Dr JT Kent mixed Swedenborg’s philosophy with Hahnemannian homeopathy

Dr Sivakumaran Nalam 

Swedenborg taught that in the 4th state of matter there was no “quantity” of simple substance but “only quality in degrees of fineness”. This is why Kentian homoeopaths believe that there is no difference in using one pill or one thousand pills of a high potency remedy. 

Kent felt that the fineness in degrees of the simple substance denotes the potency of a homoeopathic remedy. At the same time he felt that the simple substance has no “quantity”, so therefore, the number of pills used in a dose makes no difference. He also wrote that it makes no difference whether you take a remedy in liquid or a pill dose. Kent also felt it makes no difference whether you give 1 teaspoon or the entire glass of a medicinal solution. 

In Kentian homoeopathy the size of the dose is a static factor while only the potency is dynamic.

Kent made his biggest mistake was in his view of the dose. There is a commonly held belief in modern homoeopathy that there is no difference in the action of a homoeopathic remedy regardless of whether one gives one pill, one hundred pills, or for that manner, one thousand pills ad infinitum.

This idea originated with James Kent and can be found in his classic, Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy in the chapter called, On Simple Substance*. In this work Kent’s explains the Swedenborgian theory that energy is based on a fourth state of matter called the simple substance. This idea originated in the 18th century when all forms of energy were considered to have a subtle substance as their basis. This view was also reflected in the Newtonian theory that there were permanent atoms responsible for all forms of energy.

*Kent’s Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy, Lecture VIII, On Simple Substance, page 67, B Jain, New Delhi. 

As we saw in the attachment pg 25 of the “the sick” chapter,  is not Hahnemann’s original version, but Kent’s ideas of imposing religious philosophy into homeopathy.

As I have been earnestly searched Hahnemann’s complete works , Master Hahnemann gave clear cut view to perceive the original picture of a diseased person, ie  by TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS…

Please check Hahnemann’s complete works, master Hahnemann not used  such sentence (mind is the key to man) that’s completely Kent’s superimposed ideology.. (Mixing of Swedenborg’s philosophy with homeopathy) not the Hahnemann’s.

Please add more glory to our master Hahnemann’s genuine homeopathy, than mixed Swedenborg’s philosophical idealism

Dr Sivakumaran Nalam 

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