Discussion on draft of CCH BHMS Regulations 2013

Discussion on draft of CCH BHMS Regulations 2013

Submit your suggestions and opinions here…we will forward to Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH)

Sub : Amendments in Homoeopathy BHMS(Degree Course) Regulations

These regulations may be called the Homoeopathy (Degree Course) amendment Regulations 2013.

They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official gazette

CCH requested all to send their comments and suggestions  on the attached proposed amendments with in three months from * August 2013

1BHMS : 12 months

II BHMS : 12 months

III BHMS : 12 month

IV BHMS : 18 months

Major changes proposed by education committe of CCH on 24/7/13

  1. Applicable to students in 2013-14 admission onwards
  2. No filtration in the first year (No additional/supplementary batches)
  3. Student should pass first year 6 month prior to II BHMS examinations.
  4. First year : means 12 months  only (Currently one and half years)- Pre- clinical subjects should be completed in these year.
  5. Working hours : 7 hr per day including 1/2 hour lunch
  6. Maximum duration (including internship) : 11 years from the date of admission
  7. Eligibility : Pass mark in plus two or equivalent courses
  8. Syllabus : Suggested major specific changes in all the 12 subjects of BHMS (Download attached  file)
  9. Case taking & repertorisation : From Second year onwards and included modern repertories
  10. Exam result should be published within 1 month of the date of exam
  11. University can grant 10 mark in total if a student fail in 1 or more subjects
  12. Minimum attendance : 75%
  13. Migration allowed as per strict norms
  14. No migration during internship
  15. No provision for rural postings and Dispensary postings in internship other than primary institute

Download draft
of CCH BHMS regulations 2013


  1. Dr.Avanish Kumar Gupta,HOD,Department of Pathology,Shree Shamalaji Homoeopathic Medical College, Godhra says:

    Sir, as the suggestions through your this platform can reach to C.C.H.there is my request to do some change in the study of SECOND YEAR B.H.M.S.
    1. Study pattern should start as semester wise.
    2. Pathology & Microbiology papers should be seperated, and for that two papers required.
    3. In Second Year B.H.M.S.all four subject there should be two papers.
    4.As subject, there should be one more teaching staff of lecturer cader.

  2. sir sabse pahle aap quality education par dhiyan dijiye maine mostly college me yah dekha hai ki na to lab hai nahi qualified teacher unka khud concept clear nahi hai to student ka kahan se hoga chahe private college ho ya govt addmission all india enterence ke through kiya jaye jisse student acche aayenge aur m.d. ke liye bhi alagse all india level ka exam ho tabhi allopathy se aage nikal sakte hai agar homopathic education ka haal aisa raha to allopathic scientist band karne ki baat karte rahenge aur mai yahan par yah bhi batadu mostly college me jo inspection karne kiliye aate hai paise khakar chale jate hai un college par karwai honi chahye aur inspector par bhi nahi istarah ke college bhopal me bahut hai khas ye college homoeopathy ke naam par clunk hai aise college ko band kiya jaye

  3. before changing educational pattern it is highly essential to change teaching pattern and above all teaching staff.Below qualified most of the staff are teaching mostly meritorious students.No or insufficient practical exposure creating incompetent homeopaths.These issues should be first addressed.

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