Dr Samuel Hahnemann’s Life history

Dr Jenita.R. Fernandes  MD.PGDBA(HR)
Asst Prof  & HOD-Organon
A.M.Shaikh Homoepathic  medical College.

A the days, gone by, there was situated in Upper Saxony a beautiful town called   Meissen ; it was the capital of the  Margravate of Misnia, and wag located on the little river Meisse, near its junction,  with the stately Elbe, in a fertile valley rich in corn and vineyards, and was about    twelve miles northwest of the city of  Dresden.

In the middle of the eighteenth century, the period of which we write, Meissen had about four thousand inhabitants, many of whom were expert artists, chemists and painters.

It was a town of importance, for it contained a branch of the Electoral Academy  of Sciences, various cloth factories, and a manufactory for the newly discovered   and wonderful ” China-glass,” or porcelain.

Dwonload life history with photographs : www.similima.com/pdf/hahnemann-life-history.pdf

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