would like to be touched, stroked & magnetized. (DESIRE TO BE MAGNETISED)
  • He has intense desire for a sex partner.
  • Phos has a violent sexual desire.”
  • Lascivious- feeling or revealing an overt sexual interest or desire
  • Amativeness- the arousal of feelings of sexual desire
  • Lustfullness- having strong sexual desires
  • Amorous-strongly moved by love and especially sexual love


  • The SANE Platina woman is a sensitive, emotional person, not unlike Ignatia in many ways.
  • Like Ignatia, she is passionate, not just sexually, but about many things.
  •  However, it is her intense sexual desire which she is most likely to complain about to the homeopath.
  • The sexual desire of Platina is more intense and more persistent than that of any other type.
  • Although it may bring pleasure when it is indulged, it is so demanding that it usually causes distress as well.
  • This otherwise sensible woman complains that from time to time she cannot escape from sexual thoughts (Kent: ‘Sexual thoughts intrude’), which interrupt her normal thinking with sudden intensity, as if they were not her thoughts at all, and are accompanied by tremendous sexual desire.
  • Because she is a sane, sensitive woman, she knows that this is abnormal, but she may be too ashamed to seek help, or she may think that there is nothing that can be done about her sudden sexual impulses.
  • Either way, it is likely that her ‘problem’ will remain hidden from the vast majority of people.
  • In order to cope with their sexual urges, some Platina women resort to frequent masturbation.
  • Others simply resist the urges, and yet others become promiscuous.
  • Those who do act out their sexual obsession are generally less healthy psychologically, partly because they have ‘given in’ to their abnormal impulses, and hence are no longer in control of themselves, and partly because their promiscuity deprives them of the stability of a one-to-one relationship, and exposes them to the unpredictable influences of their many partners.
  • The Platina patient wants the relationship to be as fulfilling emotion? she desires it to be sexually; unfortunately, her desire? are so extremely intense that it is virtually impossible for any man to satisfy them.
  • She then becomes disappointed, and begins a process of going from one relationship to another trying to fulfil her desires, and experiencing repeated disappointments


  • Pulsatilla is just as prone to positive emotions as negative ones.
  • She gets excited easily, particularly when she is in love, or is sharing some anticipated good fortune with a loved one.
  • Flirting with attractive men (Pulsatilla is a great flirter, especially if she is unattached), she will tend in company to talk about personal issues, and to be interested in the personal side of other people’s lives, rather than wanting to talk about theoretical or global matters.
  • Many Pulsatillas enter into relationships impulsively, in a desperate attempt to find the EMOTIONAL SECURITY THEY CRAVE.
  • This particular young woman suffered from a great sense of being ‘lost’, since she had no strong relationship to steady her.
  • She is quite happy to stay at home and look after her husband and her children. In fact this is what she lives for.
  • She is extremely nurturing, and indulges her loved ones as much as she likes to be indulged herself.
  • Her principal concerns revolve around her loved ones, and her life is devoted to a search for and then a celebration of personal love.
  • Pulsatilla nearly always has someone to whom she is devoted. As a child it was usually her parents. Later on, her devotion is transferred to her husband and her children.


  • Suppression of emotions leads to romantic relationship in staphysagria
  • Lascivious, nymphomania constantly dwells on sexual thoughts
  • masturbation tendency, expects intimacy in relationship
  • Staphysagria patient is highly excitable.
  • He or she is easily aroused in a romantic relationship.
  • The mental realm of fantacies or romantic imaginery is greatly stimulated


  • Veratrum people are often prone to manic-depressive psychosis, but the manic phase is generally more prominent than the depression.
  • At these times he was extremely restless (Kent: ‘Propensity to be aimlessly busy’), spent too much money, propositioned strangers sexually (Kent: ‘mania-erotic’), and would not eat for days (Kent: ‘Refuses to eat’).
  • Veratrum is a very restless type at the best of times.
  •  Even outside of manic episodes he is liable to have some difficulty sitting still for long.
  •  With lewdness and lascivious talks, kissing everyone mania


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