Doctors need introspection!

To my Doctor friends:

1) Please get adequate rest. Work for 8 hours a day. Get out of the myth that a doctor should be available 24*7

2) Attend only dire emergency in odd hours. Your sleep is more important. You are a human too. 

3) The day you retire or die people have a lot of options other than you. They forget what you have done, the very next month. 

But your mom, dad, wife and kids have only you. U are irreplaceable! You are their asset and lifetime love! 

4) Spend quality time with family. People come to OPD till 12 midnight if you are available. They come late after finishing all their job, just for a cold or fever which has been running for 1 week. But your kid may be still waiting for dinner with you! 

5) We are fooled in the name of service and noble profession. Govt. considers hospital as a commercial establishment. We pay tax. Patients are consumers and we are service providers. When they can sue us, we deserve all right to get our nominal fee. Never give concession or do it for free. Most patients are ungrateful!!

To patients: 

1) When it’s your turn, you have to go. Doctors are not God (for those who believe) or magicians. We have our limitations. Even in a well equipped ICU, you may die of cardiac arrest within seconds, even before the defibrillator is ready to save u! 

2) Come as Patients and say your concern and problems, not as an IDIOT( Internet Derived Information Obstructing Treatment). We have more knowledge about the disease which u have referred before coming into my OPD. 

3) Don’t ask for a discount in a hospital, when u don’t ask in a petrol bunk, hotel/ resort or Malls! Pay your bills, don’t make the doctors run behind you, after sleepless nights, monitoring you! 

4) If you don’t like the treatment, switch doctor or hospital. Don’t attack the hospital. You don’t attack a movie theatre after a bad movie experience right! 

If something untoward happened to your dear ones, sit and discuss with your doctor. Don’t assume he is the culprit. Don’t gather mob or threaten hospital, just to avoid paying bills! ……

Keep Smiling@drmkr

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