Dr Mahesh Gandhi seminar at Herrsching/Munich

Dear colleagues,
We would like to draw your attention once more to the seminar with Dr. Mahesh Gandhi. In his last two seminars, Mahesh Gandhi presented us with some very interesting aspects concerning the use of plant remedies in our homoeopathic practice.

On 23rd – 25th November 2012

According to him and his colleague Michal Yakir from Israel, it is possible to classify plants by way of their vital sensation as well as their evolutionary stage. In this way, it is possible – similar to the mineral kingdom – to prescribe plants according to themes pertaining to certain stages in human developlment.

This is particularly helpful in cases where we cannot reach a vital sensation while talking to a patient, but only find certain themes which turn up in all apects of the patient’s life. With the help of impressive video cases, Mahesh was able to show that patients who are, e.g., particularly sensitive in the areas of guilt, rules and punishment, require plants from the sub-class of the Rosidae. Anarcadiaceae also fall into this category, most clearly Anacardium, which can hear the devil speak on one shoulder and God on the other shoulder, or the Euphorbiaceae with Mancinella, who sometimes see devils, or the superstitious Umbeliferae.

These are all remedies in whose remedy pictures “good and bad” are predominant themes. From an evolutionary-psychological point of view, therefore, the Rosidae correpsond to the child-stage of development, a stage where our conscience, the Freudian “super-ego”, forms itself.

In the upcoming seminar, Mahesh would like to go further into the theme of evolution in the plant kingdom and to conclude it before tackling the large area of schizophrenia in the subsequent seminar.

Let yourselves be inspired and enthused by one of the world’s most experienced psychiatrists and homoeopaths.

We are looking forward to welcoming you

Dr. Lisa Pecho und Mike Keszler
For registration and further information please visit http://www.mahesh-gandhi.de/mahesh_english/

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