Discussion on CCH Postgraduate Homoeopathy Syllabus 2016

Central Council of Homoeopathy published the revised Syllabus for Postgraduate Courses in Homoeopathy for 2016 admission onwards

No subsidiary subjects – so that the students may concentrate on the main subject of PG.

Good emphasis given to applied part of Research methodology including paper publication.

Another new paper (Paper III in part 1) topic common to all branches
Advanced teaching of Fundamentals of Homoeopathy

Advanced teaching of fundamental of Homoeopathy shall comprise of integration of knowledge (learnt at degree level course) in respect of subjects namely, Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy, Homoeopathic Materia Medica, and Repertory.

Now Lecturers can also take one PG Student

  • The student – Supervisor (Guide) Ratio shall be 3:1 if the Guide or Supervisor is of Professor cadre.
  • The student – Supervisor (Guide) Ratio shall be 2:1 if the Guide or Supervisor is of Reader cadre.
  • The student – Supervisor (Guide) Ratio shall be 1:1 if the Guide or Supervisor is of Lecturer cadre.

The main drawback of this syllabus

The entire Practice of Medicine part deleted from the syllabus. Majority of the students studying the applied practice of medicine part mainly during post graduation only. Practice of medicine is essential in order to become a good practitioner or clinician in homoeopathy.

Let’s hope CCH will re-think.

Second thing no mentioning about the syllabus of new PG courses in other subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, OBG, FMT etc..

A candidate not passing examination in a subject of Part I-M.D. (Hom.) Course shall reappear in all parts of that subject but only one chance to reappear in that subject of examination shall be provided failing which he has to reappear in examination in all the subjects (in all parts) of M.D. (Hom.) Part-1

This syllabus is a simple outline only, universities can modify the syllabus and inform council.

Universities can incorporate Practice of medicine in either Part I or  II by adding paragraphs like “Scope and limitations of Homoeopathy in the management of various diseases. A study of common disorders(Communicable and Non- communicable)  encountered by clinicians with their clinical features, diagnosis, prognosis, complications, accessory management and homoeopathic therapeutics. Give emphasis to applied part”.

Download Syllabus for Postgraduate Courses in Homoeopathy 2016

CCH Link : Source : http://www.cchindia.com/educational-regulations.htm

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