Effect of coffee on Homeopathic medicine

Dr Selma Varghese 

Coffee has effects on healthy body, but coffee is not an antidote of all homoeopathic remedies. The patient will experience a sensitive reaction to the conception of the coffee, and it is this particular group of patients for whom coffee may inhibit therapeutic measures. Some sensitive patient Cannot tolerate coffee and not that coffee blocks the action of a prescribed homeopathic remedy in the sense of an antidote.

Dr.Hahnemann says In order to enjoy a healthy long life, man requires foods which contain nutritious,but no irritating, medicinal parts and drink which are either merely diluent and nutrition at the same time ,but which contain no medicinal and irritating component parts, such as pure spring water and milk1.whatever we eat or drink has a definite effect be it coffee or anything else .such effect can be curative or positive, might hinder the process of cure or even aggravate the disease .

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It is a frequently debated topic whether coffee is, in fact, capable of impairing the desired effect of homeopathic medication as an antidote, some homeopaths strictly forbid any consumption of coffee during homeopathic therapy. Other take the positions that coffee has no effect whatsoever on the success or failure of therapy, and therefore see no need for such restrictions. Classically, there are a number of substances that supposedly will reduce the effectiveness of the homeopathic remedies and “antidote.” Some substances have a particular affinity with certain remedies and they are listed in the materia medica. According to Dr Sankaran’s observations (1984) coffee has no effect whatsoever on homoeopathic therapy .Dr Sankaran describes a practical investigation in his own practice in which no therapeutic difference could be found between coffee drinkers and those who abstain from the beverage.

 It is a fact that in homeopathic literature it is frequently mentioned that conception of coffee can impair the effect of homoeopathic medication. Coffee is a purely medicinal substances .medicinal things are substances that do not nourish, but alter the healthy condition of the body; any alteration, however, in the healthy state of the body constitutes a kind of abnormal, morbid condition.  In the 6 th edition of his organon in the note to $260, Hahnemann lists a great number of substances and provides following demand;

All these things must if at all possible be avoided or strictly removed ,in order to prevent impairing or even rendering impossible a cure it is long  list here include coffee, spiced chocolate, excessive use of herbs in foods and sauces, European celery root ,parsley ,all varieties of onion, as well as alcoholic beverages which have not been strongly diluted with water .in his listing, however Hahnemann states in $260

In the case of patients affected by chronic diseases, the careful investigation in to such obstacles to cure is so much more necessary as their diseases as usually aggravated by such noxious influences and other disease-causing problems with the dietary regimen, which often unnoticed Kent’s says ,….to advise persons to avoid coffee ,vinegar and the consumption of other harmful substances, if they are  harmed by such substances. In this context ,kent call attention to Hahnemann’s $4 organon .the physician is at the same time sustainer of his patients health if he recognizes those factors which impairs health and which cause and further illness , and if he is capable of eliminating these influences from the lives of healthy people.

Kent summarizes as follows:-the chief mission of the physician is differentiation, removal of the exogenous causes of illness, and restoration of order in internal causes. In his note to organon, $93 Hahnemann speakers of ….indulgence in wine, hard liquors,punsch(an alcoholic fruit drink)other hot drinks, tea or coffee….”in other words, of excessive consumption,by no means, however does he explicitly prohibit coffee consumption as many homeopaths have incorrectly interpreted.

Von ungern-sternberg – he considers coffee consumption to be an impediment in the healing of a particular disorder. According to statements furnished by Hahnemann, Von ungern-sternberg and others the necessary enlightenment of the patient, and not a prohibition of coffee owing to its suspected antidotal action with respect to homeopathic remedies, patient will experience a sensitive reaction to the conception of the coffee, and it is this particular group of patients for whom coffee may inhibit therapeutic measures .some sensitive patient. Cannot tolerate coffee and not that coffee blocks the action of a prescribed homoeopathic remedy in the sense of an antidote.

From the summary provided above it becomes clear that the prohibition of coffee, as often cited in professional homoeopathic literature, in most cases represents an improper interpretation of Hahnemann’s dietary rules, taken out of there proper context .none of the sources cited above provides verification of the claim that coffee represents a general antidote to homeopathic medication.  


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Dr Selma Varghese
PG Scholar
Fr Muller Homoeopathy Medical College, Mangalore 


  1. I’m histamine intolerant and if enough amount builds up, I get severe allergies.
    Histaminum 30c occasionally, has been the only thing that works for me to calm it down. And coffee nulls and voids its effect within 48 hours. So I’d say, coffee is indeed the antidote.

    Moreover, modern cultivars of coffee beans brings over extra baggage which you don’t definitely need e.g. excessive usage of pesticide, nonconformity of caffeine content and accumulation of mold, etc.

  2. In this article I couldn’t find any specific answer regarding use of coffee during medication master has given only the bad effects of Coffee but when we go through theory of chronic disease , cure part of psora will come across with coffee during medication .

  3. Hi, so, what should one believe, is coffee bad when you’re on homeopathic remedy or not? Trying to find an answer but I don’t. And what is it with coffee that makes it an antidote if that’s the case?

    • hey, I am just a FY BHMS student according to me the cocept depends totally on th components of a remedy which a physician prescribes to a patient, i.e.if coffee and that particlar remedy are enimical then it is clearly an antidote for it.otherwise not.

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